Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Normally when I say the word RIPPED, it is in reference to things like this, which decorate my "RIPPED" Pinterest Board quite well: 

(seriously, how hot is she?)

Anyway, yesterday I talked about how I am back to a regular training schedule and swimming again. I mentioned my swim bag...and if you are a friend/follower, I am sure you are well aware of my very loved REV3 bag.

This bag was a gift from a friend and I treasured that good mojo that Pat put into it when he bestowed it onto me almost 4 years ago. It has come to EVERY race with me since and it has traveled this county many times over. It is my daily bag for lugging my gear to the gym and to work. It has been  my constant companion for years. I know it sounds silly, but it's always with me. 

When the bottom started to give way, I duct taped it. 

When the liner started ripping, I didn't care...I let it peel and kept using it. 

Then the seams started to come apart...I held on as long as I could until


It ripped. 

I cannot bear to part with this bag (yea, silly emotional attachment to a BAG) so I must have it repaired. Lucky for me, I have a spanking new one from several years ago when Sonja was my Coach. But it's NEW. Stiff. No marks of the adventures and miles we have put on over the years...but there are always NEW things to do and new places to travel. 

I also have have an amazing Rocket bag that was a gift from one of my besties for my Bday 2 years ago! (Call that one my "dressy" bag! lol) It's beautiful and SO CLEAN. And light blue. And it is also currently home to all my books for CEUs and my ACE recert stuff. 

So, this new & unripped bag will be my companion for the time being...until Rev3 gets repaired.
Or who knows...perhaps a NEW bag will be in my future.

Do you have an emotional attachment to a "thing"?

What's your favorite tri/transition bag? 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Let's Get Wet

This past week has been pretty awesome because I have jumped back on the training train! you know how happy I am to have a consistent schedule for ME once again? If you have been reading my sporadic posts over the last few months, you will see that things have been pretty up and down this past year. Lots of professional and personal things sucking up my time and sadly, training took a back seat. 

BUT IM BACK and ready to tackle new goals for 2015. 
I am super excited for what's on the race schedule for this coming season and my heart is filled with joy and excitement to return to what I LOVE to do!!

I really enjoy swimming in open water and I am kind of a pool pansy. I will swim as many yards...heck MILES as needed in the lakes, ponds, oceans but give me a big swim workout in the pool and I get all "meh" about swimming. I don't know why you know how awesome it is to actually FEEL EXCITED to be swimming again?? IN THE POOL? 

Ever the optimist, I am looking at this break as just what I needed to recharge the old batteries! 

I got in the pool very willingly 3x this past week and it was rather slow and my endurance definitely took a hit in the months off but by the end of the week, I was already seeing some progress and banged out a 500 warm up like it was nothing. A very slow nothing but...and Im planning on another 3 swim sessions this week. I even have a pool date with my local swim Coach, Andy on Sunday.

So today is a 4 mile run with a few short intervals followed by this swim set:

2800 yards total

400 swim
300 pull
200 as 25 drill/25 swim x4
100 kick

MS: 4x100 Free (pick your interval and stick with it. Allow :10-:15 seconds rest between each 100)
50 easy
300 steady 
3x100 Free (on the same interval as 4x100)
50 easy
200 steady
100 easy
100 hard effort

COOLDOWN 300 mix of stroke


So Im back to having my "regular" bag of gym/training essentials and now my "swimbag" is back...and that makes me smile. 

So what's in that very cool bag? Oh, just some pool essentials in my swim bag-

I cannot say enough about these towels. Small, portable and they are like little water vacuums. LOVE Perfect for the pool and the beach. Amazing...

A regular towel vs 3 stacked Waves towels

Ummm, yeah...I don't swim without these EVER. I also use them on my cycling glasses. THEY WORK simple as that...keep my goggles clear and clean. BOOM!

and speaking of goggles, THESE

Scott, always in Beaver gear
My friend, Scott, sent me a pair of these for my birthday 2 years ago and I have been in love with them since (even though he sent me UWisconsin Badgers red white and black ones), I have not looked back. I have small set eyes and these never dig, hurt, leak...and they are perfect for pool and open water. They last a long time too!!

I usually find the best prices on these at, which is the link I provided. I have used my swim team affiliate link to support the YMCA Manta Ray Swim Team. 


