Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sparkle More (a review & giveaway!)

Who doesn't want a little more *sparkle* in their life?
When I saw these cute headbands from Sparkly Soul floating around in blog-land, I had to find out more. 
I entered every blog giveaway I found to try and win one. No luck.
I'll tell ya, I have a lot of hair and a freakishly small head (I assume) since no band stay put, even the "no slip" headbands I have tried. BUT I was not going to give up hope and I swore I'd keep trying. 
So finally, I decided to contact them myself and ask for the opportunity to review their pretty, sparkly bands here. Lucky for me-and for one lucky reader-they agreed!!

A little bit about Sparkly Soul 
(from their Facebook page)-

Sparkly Soul, Inc. is based in NYC - The city with lots of sparkle!
The company was created by a marathoner and triathlete for all the women who find their strength and soul while pushing themselves to their athletic limits.

We needed to keep our hair out of our face while exercising. Now there is a fabulous headband that won’t slip, won’t cause your pretty little head to get a headache or cause hair breakage. It is the comfortable solution for all you athletic fashionistas.

Whether you are a runner, walker, dancer, triathlete, yogi, pilates buff, cyclist, cheerleader, or ballplayer - we believe in all you sparkly gals out there!

Sparkly Soul Non-Slip Glitter Headbands will stay on your head... no matter how intense your athletic activity.

The bands arrived quickly and in a giant silver envelope (they must know I love blingy, bright things). Sparkly Soul sent two size bands to try- a thin style (3/8 of an inch in width) and a thicker band (5/8 of an inch in width).

Now when I first saw these bands online, I thought that they were made of actual glitter they sparkled so much-BUT it is not glitter. 
The bands are made from a very soft material that sparkles so you don't to worry about glitter falling off the band and getting all over the place.

Test #1-Childproof??

Saturday was a long afternoon. We were awaiting the arrival of a huge snow storm on the East Coast and I was a wild child on my hands. That wild child being Lola, of course. Since she just LOVES to have her picture taken, I asked her if she wanted to model for me. She squealed in delight and it was time to make her hair pretty.
I put the small band on first and it fit her head very well. 

Lola's best SUPER MODEL pose

Since Lola was the "director" of this photo shoot, she decided that  there would be lots of shots today-

some posing 
some action shots 
were in order. 
we did airplane
she crawled all over me
she was a wild monkey!!

and you know what. The band did not budge. Not once....
we even tried layering the two bands together! This would be a great look with different colored bands

Test #2-My Turn

I put on the thick band first since the "thick" bands are the ones I tend to have issues with. Other styles and brands usually pucker or stick up or slide right off. Remember I said I had a "freakishly small head"...yeah.
The thick band fit comfortably, it did not bulge or pucker. stayed put!
I wore it for about two hours doing housework, preparing dinner and I did not even notice it was on. No headache or pulling. Score!

Test #3-Back in Action

The entire East Coast was blessed with an early snow storm Saturday night through Sunday morning, we needed to clean up. I slid the thin band onto my very messy hair and got out to shovel and clean. Even when I put my favorite hoodie on, the band stayed on and did not slip. Another score!
Lola is assisting me with my hair do!

Then I changed into my running tights and cold weather running jacket, laced up the Kinvara's and hit the snowy streets for a run. Well...the run only lasted about 500 yards (a whole 'nother post all together) but the band stayed put.

Immediately following the failed run, I spent the remainder of my Sunday afternoon working in the PAIN CAVE-unpacking boxes, purging stuff, organizing, etc. The Sparkly Soul band stayed put and it is still in my hair as we speak. 

My Final Thoughts:
1-BLING IT ON!! I really liked the Sparkle quotient of these headbands. I loved that they were soft and not hard, crusty glitter glued onto a headband. Also, the 360* of sparkle is great. No worries about the band looking crooked. Yes, I have done this before...
2-GIMME A C. for Comfort. No snagging my LONG hair, no pulling, no headache
3-FABULOUS FIT. The all around stretch makes a big difference in the fit of these bands vs. others I have tried. They kept their shape and fit my head comfortably. Most important, they stayed put.
4-LOLA APPROVED. I loved it that they fit Lola too. She just loves them and I think I have lost the thick one to her forever and that's ok.

