Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

So I have long hair. I am affectionately known around town that "that girl with the long blonde braid out running/biking/being crazy" and I am somewhat attached to it. I have played with my hair over the years, shorter, I went RED for a while on a whim when I lived in Boston...but basically, I am boring and I keep my hair long, blonde and usually braided. I really wish I had the conjones to just chop it all off into some super stylish asymmetrical bob-like do and go all platinum or something but no.

Long. Blonde.
Every time I change it, I always go back to it. It's me.

Sadly, my hair guru Tina moved two states away and while I love her, frankly the two hour drive would really cut into my training time so....luckily my friend and co-worked Ann-Marie volunteered to take over Tina's job.

I really wish that Lock for Love would take color treated hair-and yes, my hair is highlighted.
down to my waist and in desperate need 
of some bleachy beachy highlights

Yup, we cut a lot off.

I wasn't the only one that got treated to wonderful, new hair stuff!! Several weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a Chickband! As I browsed through their large selection of bands, once I saw the Disney Princess collection, I knew LOLA had to have one!!
Disney Princesses Thin Non Slip Chickband 7/8 Inch

I sat down with Lola and she actually ended up picking the Ariel one!
Disney Princess Ariel Non Slip Headband 1 inch

It's a very exciting day when Lola gets mail!!

 Lola will be stoked as a teenager when she knows I put THIS pic out into cyberspace!!

These bands stayed in so well, Lola refused to take it off and wore it to bed. This pic is the next morning. Take note of the matching Ariel pj's!! 

Kara was so nice to include this awesome band for ME too!! 

Camo Girl Pink  Thin  Non Slip Chickband 7/8 inch
 It matches my dream bike perfectly!!

Kara has been so kind to donate some Chickbands to anyone who donates to my fundraiser for Ulman Cancer Fund and Rev 3's Run Across America!!! 

TEAM FIGHT Collection  Chickbands
How perfect is THIS design??
I think everyone on the Run Across America Team should have one!! 

Remember, for every $2.00 donation you make, you get an entry into my giveaway spectacular!!
Just leave me a comment or message me at jsmall14(at)maine.rr.com

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Mashup

Really...it's been that long since I did a blog post??
Bad bad blogger!!

Coach Awesome effectively kicked my biscuits this weekend after a pretty easy recovery week. Part of it was my own fault. I wrote up a killer leg focused boot camp class for Friday morning and actually participated with the entire class. Lots of deep squats, lunges, wall sits, with heavy weight etc. I mean, really. How foolish could I have been?

I did not have my training schedule in TP as of Thursday night but c'mon. I KNOW that the heavy training loads are always on the weekend and she had warned me that there would be lots of time in the saddle. Saturday we had a big swim and a bike sesh of what I lovingly refer to as a Grind-n-Climb (grind at 60 cadence focusing on using your glutes and then standing climbs) for 10,000 intervals (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration) and Sunday was another hard bike session of long, progressive heart rate intervals followed by a long run of more let's see if we can make your heart explode (again-slight exaggeration).
All smiles in the middle of it all :)

this is starting to hurt a little bit

My sticks were so freaking beat come Sunday's ride that I could not hold the last 20 minute interval on the bike-I just has nothing left. I finished the workout, frustrated that I could not eek out 7 more minutes of hell on my legs but completed my time in the saddle.

nearding DONE notice ipod on ceiling to keep it from drowning

I eased into my run real slow and cautious and after 1:15 I thought my legs were going to burst. They felt like sausages. It was funny-they felt swollen and tight-but they weren't, they were just tired and felt loaded with lead. But once I was able to pick up the pace for some of the higher HR stuff, I felt better. I had to take a couple quick breaks-more than I would have liked-but I was focused on completing the workout.

Now, I don't question Coach Awesome. I mean if I have questions, I ask for I don't question her methods. She tells me to do XYZ, I do XYZ. Frankly, it the woman told me to tape dill pickles to my visor and run in circles for 2 hours, I would just do it. I trust her.