Peaks to Portland 2.4 mile Swim rocking the SHIMMER

So cheers to a return to what I love...and I am forever grateful that I get to do this and help others find their health and joy. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014


It has been a rough few months for me with regards to my own personal goals and training. I've missed a big part of WHO I am and what makes me happy, but I am SO ready to be COMMITTED to a bigger goal and really work hard to get there.

I've got the plan in hand, I have the drive to get there and I cannot wait to see what I am able to accomplish in the next 12 weeks. 

I am committing to a few things:

1) to blog and document my journey. I miss blogging and will share, even if I block out 15 minx 3x a week to check in.

2) I will carve out the time to meal plan and do prep so there are no excuses. I know what to do, I have all the tools to do it.

3) I will stick to my training plan and make it fun. 

4) I will give ONE HOUR a day to ME!!!

I have worked FAR to hard to let my goals fall from my reach. SO when I feel like I don't have time, I just dig into this picture and remind myself that I MAKE the time.

I can't wait to share some workouts with you and feel free to join in my crazy HOLIDAY SURVIVAL BOOTCAMP!! 


I stumbled onto this today: 

Swim Bike Run your way through winter...I think I wanna do this!
Anyone want to join me?? 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

WOW! An Unexpected Throwback Thursday I was cleaning my house yesterday. Something I don't usually do (ha ha) and I came across some old photos of me. Photos that made me stop and think back...back to those days when I wasn't so happy. Or athletic. Or even the real ME. There are not a ton of "before" pics of me because I used to hide from the camera or be the one taking them. 

*Probably why NOW you cannot get me away from the camera AND I love my selfies* 

But, these photos were like a slap across the face *wake up* 
The universe has a funny way of making me wake up and pay attention most of the time.

 If you have been following along on my random postings, you know that this is the first year in many that I took as step back from training & racing long course to put family first. It has been hard for me mentally and I have struggled with not feeling "right". Long training days make me feel so ALIVE. Those "carrots" and goals keep me working. You can fake a half or a full!

I have allowed myself to get lazy with a few things - like nutrition - and I was playing the "woe is me" card the last couple of weeks. I am a personal trainer and weight loss coach. This is UNACCEPTABLE> walk the walk!! 
STOP THIS JEN!! so, I said ENOUGH. Stop it. Just do what you need to do. Make the time. Make the plan. Figure it out. You don't excuses from your clients so don't make any for yourself. *TRUTH*

and I did

Then these showed up. 

That is ME at about 260lbs. 
I think back to that very sad girl who hid it all with a smile. 
"Oh, you have such a pretty face" yeah, just what every heavy gal wants to hear *GROAN*

This is me NOW (for those who don't know)

 Not quite the same girl on the outside OR the inside...

I have spent the last 3 years of my life HELPING OTHERS reach their goals. Learning about training, weight loss, nutrition. Getting one certification after the next...devouring information so I can help others reach THEIR GOALS and change their lives.

Like these 2 clients who are now my very good friends. I am SO proud of them.
Total lifestyle change...and watching them BLOSSOM into happy people has been so amazing. 



I have never been happier. 
I LOVE WHAT I DO. The people that this has brought into my life is such a blessing. Giving back to others makes me SO happy. Getting messages that an athlete got a PR or a client lost another 5lbs just is PRICELESS to me. 

SO, here's to those who are THINKING about change.

Here's to those in the MIDDLE of change. 

Cheers to those who have CONQUERED their goals and are creating new ones. 

We were put on this earth for a purpose. 

...and this is mine...

Happy Thursday. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Chasing Bourbon

Hey ho! heading down south for a while to join some friends for The Bourbon Chase.

I haven't been to Kentucky in years and I am looking forward to this trip. I love running, I love relays but I don't drink...especially not Bourbon...but who doesn't love new adventures?

I will get to see some friends I haven't seen since Rev3 Knoxville

From the WEBSITE:

Over the river and through the woods...Sort of, but not really.