Sparkly Soul will give one lucky reader a band of their choice!
So how do you win your very own SPARKLY SOUL headband?? Easy-
Please leave ONE comment for each entry.

1-You must be a follower of Miles, Muscles & Mommyhood. Not a follower? Just click the FOLLOW button to your right. C'mon-you know you wanna.

2-Visit the Sparkly Soul website and tell me which band you will pick if you win and WHY!

3-LIKE Sparkly Soul on Facebook and leave a note- tell them Jen & Lola sent ya!

4-Follow Sparkly Soul on Twitter and follow ME on Twitter.

5-Spread the word about this Sparkly Soul giveaway-link on your blog, share on Facebook, Twitter. One entry per method of share per day!! (just make sure you leave me a comment so I can add your entries).

6-Tell me, what makes YOUR soul sparkle??

BONUS ENTRY until Nov 3rd-Please like my photo in the GOTribal INSPIRATION photo contest! It is the middle photo on the left-you know, the one where I'm hugging my BFF Chrissie Wellington!!

*This review is all my own personal opinion, I was not compensated in any way by anyone at any time. Sparkly Soul sent me the headbands at no cost.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


This month has been so awesome I am re-naming it Rocktober!!

So many fun and wonderful things happened this month.
It was packed with EXCITEMENT!!

There was Lola's third birthday. I simply cannot believe my baby girl is three.
She is amazing and continues to inspire me and bring pure joy to my life each and every single day.
I am so blessed.

Then there was this little race,
you know

My BFF, Dawn's birthday
(she's 3 too...well 3X)

I got to hang out with Mandy, Porter and Dawn

The Harvest Half Marathon.

Fright Night at the YMCA.

Arrival of the little green monster.

I won a couple awesome blog giveaways too!
Make sure to check out these blogs too if you don't already read 'em!
I just LOVE finding a new blog read :)

I just LOVE HHRG!!


this super cute top from FASHLETICS

I needed a SPIbelt.
This goodies also include some Click and a sparkly pink headband from Sweaty Bands.

How about this for awesome??
I entered a cool little contest on GOTribal-
post a picture that inspires you and describe WHY in 10 words or less.
Of course, I had to submit my favorite picture of the year (maybe of all time)!!
My Timberman finish with Chrissie Wellington.
The picture with the most likes wins a SwagBag of goodies-
go ahead, gimme a like :)
Look who commented on my picture.
next time you question if I am really BFF's with the worlds most amazing triathlete in the entire world....

Now THAT is the way I want to end a rockin' month.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Thing One:

Perfect timing for Halloween.
Yesterday I got to welcome the Little Green Monster to my home

Say Hello to my little friend-the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine.

 I know we will be bonding a lot over the long fall, winter and spring days when the Maine weather is not kind enough to let me outside to ride.
I am super excited to welcome the Little Green Monster to the family-this is a nice little upgrade from me (my previous trainer was a magnetic)

The trainer came with a Kendra KK Trainer tire and a Spinervals DVD too so BONUS!!

As much as I am dreading taking my bike inside for the winter, I am actually a little exited to have this new trainer! I am getting the pain cave ready (as mentioned in THIS post) and I know those dreaded hours of intervals will be a lot more "fun" on the Kurt!! I am super excited to try out the Spinervals DVD too. 
Do you Spinerval? Which is your favorite??

I really want to try some from Sufferfest-
you gotta love a tagline like 
I will beat my ass today to kick yours tomorrow

Thing Two:
I finally did my first "official" CrossFit session today. I have had a lot of interest in CF but the closest facility is at least 40 mins away, making it difficult to fit into my day with Lola. Luckily for me, there is now a local option for me.
I have done may WOD's on my own but it was nice to get some specific feedback on form with some of the exercises.
Today's workout was a warm up of basic skill review for today's session 

Curtis P x 5 
left lunge
right lunge
push press
the above complex is performed with out putting the bar down, the lunges are done with the bar in the racked position 
not me source

and then 
air squats x 20
AMRAP for 10 mins

Then we did 75 CrossFit sit ups (a tad different than traditional-feet together and in a "frog" position to keep the hips out of the mix to focus on using core)

I got in 10 full round and had 3 Curtis P's done when time was called. I went light with the weight today (35lbs) to be sure my form was on point. This is a little different than the traditional weight training I do so I really wanted to be sure I was using my hips to clean and keeping the elbows UP while lunging.
I loved it and can't wait for more. I think this is going to be something that is easy to incorporate into my regime.

