Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rev 3 Things Thursday!

Yes, you are reading correctly! Today's edition of Three Things Thursday is all about REV 3!!'s 
Rev 3 Things Thursday!


First Up! The Rev 3 swimsuits are in!! woooo hoooo!!
Swimming just got a lot more fun :)

I cannot wait to Rock the R in the pool!!


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Speaking of swimming, Rev 3 announced this week that blueseventy will be coming on board as a sponsor!!

Check out the LAVA magazine interview with Rev 3 President, Charlie Patten! 

Revolution3 Triathlon is excited to announce that blueseventy, manufacturer of award winning wetsuits, goggles and triathlon clothing, has come on as a sponsor for the 2012 season. Rev3 and blueseventy are believers in quality and innovation, making this sponsorship a perfect fit.
Revolution3 Triathlon creates triathlon events that involve the whole family. Race weekends feature not only the event, but a host of family friendly activities for all ages. Rev3’s unique approach to triathlon has earned them high praise in the world of endurance sports, and has allowed the series to almost double in size over the past few seasons.
From wetsuits to triathlon apparel, blueseventy is a company that obsesses over the details necessary to create the fastest and most comfortable products in the world. Their wetsuits and goggles have been internationally recognized and have won awards on 4 continents. Aptly named to reflect the 70 percent of the earth that is covered in water, blueseventy seeks to revolutionize the way athletes interact with the water.
“Rev3 was created to fill a void in the triathlon world, and to bring new kind of quality to the triathlon experience,” says Charlie Patten, president of Rev3. “A company like blueseventy understands our desire to be the best out there, and to produce a memorable race experience. We’re excited to see their name on our growing list of sponsors who understand the value we bring to this space.”
Revolution 3 Triathlon produces races for Olympic, 70.3 and 140.6 triathlon distances, plus adventure and kids races, and has grown to include events on an international scale. Recently, Rev3 has also started to give back to the community, through a partnership with the Ulman Cancer Fund.

Quassy is only 16 weeks and 2 days away. I think I just threw up a little.
Lucky for me I have Coach Awesome guiding me-I will be just fine. Racing Quassy? Here are some tips from Jamie
I have been lusting after this challenging race for almost two years now and it's the first race of the year for me in 2012. The reason I want to do this race is because of the challenge. 
Have a taste of this:

This is the bike
and this is the run.


Katie said...

that bike course makes me want to come and join you!

Matty O said...

So I have added your blog to my blog roll twice now and it still doesn't pop up. So I am not sure what you have done to upset blogger, but you have done it well.

Love the elevations of that race :) H and I have some hefty hilly courses on tap this year. Should be an exciting year!

Did someone at the swim suit factory dump a vat of glitter into the screen printing area? ;)

Jamie said...

What is the deal with everyone oohing and ahhing about the sexy women's suits, but the guys get "yikes" and "haha."

Oh well.

The challanges of living as a white male in America...

Who cares. I'm gunna rock the hell outta my mankini. I ordered 2, because one is inevitably going to break down from all the wiggling that is about to happen.

Laima said...

Nice suits:)

Missy said...

WOWZERS looks,
I bet your gonna kick some booty!

Unknown said...

Love those suits. Just hope that it doesn't look like sausage casing on me (I'm sure it will ... oh well!).

Yeah, see, that course doesn't make me super excited. Kind of terrifies me. You are strong... you will rock it!

Elaine K said...

Yes! 16 weeks to Quassy! :)

justme said...

those suits are most excellent

Unknown said...

LOVE the Bathing Suits!! GooD luck with Quassy! It is hilly!! :)

Jason said...

Very excited for you to take on that monster course. You got it in the bag so just go out there and have only you can!

Jeff Vanis said...

You are going to have a blast on the course! You have plenty of time to prep and that elevation will be nothing!