Begin your journey at Jim Beam and head east to Bardstown, the Bourbon Capital of the World. In the quaint city of Bardstown, you pass through Heaven Hill, the largest family-owned distillery in the world. Next, you trek toward the historic and beautiful Maker's Mark distillery. Exiting the distillery, you head into the heart of central Kentucky, passing some of the state's most historic areas. First, the course takes you near Perryville Battlefield, where a significant Civil War battle took place. Next, you will head south to Stanford, the second oldest city in Kentucky. Then, the course turns for the north as it passes through the middle of the enchanting community of Danville where the state's first constitution was written. Finally, before heading back into distillery country, you run through Harrodsburg. Founded as Fort Harrod in 1774, it was the first permanent settlement west of the Alleghenies.
The unique Spanish Mission-style architecture announces that you have reached Four Roses distillery. From here, you come into Lawrenceburg, home of Wild Turkey. Crossing over the Tyrone Bridge, several hundred feet above the Kentucky River, you enter the official gateway to Horse Country. This section of the course, heading toward Woodford Reserve, is undoubtedly the most stunning because of its rolling bluegrass countryside and picturesque horse farms.
From there you head toward the charming community of Midway, home of one of the nation's leading colleges focusing on equine professions. As you wind your way out of Midway and down the delightful scenic back roads of the Bluegrass Region, the course works its way into downtown Lexington. By now, you can smell and hear the finish line celebration that awaits you and your friends at Triangle Park, near the Alltech Brewery & Distillery.

See you on the other side!!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Fat A$$ Friday: Reload

Sometimes, I have to revisit old posts. Like this one from just a few years ago. Wow, how so much has been done since then! I cannot believe that this is my life and I get to do exactly what my heart desires daily. It's not always easy but it is always worth it. I started this blog in the hopes of inspiring just ONE person to find that they too were capable of change. Wow...I am blessed to have been able to help SO many people now. AMAZING....
  • 140.6 is not longer just a dream on my "list", it has been accomplished and it was awesome. I love looking forward and finding new ways to challenge myself. 
  • I can check off the box that states I want a career in FITNESS-I am now a dual certified PT, a Triathlon & Cycling Coach and Group Ex instructor. I get to spend my days getting others to their goals, one step at a time! 
  • After I started following Sonja when I was "just a runner" and she was on Team Trakkers I dreamed of "someday" being on a team like that...and BOOM! I am heading into season 4 as a member of Team Rev3 Triathlon...Soon to be TEAM CHALLENGE!  
  • I have been a part of an amazing project and film-From Fat to Finish Line-with 11 other inspiring individuals that will MOTIVATE you to chase your dreams and make it happen! The movie coming out SOON! 
  • I have been able to help SO many shed weight and discover the person inside them that they always were meant to be. I am SO grateful that this path lead me to meet 2 special people: Michelle and JDP, I love you two so much and thank you for letting me be a part of YOUR journey. Your friendship means the world to me and you have changed ME as much as I have changed you. THANK YOU XO

This blog is still going-even if I don't blog daily like I used to-as I evolve as a person and athlete, this will too! I have stories of OTHERS I want to share and I cannot wait to see what the next year has in store for me!

So, here is a visit back to Fat Ass Friday--one of my favorite, and most popular posts!


Several people who know me now but did not know me during my "fat years" have a hard time believing that I was really as fat as I say I was. To those of you (and you know who you are) here it is. Proof in pictures. Yes, I really was more than 100lbs heavier than I am today. Yes, sadly it is all too true. 

A big plate of chicken wings must be in my peripheral.
 So, when I was at my parents house a couple weeks ago and my Dad wanted to show me some pictures from not so long ago--pictures from my Fat Days-I could not wait to check them out.

I used to hide from the camera because when I would see the pictures, I would not recognize the woman I had become. I had never struggled with my weight and to be walking around at this size was foreign to me. 

What I saw in my head did not match the person I saw in the mirror or in pictures.

Now when I look back at those pictures it is a bit of mixed emotion for me. On one hand, I am proud of myself for finally saying "enough is enough" and making the decision to take control of my life. On the other hand, I am saddened to know that at one time, I was in a very different place.

I don't know what's worse: the double chin or the double belly roll  Back fat rolls!!

But I have to embrace FAT JEN because without going THERE...I would not be here. And you know what? HERE is a pretty great place to be! And now we are working on FrankenJen (but that is a different post all together)

Running-it does the body (and the mind) good! Sept 2010

My husband is an absolute rockstar for sticking with me thru thick and thin (pun totally intended!!). When we started dating I was in pretty good shape and then over the next several years I just blew up. 

Then one day something in me just snapped and that was it. I had a plan and nothing was going to stop me until I achieved my goals and lived my dreams. 

Much healthier and happier, Michelle and Me at the Mainiac Sprint Tri Sept 2010

Along the way those goals and dreams changed and grew. The goals got bigger-the dreams became a reality. I found a new self confidence in being able to achieve things I never thought possible. I discovered just how strong I can be and how far I can push myself.

I have met some amazing people along this journey. Quality people who don't care what label lines my clothing or what bag I am carrying around. People who inspire me and motivate me to achieve new goals and dream even bigger than before.