Thing Three:

I'll leave you with some fun pictures of Lola in action

she's flexing-showing me her muscles

90% of the time this is her expression SMILES

she's a runner!!

the Mommy and her princess

doing Princess Ballet!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The 1st winner is...

Well my trusty old Canon PowerShot is no longer
I got this camera as a baby shower gift from my mother in law & I was super excited since I did not have a digital camera. This camera has captured over 7,000 images in the last three years and has served us well. Moments of time frozen forever! From my pregnant belly

at 38 weeks-it would still be another 4 weeks until Lola made her debut
to the last downloaded pics of us playing Flickin' Chicken

It has been dropped countless times and kept working like a charm. Sadly, just a couple weeks ago it stopped loading pictures to my computer :( I tried getting a new USB cable but that did not fix the problem.
After a bit of research, I discovered that sometimes this just happens.
SO I broke down and ordered a new (fancier!) Canon and it should be here any day.
That being said, I do not have any new pictures to share nor do I have pictures of how the first winner of the LIKE IronCowboy was picked.

Of all the comments left on my blog and on my Facebook page, each name was written on a piece of paper and put into the "hat" (actually, it was a bag). Lola then picked-

Not Lola's hand and not that "hat" we used

wow. he is fabulous!! put me in that hat! -katie

Congrats Katie!!
Please contact me so I can get you your awesome prize!!
What did she win??
A cool water bottle from Life Fitness (it'll match her new bike too!!) and a bunch of LUNA and CLIFF bars!!

If you did not win this week, don't worry. You can still win!!

I have had a couple more amazing vendors come on board to donate prizes to get LIKES for IronCowboy's page.

Here's how you can earn entries:
  • Like IronCowboy on Facebook-leave me a comment on my blog OR let me know on Facebook.
  • Share the link to get likes for IronCowboy on Facebook. Tag me in the post or leave me a comment so I can keep track of SHARES. Each time you SHARE you earn an entry. There is NO LIMIT to how many entries you get, just let me know.
  • Spread the word on your blog, on Twitter, via email, write it on the bathroom wall...
  • All entries roll over week to week. How long will this GIVEAWAY last?? Until we reach the goals of 15,000 likes on the page OR I run out of prizes.
What is the prize for NEXT WEEK??

I'll give you a hint--it's from Triathlon Rocks.
If you read my blog then you probably have a pretty good guess as to what this prize will be!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's all in your head

If you have been following my blog for even just a couple weeks you know that I adore Chrissie Wellington.
I don't admire her because she wins races.
I mean, yeah. She is an amazing athlete- an absolute animal out there on the course.
What so impressed me about her was how down-to-earth she seemed to be, how passionate she is about the sport and how she uses her fame as a platform for other issues.
What made me bonkers about the girl is her sheer determination to go all out.
I may never be the athlete she is BUT I can emulate her attitude.
I can strive to be an athlete that trains hard with her mind in the moment, pushing aside physical discomfort to achieve gains in strength and speed.
I can learn to let my mind go to another place when I am on the race course and leave it all out there.

If you have not read this yet, please click the link and read Chrissie's recap of Kona. It is worth the few extra minutes to read it. It may just spark something INSIDE.
This is a race report that I will revisit often.
This is not a race report explaining her slow(er) swim, or her bike split. It's about her toughness, her mental game, the mental strength require to endure. And pursue and persevere. To summon every fiber within you to push ahead and win.


"There were many instances when body and mind were screaming in agony. The pain in my right hip was excruciating, my form was poor with my left foot turned out like a duck, and soon after other areas of my body started to feel the affects from my changed gait. Hamstrings, calves, even my shoulders cried out for me to stop. I had that ugly voice on one shoulder suggesting I quit and take the easy route. But I hate the goddamn easy route, and I know that I can never rest until I know I have given it absolutely everything. So I ignored the pain. I ignored the internal whispers. It was the other voice, the louder one on the opposite shoulder, which gave me the will to continue: which enabled me to keep my head, and to plunder the words of Kipling, to force my “…heart and nerve and sinew to serve their turn long after they are gone, and so hold when there is nothing in you except the will which says to them Hold On!”

