Friday, September 28, 2012

CMT Awareness Month

As September comes to a close, let's take a moment to talk about CMT, Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disorder. September is CMT Awareness Month and most likely you have not heard about this nerve disease however, 1 in 2,500 Americans have CMT. 

I would like to share with you a bit about CMT and a little about someone I know with CMT

I first learned of CMT from my friend, Donna. 
Donna is a triathlete that does not let CMT stop her from living a healthy and active lifestyle. This Londonite (with ties to Maine) also has done other amazing endurance accomplishments such as century rides and the 4.4 mile Chesapeake Bay swim.  I was able to follow her adventures at the London Olympics and her participation in the US National Para-triathlon Championships. Donna writes the blog Beating Limitations and can be found tweeting positivity on Twitter most days.

How does CMT impact Donna?

- telling her body to move fast but no response
- sensitivity to cold / heat
- fatigue (some days she says she "can't do anything but stare at a white wall!")
- muscle twitching 
- foot and ankle problems
- cramping in her calves
- low power output
- weak hands / drop things lots
- running is tough!
- being slow!
- it's progressive degenerative and there's no cure, causing atrophy from our extremities inward
- it's a problem of the nerves - either myelin or axons - which causes slow transmission of signals to muscles leading to degeneration

So what is CMT?
Here is some info about this nerve disease from The Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association:


  • CMT is also known as peroneal muscular atrophy (PMA), or hereditary motor sensory neuropathy (HMSN). It is one of the most commonly inherited neurological disorders.
  • CMT was discovered in 1886 by three physicians for whom it was named; Jean-Martin Charcot, Pierre Marie, and Howard Henry Tooth.
  • CMT is usually inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern, which means if one parent has CMT there is a 50/50 chance of each child inheriting the disorder.
  • It is slowly progressive, causing deterioration of peripheral nerves, which control sensory information and muscle function of the foot/lower leg and hand/forearm.
  • Depending upon the severity and type of CMT, it may cause foot-drop walking gait, foot bone abnormalities, high arches and hammer toes, loss of muscle tissue, problems with balance, problems with hand function, occasional lower leg and forearm muscle cramping, loss of some normal reflexes, scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and sometimes, breathing difficulties.
  • Patients may lose feeling in their hands and feet putting them at risk for blisters, burns, and sores.
  • CMT has no known cure, although physical therapy, occupational therapy and moderate physical activity are beneficial.
  • It does not affect life expectancy, but can, in rare instances, cause severe disability. CMT can be detected at any age. Typically, the first signs may include leg weakness, frequent tripping and falling.
  • It can vary greatly in severity, even within the same family.
  • The CMTA was formed in 1983. Its mission is to generate the resources to find a cure, to create awareness, and to improve the quality of life for those affected by Charcot-Marie-Tooth.
  • The CMTA website is WWW.CMTAUSA.ORG.
  • The CMTA provides patient support, public education, and promotion and funding of research.
  • Mr. Patrick A. Livney serves as its Chief Executive Officer.
  • The CMTA has launched an initiative, known as the Strategy to Accelerate Research™ (STAR). STAR is designed to lead to new treatments for CMT within three to five years.
  • STAR researchers are able to replicate the disorder in the laboratory and in doing so, can begin testing new treatments that will ultimately lead to clinical trials in people. In addition, the translational science used in the research could have major implications for the treatment of a host of related genetic disorders, including Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy and ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).
  • There is a Medical Advisory Board in place, which consists of over fifty international research and medical professionals.
So now you know a little more about CMT. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Adventures in Cedar Point

...who knew Ohio could be so much fun?

I've been to (through) Ohio before, years ago when I'd drive across the the North-Eastern US to Indiana in the name of puppy-love. What do I remember about my times in the O-State? Lots of flat highway and the worst car fire I have ever witnessed on the side of said flat highway.

