Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Wrap UP

 It's 4pm on Sunday and I am SOOOO ready for bed after an action packed weekend.
In just a few minutes I am going to fill my belly with homemade veggie/bean chili, indulge in some Tostito's Hint of Lime chips and then do just that! Hey, I earned it this weekend.

It was a big weekend of training, one of the biggest since working with Coach Awesome but I feel good and enjoyed the workouts.

I finished it off with a big swim & I am happy with how I performed in the pool today. Feeling proud of my swim is such a contrast to how I felt this fall getting whenever getting out of the pool-

Saturday started off with a run
Then I did the Woodb!tch workout for about 45 mins.
Then Lola had swim lessons

How fun is that?

Lola and I were both dead tired after swimming so we took a nap. DELICIOUS!!
*sorry, no pics of me drooling on the pillow*

Then I got up and hopped on my bike for a couple hours.
Man-oh-man, what a sweatfest that was.

I love my Canari "BISCAY" (as in from Hillary) shorts and they are my most comfortable pair but for some reason, there was this strange seam running across the bottom of my right bum cheek and when I got off the bike I was like OUCH. KILLER chafe--looks more like a giant cut.
*sorry, no pics of my butt either. But I did show it off at the pool today. Bet you are sorry you missed THAT*

Eat.Bed.Get Up. Back on Bike....

I tried to be productive and do a load of laundry before getting on the bike! Next thing I know, water is spewing everywhere. That delayed my ride a bit and created a huge project for the hubbs. Hey, he needs something to do while I ride right? (kidding)

Had a Twitter party with my fellow Rev 3 TRI peeps which was cool! All the gals were ridin'...half way thru the 2.5 hour ride, I had to change into another pair of shorts. It seemed the more I was sweating, the more irritated my asschafe got.  I had Lola with me while riding so she kept busy watching movies and playing on my laptop. Then she decided that she needed to run....IN HER FOOTIE JAMMIES>
So.Freaking.Proud of my girl.

Post ride, I made a few whole wheat pancakes...nom nom nom.
Played, did laundry (the hose and clamp had to be replaced), cleaned up the mess in the laundry room and then it was off to swim.

I was happy to swim with my BFF and BBFF (that is boy best friend forever incase you were wondering). Marc (BBFF) did my swim workout with me so it made the sprints a lot more fun! Then it was time for the main set, which was a bunch of  400's on :15. (Don't tell Marc but we were racing). All I could think of is this:

Funny Confession Ecard: If you are running on the treadmill next to me, the answer is YES...we are racing.

So if you are in the lane next to me......

and here we are. Back to 4pm Sunday night.

But you won't read this until Monday because I FELL ASLEEP WRITING A BLOG POST!!

Man, I was tired :)


Matty O said...

What an awesome swimmer!!!!!! GO LOLA!

Man she is even jumping in and everything!

I used to race people on treadmills, only problem was, they always finish before me :( so then I raced them and have no one to continue racing :( so sad. As for swimming, yes. EVERY. FREAKING. TIME! I always pray that there is no one fast that gets near me... I hate having hard workouts ;)

Great job! I can only wear one or two kinds of bike shorts. Apparently my body is no where near that of a typical male and my sit bones always have issues w/ seams. So irritating, because it takes like a week to heal w/ no riding.

Great weekend! Keep up the great work!!!

(ummm why don't my treadmills come equipped w/ napping blankets?!)

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

Way to rock the workouts. Holy cow. Can i have some of your energy?!?! Lola is so cute and you are looking STRONG, woman!!!

Can I have some hint of lime?! They're my favourite :)

HD said...

Lola is so your mini-me! A future triathlete in the making!! Is she racing her tricycle yet?

Sounds like you had a productive weekend. Hope you have a great week!

XLMIC said...

Lola is too, too cute! Love the footie jammies workout :)

Heather-O said...

Way to work it this weekend, girl! I wish we lived closer so we could train together!

Lola is too frickin' cute! That bottom picture of her laying on the treadmill pretty much sums up how I feel ever time I get on a mill...hahaha.

Yay Team Rev3! Love my teammies...WOOT!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Future triathlete in the making!!!

Melissa Cunningham said...

awesome workouts!!!!
and yes, i race on the TM's.
not so much in the pool bc when the time of day i went,the lanes were full of speedy old guys..

love love the lola pics of course!
she reminds me a lot of my lil m,and im sure this time next year she will be able to reach the home TM handles and will be running in her footie jammies too!

Jason said...

That is one packed weekend and Lola is on her way....swimming and running. Her third sport needs to be roller skating though.....

And my favorite part: asschafe.....I am cracking up.