This simple paragraph really spoke to me and I know next time I am suffering, I will reach into the depths of my mind and replay this. There will be No easy route for me.

I shared this quote with Jason yesterday and I am happy to report that he has finished Austin 70.3 with a PR of 5:28.

Yet another example of an athlete who trains physically and mentally-
hijacked from Karen's FB page
Congrats Jason!! Lola and I are very proud of you!!

I am getting the pain cave ready for winter training and it's going to be a long winter. It's going to be made up of a lot of hours sweating, hurting and learning. I am ready to take the next step in this process and become "an aerobic beast" (to quote the other lady who totally inspires me & I get to call Coach).

I got a large dry erase board to put up, I am collecting tidbits that inspire me and re-building my wall of motivation. Including this picture of Chrissie with the quote above.

What is your favorite motivation quote? 

Friday, October 21, 2011

~Why~ (and a giveaway!!)

The other night hubby and I had a discussion about triathlon and he asked me a simple question:
I asked  him what he meant by "why". His response was WHY do you want to continue doing triathlon and training. You already did the half-iron distance so why do more?

I have been pondering this question for several days.
Why Tri?

Why do I do what I do?
Well, first and foremost--IT's FUN.
It's a challenge.
Every challenge I conquer makes me realize that I am strong.
I am capable.
I am determined.

Fitness for me is not about a size on a label or the number on the scale.
The triumph is in the goal setting, the planning, the achieving.
Don't forget that just 3 short years ago I could not run even a mile and that I was lugging an additional 100+lbs around with me. (Not including Lola! ha)
Being able to complete my first triathlon was FUN.
Learning to go faster was amazing.
Doing my first half-iron distance with a smile was awesome.
I want to keep going. Keep pushing myself. Keep improving.

It is those personal goals that motivate me.

It's not about the medals or the podium (well it is but it isn't) but it's about being a better YOU. Working hard for something and getting it.
Getting it may be finishing. Getting it may be winning.
Whatever it is, it drives you.
You gotta find your IT.

My other motivation??
This princess-doesn't she deserve to have a fit mommy? a mom who shows her by example that you can do anything you set your mind to? that life is about sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone yet finding peace there?

Why spend the time training?
Well,--I like it. (baby I like it!!)
I like how I feel when I tackle a tough workout.
or being out on the road for hours cycling or running.
I enjoy being totally spent and exhausted after a killer session.
I like how I feel physically and mentally.
Why do I get up at 3 or 4 in the morning to train (or blog about training? lol)
Because I strive to be better.

I have said it before (and I'll say it again)-
Triathlon has brought so much more to my life than sport or hobby.

Everyone has a story as to WHY-
Why they do it-Everyone has "their thing"
What is your WHY?

How this for a WHY!!
Did you read my post about James??
Go read it and then go like his FB page and come back leaving a comment.

Every LIKE he gets I'll put your name in "the hat" for a super duper
prize. I have all kinds of goodies-things you don't want to miss out on
Stuff from Triathlon Rocks, GU, Sweet Home Farm Granola, etc.
Lots and lots more!!
Spread the word!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

140.6 x 30 = ???

Just imagine for a moment-
30 Ironman races.
Yes, 30.
Not in a lifetime-
In one year!
140.6 miles x 30 is 4,218 Iron Miles.
That's a lot of miles.

Who would do that??

Let me introduce you to James-
James Lawrence aka Iron Cowboy

I "met" James last year on while he was completing 22 half iron distance triathlons in a single season to raise money for In Our Own Quiet Way, setting a Guiness World Record in the process.

The most Ironman 70.3 races completed in one year was 22 by James Lawrence (USA) of Lindon, Utah, USA, between 27 March and 13 November 2010. Lawrence concluded his record by participating in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships. An Ironman 70.3 is classified as a "half-Ironman." Participants must complete a 1.93 km (1.2 mi) swim, 90.12 km (56 mi) cycle, and 21.08 km (13.1 mi) run.

That's a lot of BLING!

Pretty impressive stuff to complete 22 HIM's in a lifetime, never mind a single triathlon season.
How do you top that?

James is out to set another world record, only this time he's going bigger and badder!!
Bigger and badder as in 30 Ironman races in one year.

I was lucky enough to catch up with the very busy James-husband and father of five- to chat about his plans for 2012.