When I started on this path, the thought of running one mile without stopping seemed impossible.
I could not wait to run my first 5k race.
I cried the first time I ran 5 miles without stopping.
I celebrated my first real push up with a big ole "HELLLLLL YA!"

Today I dream of running 26.2 miles after biking 112 and swimming 2.4~and with absolute truth I tell you that I will accomplish this. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but it will be done.

Today I dream of taking my passion for health and fitness and making it my career when I return to the working world.

Today I dream of inspiring others to reach for their goals-no matter how big or how small.

Reach deep down inside of yourself and find that fire that ignites your soul. Let that desire fuel your motivation to do the work necessary to be a success. Achieve the things you never thought possible. Do not let anyone or anything stand in your way or deter you from your goals.
It can be done.

What do YOU want to achieve? 
What goal do you have in your sights?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Working Out

Lola has been getting more and more active lately and she's learning about doing active things that you LOVE to do!

we were featured in ALL YOU Magazine this June

She loves running on our treadmill.

She runs races, she runs with me for fun and does "brick" workouts (bike to run) with a smile

She even loves to come to BOOTCAMP with me

I enjoy the conversations we have about health and how to make good choices when it comes to nutrition, especially the importance of breakfast! I am by no means a food nazi and she gets to have stuff like pizza, eating out, chips and the occasional order of onion rings from our local corner store that she loves. I emphasize choosing foods that FUEL our bodies in good ways and a healthy balance of "treats" now and again. She is the self proclaimed "BACON THIEF" (she will steal i toff your plate and eat it!)

When I finally gave up fad diets and silly things to lose weight--and I finally embraced a healthy lifestyle and had a WHY bigger than wearing a smaller size--that's when things really changed for ME. Being a healthy role model for my daughter and showing her how our bodies can be strong and do amazing things was always my #1 priority. Not skinny jeans. Not a size label. It has never been about appearance for me...and this has rubbed off on my daughter as she grows.

She participated in her first race at just 18 months old. She has always ever known me as active & healthy.

Lola recently started tumbling and she is SO passionate about it!

She asked me the other day about her muscles and being strong enough to do handstands. And flips. And backhand springs. That is what I was striving to teach her all along. I am so proud to hear her talk about the THINGS her body can do and not it's shape or size. I beam with pride when I see her choosing a healthy option because she wants to be healthy.

Last year I found this article and saved it in my bookmarks. As I revisit these thoughts today, I found it very appropriate to share with YOU. From Wellfesto:

Mid-way through a recent group exercise class, the teacher lost me.  She didn’t lose me because of some complicated step sequence or insanely long set of burpees; I mentally checked out because of a few words she kept saying over and over.  “Come on!  Get that body ready for your winter beach vacation!  Think about how you want to look at those holiday parties!  PICTURE HOW YOU’LL LOOK IN THAT DRESS!
THAT DRESS?”  My brain couldn’t focus on an image of some random dress hanging in my closet.  All I could think about was my three-year-old daughter hearing and trying to process those words.
My daughter’s little brain is making sense of the world every single second, taking in verbal and non-verbal cues about how things work and what things mean.  And when it comes to exercise, I want her to grow up seeing it as a joy, and not a utility…as a gift, and not a chore…as an opportunity, not an obligation.  I want her to do it for the love of it, not to fit into a dress.  I want her to grow up knowing that…
  1. Strength equals self-sufficiency.  Being strong – particularly as a woman – is empowering.  It will feel good someday to be able to carry your own luggage down the stairs if the airport escalator is broken, and it will be important to have a solid shot at outrunning a stranger should you meet one a dark alley.
  2. Fitness opens doors.  Being healthy and fit can help you see the world differently.  The planet looks different from a bike or a pair of skis than it does from a car or an airplane.  Out in the elements you have the time and space to notice details and meet people and remember smells and bugs and mud and rain and the feeling of warm sunshine on your face.  And those are the moments that make up your life.
  3. The bike is the new golf course.  Being fit may help you get a seat at the table.  Networking is no longer restricted to the golf course, and the stronger you are – and the more people you can hang with on the road and trail – the more people you’ll meet.
  4. Exercise is a lifestyle, not an event.  Being an active person isn’t about taking a class three times a week at the gym.  It’s about things like biking to the grocery store and parking your car in the back of the lot and walking instead of taking a cab and catching up with friends on a hiking trail instead of a bar stool.
  5. Health begets health.  Healthy behavior inspires healthy behavior.  Exercise.  Healthy eating.  Solid sleep.  Positive relationships.  These things are all related.
  6. Endorphins help you cope.  A good sweat session can clear the slate.  You will have days when nothing seems to go right…when you’re dizzy with frustration or crying in despair.  A workout can often turn things around.
  7. Working out signals hard-working.  The discipline required to work out on a regular basis signals success.  Someone recently told me they are way more likely to hire marathon runners and mountain climbers because of the level of commitment that goes into those pursuits.
  8. If you feel beautiful, you look beautiful.  Looking beautiful starts on the inside.  And being fit and strong feels beautiful.
  9. Nature rules.  And if you’re able to hike/run/bike/swim/ski/snowshoe, you can see more of it.
  10. Little eyes are always watching.  We learn from each other.  You may have a daughter—or a niece or a neighbor or a friend – one day.  And that little girl will be watching and listening to everything she you say and do.  What messages do you want her to hear?
I’ll never talk to my daughter about fitting into THAT DRESS.  But I will talk to her about what it sounds like to hear pine needles crunching under my feet and what it feels like to cross a finish line and how special it is to see the world on foot.  I will talk to her about hard work and self sufficiency.  I will teach her the joy of working out by showing her I love it.  And I’ll leave the rest up to her.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Musical Monday: Your Life Soundtrack