A couple weeks ago I got to experience a completely different side to OHIO while working with my Rev 3 peeps at the Cedar Point races. But this time there would be no driving for this girl. It was Thursday and I'd be flying from Boston right into Cleveland and then driving to Cedar Point (which will be called CP from here on out). Boarding the plane in Boston, I ran into (literally) the guy behind my favorite way to recover--Gilad from NormaTec-- and I got to chat with him for a bit and meet Dan (NormaTec Supermodel). Make sure you check out the ad in Triathlete Magazine!

I look strange because I am standing/balancing on an airport chair!
**just a little off-topic sidebar here** I have been lucky enough to travel quite a bit, especially in my 20's and I am a terrible traveler when it comes to packing. Can you say OVER KILL? Yes, I was THAT girl with the 12 bags for a long weekend in the Bahama's. Not anymore...I got through 5 days in Ohio with only my transition bag. It was the first time I flew without checking luggage!

I was especially excited to see Cleveland (from the airplane window for about 5 mins) and then meet up with the other Rev 3 peeps I would be driving with to CP. I was excited to see Lake Erie as I have not been to the Great Lakes and I could not really fathom that a lake could be like my ocean...with waves and all. It was somewhat comical driving into the CP Park because there is a small waterway/inlet and I was like "pffffst. This is NOTHING"...then we got to the other side of the park.

The not-so-big side of the lake, heading into the park

That's where it is, there IS a great big lake...

I made my way down to the race site and met up with my Rev 3 peeps! It was so nice to see all of them again and I was excited to be on the other side of the fence--working a race vs. racing.

To say that I gained a whole new level of respect and love for my Rev 3 family over the weekend is a total and absolute understatement. Everyone works so hard, works together as a team and helps whenever help is needed. I did not witness "that is not MY job" at anytime...if someone needed help, BOOM! The hours that everyone put in are pretty staggering too. My first night there we were WORKING till 1:30am...and I mean working...and it was FUN.

The whole weekend was long hours working and very few hours of sleep--something that this girl is not used to--and while it did take a toll on me following my return home, it was an amazing experience and one I cannot wait to do again.

I got to finally meet THE IRON COWBOY (aka James Lawrence) face to face. After communicating for the last two years via computer, it was great to finally meet him!! One giant highlight of my entire 5 days at CP was getting to see James at the swim exit. I yelled "GOOOO COWBOY" (I was so pumped!) and he actually stopped, turned around, came back to me, picked me up and gave me a giant wet swinging hug. It was really, really awesome!!

In case you live under a rock or don't follow triathlon, this was race #22 of 140.6 miles this season.  He has already set a world record and will complete 30 full distance triathlons this year for Quiet Way.

I also got to meet the very nice, very beautiful and very fast Kim Schwabenbauer, who turned PRO this year. Kim raced her way to a podium spot and a paycheck at CP! WOOT WOOT

Kim is also and RD and Coach and has been on MTV's Made! Check out her website at Fuel Your Passion.  
Kim, Me and Cowboy right after James' finish

Kim's Pro Poster at CP. Freaking HOT!

I also got to get ASSTASTIC with KATIE
she writes This Amazing Day and
we are both ponies in the Sonja Stable


I also got to meet Big Daddy Diesel

I got to see Kelly finish her first 140.6!!

and Shannon too!!

and another cool moment was meeting BIG SEXY.
Yeah, he's pretty sexy. We fell in love for a few minutes...

And I will finish this post right here. At my giddy girl school crush smile with Big Sexy...
because the party that was the finish line cheering in each and every single racer to 140.6 miles of awesome deserves it's own post.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Media Blitz

Last week I got to meet with the local paper, The Portland Press Herald, to chat with reporter Steve Solloway about my adventures. It was really nice to relive some of the shining moments of the last few years.

It really has been so cool! From making the Rev3 Team to being asked to be a part of an amazing project, From Fat to Finish Line-The Documentary. There is but one simple message I hope to convey to everyone; 
It is never too late to change your life for the better! 