James, last year you took on the challenge of completing 22 Half Iron distance triathlons in 30 weeks in conjunction with raising funds for In Our Own Quiet Way's "Give A Dam", which builds dams in Kenya to retain waterfall. Please tell me what inspired you to do this and how did this plan come together.

I came up with the idea on one of my long bike rides. I'd wanted to do something big for many years now but just couldn't think of the best way to have the largest impact. When the idea came to me to combine the work we were doing in Africa with my passion for triathlon, it was a match made in heaven. The plan looked perfect in my head until I started doing all the number crunching and Ironman racing just isn't cheap. The first step was to find a sponsor for all the races. Alex over at Muscle Works here in Utah saw my vision and offered to pay for all my race entry fees. From there things just seemed to fall into place like it was destiny. I had no idea how I was going to get from one location to the next but the means and the way always presented itself. I want to be very clear however that not one penny from donations was used to pay for triathlon expenses, every dollar was passed onto In Our Own Quiet way for the work that they do.

So you were already involved with Quiet Way before your HIM streak?
This vision of 22 HIM's also earned you a world record-how cool is that!?
What was THAT like?

Yes I was working as the public relations manager for In Our Own Quiet Way at the time. The world record was an absolute bonus... the main objective was to help as many people as I could. I have to admit though when the World Record certificate came it was pretty dang cool. In 2012 I am excited to travel to North Africa after my race in South Africa to see the regions we have affected thus far.

I know from following your adventures last season, not every trip was smooth sailing. Do you care to share some of the "more challenging" moments? How about the highlights? Which race was your favorite and why?

Timberman 70.3 finish (of course, I had to include this shot!)

There were many highs and many lows. I am a family man and father of 5. When I was gone I sure missed my family. Technology allowed me to keep in pretty good contact with them when I was gone but it just isn't the same as being home with them. They supported me 100% though... I could not have done it without them. I had little to no physical issues except for two....

In St Croix my body decided it didn't want to race or process nutrition... by mile 3 of the run I had thrown up everything in my body and struggled to a dehydrated finish. The other instance was in my current home town at the Provo Utah half. I had planned to enjoy the day and race with my wife Sunny which was suppose to be one of the highlights of the year. After waiting in T1 to start the bike I ended up flatting at around mile 5 of the 56 mile bike ride. I told my wife to go ahead and that I would just catch her. I underestimated just how strong of a biker she was and I turned myself inside out trying to make up the time it took for me to change the flat. It took me till just after the turn around to catch her but by then I had already done the damage... I believe this was 8 weeks in a row of racing and my body wasn't in the mood to push. I limped in on the ride with my wife and told her to go on without me, my hamstring wasn't going to allow me to continue.... my friend Jess talked some sense into me and convinced me to walk the run and finish. So we ended walking all 13.1 miles together and crossing that finish line. My wife still talks about the day she beat the 70.3 world record holder!

I had airlines destroy my bike, delayed flights, lost hotel reservations. broken down cars, nights slept in my car, nights spent under the stars and many more crazy things.

One of my highlights was racing in Michigan on Saturday and then flying out immediately after the race to my birth place of Calgary Canada for another race on Sunday of the same weekend. Knowing I didn't have time to spare I ended up posting a season best in Michigan of 4:39 followed by a 5:19 in Calgary the next day. I was pretty proud of both performances. I was awesome to have my family there in Calgary to support my efforts.

Austin 70.3 finish yielded a time of 5:01!!

You rode an amazing bike last year (I have total bike crush!) Tell us about your bike!

love my Ellsworth Coefficient and the crew at Ellsworth. They went out of their way to make sure my bike needs were met for this 2010 effort. When Delta destroyed my bike the guys at Ellsworth made sure to get me everything I needed to get back out there racing. Wheeltags is also a very cool company. They custom did the design on my disk wheel and without fail I got comments on it at every race!

Yet, there is a new "lady" coming into your life soon-care to share any info about her??

I had a doctor out of California offer to buy me the bike of my choice for my 2012 journey and in return.... when I break the world record I sign the bike and it goes on his wall!  It is being built right now so I don't have a full pick of it yet....

You have big things in the works for 2012--how are you going to top 22 HIM's?