I have so many recaps to send your way...lots of fun stuff from Rev3 Maine with a great Rev3 Maine recap interview with local Pro Mike Caiazzo, to The Mainiac to Rev3 joining Challenge Family for 2015...

but today I'm gonna throw a little "Musical Monday" at you! While on a run the other day, I had a funny thought.

If your life was a movie, what would be your soundtrack?

I do love to listen to music while I run and there are SO many songs out there that motivate me in so many ways. Some are snippets of lyrics that are meaningful to me, at times it is just the song itself, or some crazy beat that makes me jump out of my skin (Turn Down for What?)

What would MY soundtrack look like?


We Got Together, Grease Soundtrack
I remember vividly when my Dad bought me this album. I played it 100x a day until I was a pre-teen. I attribute my affinity for spandex to the early years of life when all I wanted was a pair of skin tight pants like Olivia Newton John at the end of Grease. OBSESSED. I'd be lying if I said I can sit still when I hear this song...Im actually dancing while I type this singing it in my head.


Poison, Nothin' But a Good Time
Big hair. Tight pants. Loud music. Party time. Are we starting to see a theme here? I definitely loved Motley Crue, Poison and the hair bands of the 80's. Nothing but a good time...


Stardust, Music Sounds Better with You
Independent City Girl. Still wearing tight pants but the hair got smoother. Loved to spend my time with the European artsy/progressive types. Cafes. Snobbery. Boston, New York, Miami. Shopping on Newbury St., 5th Ave, Lincoln Road. Designer this and that. Work hard all the night away. House music was a staple. Robert Miles. Massive Attack.  Lived on very little sleep and fueled my days with coffee, cigarettes and diet coke. 


Blue October, Hate Me
(early 30's) This is when I came back to Maine, and things all started to change for me. I started to gain weight and life wasn't sunshine & roses. There was a lot of angry, dark music during those days. Lots of angry Eminem and Blue October...

Evanescence-Bring Me to Life
(mid 30's "the change") when the FIT hit the SHAN, and I embraced change, I used to listen to this song and just imagine the changes I could make. It is still such a powerful song to me that stirs up emotions of how I felt in those early days. The change was starting and I was driving down a path that would forever change my life in so many ways. In good ways. I woke up...and saved myself from the "nothing" I had become.


There are so many songs that keep me moving, smiling, working and striving for better every day. Here are a few that keep those wheels spinning...Eminem's Till I Collapse & Afraid are tops there! Right now these are two songs that I am loving for motivation to keep striving for better!! 

The Script-Hall of Fame

You can throw your hands up

You can beat the clock (yeah)
You can move a mountain
You can break rocks
You can be a master
Don't wait for luck
Dedicate yourself and you gon' find yourself

One Republic-Love Runs Out

I got my mind made up and I can't let go.
I'm killing every second 'til it saves my soul.
I'll be running, I'll be running,
'til the love runs out, 'til the love runs out.
And we'll start a fire, and we'll shut it down,
'til the love runs out, 'til the love runs out.


Let's hear YOUR soundtrack!!