I have to admit, I was thinking about Quassy during this weekend's sessions and I know this is going to be a challenging race. I was thinking "man, this sh!t is haaaard" while running in the 160's hr at the end of a LONG run but I managed and I did not die or puke. I know I never challenged myself like this last season so I am happy with the choice to take on a Coach this year. I am even more stoked that it's Coach Awesome.

But the best thing about that hard run? I woke up this morning with legs that felt fresh and ready to rock 'n roll!! I think that run scared all the DOMS right out of my legs.
Happy dance 

I have mentioned that my amazing Rev 3 Triathlon team mates are Running Across America to raise funds for Ulman Cancer Fund. I will be running with them-in spirit-since I am unable to join them on their two week trek across the USA. They will be starting in Cali and ending in Washington DC-that's 3,080 miles folks.
While they are on the road running, I will be running right here but I will be running at least a mile every day while they are out on the road. I will be sure to keep you all updated on their progress.

I am trying to raise at least $1,000.00 for Ulman Cancer Fund. I have a little over 500 followers on my blog. I ask if each of you could donate just $2.00 to this effort, that would help me reach my goal. And it would help many young adults with cancer get the help they need. I know that there are a lot of wondeful causes out there to support but if you could help in any way, it would be great.

I am trying to put together a prize package for anyone who donates to this-so far I have some great things for Tough Chik and GOTRIbal to offer. YOU KNOW I'll come up with some awesome swag.

So here's the deal-for every $2.00 donated thru this link (and please pick my name from the drop down list when asked-it's Jen Small for those of you who don't know that) you will earn one entry into the giveaway! It's that easy. I'll keep you updated on the prizes.
All you have to do is leave me a comment that you donated and how many entries you earned.
Don't wanna comment? Feel free to email me directly at jsmall14(at)maine.rr.com

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hot Bikinis, Hot Chicks and Hot Dogs!!

There is a lot of shimmery hotness going on with my Rev 3 Team mates...
This is Laura

Can you find the 3 differences in the 2 pictures?

Disclaimer: Laura posted the real, unPhotoshopped picture on her blog and then someone got their hands on it and decided to "pump" things up a bit.

Then there is this Rev 3 Hottie rockin' a mankini. We cannot reveal his true identity or the Pagent Stance Police might come and arrest him. Or is he really a cop with those Ray Bans??

Team Oravec even are getting on board. My team mate Heather and Matt...they are holding out for more donations but Matt has agreed to wear the BIKINI if Heather can raise $1,000 in donations.

Sophie Oravec or is it really MATT??

I even got in on the action!!

And it is all for a very good cause.
The Ulman Cancer Fund.

Rev3 Run Across America Progress

We still have many more Rev 3 hotties Rockin' the R.....

More to come as the numbers go up!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

3TT: Castles, Caves & Crotches!

Storm the Castle!

I registered for a 5k this week-The Kerrymen 5k-and it will be my first race of 2012. I have not run this race since 2010 (my second race ever) so I am kind of excited to "revisit" this course and see how much I can CRUSH my time from 2010. My current 5k PR is from 2011's Run for Cash (22:4x something) and considering that the Run for Cash course is a little hilly, the Kerrymen course is flat (but super crowded) I really want to crush it. I will be gunning for a new 5k PR and to quote Coach Awesome "storm the castle". I might as well put it out there and tell you and my goal is a sub-22 time so 21:anything will make me very happy!  A straight up 21:00 will require a 6:45 pace which is an aggressive goal but we will see what this Castle Crusader has in the tank that day. I did not get where I am today by setting mediocre goals so I'm going for it.

 And, yes...I will be dressed like a Knight armed to do battle but I'll leave the giant sword at home, it'll just slow me down. On second thought, with the crowds it might come in handy at the start...

Speaking of running and castles-

Tiara Trotting 

If you're gonna run, why not run in your tiara right? My girl getting her run on in style.

I'm ready...

It goes faster if I press this button, right Mommy?

PFFFFST! Take that Mommy, I'm faster than you!


tongue out and a thumbs up! Good?