2012.... I get scared every time I think about it. 30 full Ironman distance races through 15 countries. It time to man up and do this thing. 2011 has been a big prep year for me both physically and logistically. It has been a full time job getting everything ready and so far I'm not even close. The second half of 2011 will be very busy. I am still working on financial support and physical readiness. I am very excited to represent Quiet Way again on this adventure and hope to really be able to impact some lives.

30 Ironman races is a lot-both physically and financially. How are you going to accomplish this?

I have already secured help from generous sponsors and locals to cover the race entry fees, so that is a relief. I am working as hard as I can around the clock to get ready for the 30 events.  I am doing what I think is best for my preparation.  I am racing Ironman Cozumel later in November of this year in hopes of securing a spot in Kona for 2012.  I know I will be ready physically it is financially that I am most concerned about.

Best wishes in Cozumel! I hope you get that Kona slot.
Speaking of Kona, I'm gonna go there. Now that the WTC has this new "Do 12 IM's (or more) and get a Kona "slot" deal going, will this have any impact on you as a triathlete. Will you want to compete in Kona just based on the number of IM's you have done or would you rather get they by qualification?

WTC's do 12 races and get into Kona program is very interesting.... however the WTC is very tough to work with. They are SO big and get so many request that I don't think I am even on their radar. From my understanding they are going to start at the top of the list and allow entry for the people who have done the most races above the 12 first... then work their way down the list. Unfortunately my 12+ races will be coming in 2012 leading up to the race. It would be a dream to do the race in 2012 and include it in the world record.... I hope the stars line up in Cozumel 2011 and I won't have to leave Kona to a chance, but don't get me wrong... I'd take the spot.

Curious where James will be racing in 2012-

The races are all over the world and a mix of WTC, HITS and Rev3
Here is a link to his schedule.

James Family
Five beautiful children

I know the training demands just preparing for ONE Ironman are intense, tell me how you find balance with your training schedule and your family-Obviously, they support you in this! Tell me about them.

My family is awesome. My wife, Sunny makes sure I get my workouts in and ensures that I am eating right by cooking good meals. She is always asking me how things are going with the project and pushes me to keep going. Balance is tough but Sunny and my five kids are super excited about the project. Ideally we would like to sponsor wrap a big motor home and cross the country with it. This would allow them to be a much bigger part of my journey.

So what is a typical day like for you?

A typical day...My wife gets up early to get her workouts in. I get up and start getting the kids ready for school. Once the kids are all off and the youngest ones situated at home my days starts. I have gym clients starting at 9am and I get my swim in when I have a break. I make sure I schedule myself according to my workouts. If I have a long ride, run or brick then I will block off those parts of the day. If I am too busy at work unfortunately I have to get in that workout in the evening. I try not to cut into family time and will head out the door for a run after we have the kids in bed. I eat as much as I can during the day and then get up and do it all again. I typically have about 10 clients a day and do two workouts. Right now it is like have 4 part time jobs. Getting myself ready, training my clients, family time, and putting all the puzzle pieces together for 2012.

You are also a triathlon coach-tell me more about that.

Yes I am a personal trainer at a local gym here and I have tri clients on the side as a personal business. My goal after 2012 is to open my very own training facility here in Utah. I currently work with clients all over the country and am looking for a few more so that I can have an income through 2012. This is something that I can do from anywhere. I am well versed in all triathlon distances and am very confident I can get the beginner athlete and seasoned veteran to the finish line of any race exceeding their goals.

My training site is
Everyone has their own unique story, which is why I called it Tri Diaries. In a perfect world I would do a full blown documentary on the 2012 journey with me as the backbone of the series and highlighting an athlete at each of the 30 events. I think it is very interesting to hear all the reasons why people do Ironman. I want to tell those stories and really get into their minds, the mind of the school teacher, the stay at home mom and the aspiring pro. I know I'm nuts but why are you? Why do we do what we do?

Want to check out James' blog? You can find it here-

Do you want to help James on his amazing accomplishment?

You can do something as simple as LIKING his Facebook page. To secure additional sponsorship, he needs to reach 15,000 fans on his page! Go ahead-click the link and click the LIKE button and share with your friends. It is such an easy way to help.

You can also offer support by donating to his cause, Quiet Way. There is a link to it right on his blog

Do you have a question for James?
Please ask in the comments.

I will be following up with him again soon and would love to hear what YOU want to know about his epic adventure!