I love it that Lola is at an age where I can take her with me to the PainCave and she will watch a movie or play games on the computer. The training schedule this week is pretty jammed packed, lots of doubles and long sessions so we have been spending a lot of time in the cave together. She loves hanging out with me and will yell things like "pedal faster Mommy" or "Does Coach really want you running THAT slow?"

Most days she wants to workout too. Now to figure out a way to put her tricycle on a trainer. This summer the girl is getting a REAL bike.

Speaking of bikes-
Crotch of Steel?

I've been spending a lot of time on the bike and a lot of time in aero. My bike is road bike and at the end of last season, I changed the set up to add aerobars and we changed the fit. Love it and I'm super comfy except for one thing: I thinking that I need to explore some new saddles-my girlie parts are getting the beatdown. I love my Bontrager RaceLite XXX saddle when I am riding my bike in road bike set up but now that it's all aero'd out I think we need to make some minor tweaks or I'll have to line my shorts with steel-will that make me Supergirl with a Crotch of Steel?

So right now I'll just grin and bear it.  I have lots of friends who swear by the Adamo saddles so I need to try some out. My bike guy does not carry Adamo so I'll have to chat with some other bike places. According to the online test, THIS is my saddle:

Adamo Prologue

What saddle do you love??

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hot & Sweaty Valentine Wishes

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I started the day off the best way I could imagine-
ridin' some hot 'n sweaty power intervals on the bike


Hope your day is hot and sweaty too!!
I took BDD's bike vs. spouse test--did you? I'll give you one guess who/what won!! :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Wrap UP

 It's 4pm on Sunday and I am SOOOO ready for bed after an action packed weekend.
In just a few minutes I am going to fill my belly with homemade veggie/bean chili, indulge in some Tostito's Hint of Lime chips and then do just that! Hey, I earned it this weekend.

It was a big weekend of training, one of the biggest since working with Coach Awesome but I feel good and enjoyed the workouts.

I finished it off with a big swim & I am happy with how I performed in the pool today. Feeling proud of my swim is such a contrast to how I felt this fall getting whenever getting out of the pool-

Saturday started off with a run
Then I did the Woodb!tch workout for about 45 mins.
Then Lola had swim lessons

How fun is that?

Lola and I were both dead tired after swimming so we took a nap. DELICIOUS!!
*sorry, no pics of me drooling on the pillow*

Then I got up and hopped on my bike for a couple hours.
Man-oh-man, what a sweatfest that was.

I love my Canari "BISCAY" (as in from Hillary) shorts and they are my most comfortable pair but for some reason, there was this strange seam running across the bottom of my right bum cheek and when I got off the bike I was like OUCH. KILLER chafe--looks more like a giant cut.
*sorry, no pics of my butt either. But I did show it off at the pool today. Bet you are sorry you missed THAT*

Eat.Bed.Get Up. Back on Bike....

I tried to be productive and do a load of laundry before getting on the bike! Next thing I know, water is spewing everywhere. That delayed my ride a bit and created a huge project for the hubbs. Hey, he needs something to do while I ride right? (kidding)

Had a Twitter party with my fellow Rev 3 TRI peeps which was cool! All the gals were ridin'...half way thru the 2.5 hour ride, I had to change into another pair of shorts. It seemed the more I was sweating, the more irritated my asschafe got.  I had Lola with me while riding so she kept busy watching movies and playing on my laptop. Then she decided that she needed to run....IN HER FOOTIE JAMMIES>
So.Freaking.Proud of my girl.

Post ride, I made a few whole wheat pancakes...nom nom nom.
Played, did laundry (the hose and clamp had to be replaced), cleaned up the mess in the laundry room and then it was off to swim.

I was happy to swim with my BFF and BBFF (that is boy best friend forever incase you were wondering). Marc (BBFF) did my swim workout with me so it made the sprints a lot more fun! Then it was time for the main set, which was a bunch of  400's on :15. (Don't tell Marc but we were racing). All I could think of is this:

Funny Confession Ecard: If you are running on the treadmill next to me, the answer is YES...we are racing.

So if you are in the lane next to me......

and here we are. Back to 4pm Sunday night.

But you won't read this until Monday because I FELL ASLEEP WRITING A BLOG POST!!

Man, I was tired :)