This is the article that went online last week and I a bit disappointed when I initially read it. There were a couple errors in the article and while I was most likely hypersensitive to it, I just want to clarify a couple points. Ahhh, the media...they can be so liberal with words.

But once I saw the actual print in the paper, I have to say I was quite blown away. I certainly was not expecting to see me and my beautiful bike plastered front and center on the front page of the sports section. Who would have thought that THIS girl would grace any page in the sports page just a few years ago...

The Press Herald

September 19

Steve Solloway: Trying, trying, and now a triathlete

Jen Small cut her weight in half and plans to enter her first full triathlon next summer so she can be a role model to her daughter.

SACO — Jen Small was a party girl. A regimen of Diet Coke and cigarettes by day, and much stronger beverages, good food and more cigarettes at night.

Courtesy photo
Jen Small decided a change was a must. She was 33, her weight had soared and her habits were not good. That was five years ago. Today half of her body weight is gone, she’s competed in a half-triathlon, and is planning for a marathon and full triathlon. And most important? “I’m very happy.”

Jen Small, before and after.

She married a football player from the glory days at Biddeford High and had a good job at a medical lab. Life was fun. Her weight reached 250 pounds but she didn't hear any alarms. She wasn't listening.
That was about five years ago.
Tuesday, I walked into a pub in Saco for a lunch date with a 38-year-old, 125-pound triathlete*. A very fit blond-haired stranger sat alone in a booth with her laptop open. Jen? Jen Small?
It's difficult to downplay the transformation. She was never an athlete at Biddeford High. She tried competitive figure skating and showing horses during her middle-school years. She tried more traditional team sports. She wouldn't commit herself to any. Run? She was a self-described couch potato.
Just three years ago she cheered herself after completing a mile on a treadmill without stopping. On Sept. 1, she swam, biked and ran 32 miles* in the Revolution3 half-triathlon at Old Orchard Beach. Small finished 190th out of 444 entries and eighth out of 27 in her 35-39 age division.
Three days after the coming New Year, she'll join 11 other runners in a 200-mile Fat to Finish Line relay race from Miami to Key West, Fla. The individual stories of those who lost an average of 100 pounds will be told in a documentary film centered on the two-day relay.
She plans to enter a marathon and next summer, a full triathlon in Cedar Point, Ohio. She has picked up sponsorships through her new membership on the Revolution3 triathlon team. Her racing bike, she says with some amazement, is worth more than her car and her husband's truck.
"It's an older truck," said Small, "but you get the idea."
She has a new job as a personal trainer. "When I started, I didn't have the money for a trainer or a nutritionist or any of the support people you should have. But not all trainers have walked in my fat shoes like I did." She realizes she can be that coach and that trainer for someone else.
The former Jennifer Ouellette got religion soon after she got pregnant*. Certainly the nicotine and the alcohol had to go. "Oh, I really abused my body."
After daughter Lauren was born, Small decided she didn't want to be a fat mom. "If you're healthy and happy, you'll be a better mom and a better friend."
Small sat back and smiled more broadly. She and Casey Small have been together for more than 13 years. He was the youngest of three brothers who played for football coach Mike Landry when Biddeford was the dominant high school team in the 1980s. This summer Casey Small got religion, too. He pushed away the beer more often, talked to his wife about a training plan and started running. He did his first three miles recently. The last time he did that was in his college days at the University of Southern Maine, running around Portland's Back Cove with his hockey teammates.
Now he wants to beat his wife on the bike, which has become her strength.
"They called her the freight train (at the Rev3 competition). She was moving," said Casey Small. "But I'm coming."
Jen Small dreams about becoming a professional triathlete* although there's relatively little money in the sport. Being a role model to her daughter is more important. "I want my daughter to think she can do anything."
Small has a blog: She doesn't want mothers to think it's too difficult to compete and raise a child. She also knows her husband has stepped in to care for Lauren when mommy is away from home training or competing.
"I think it's awesome what she's done in the last two years," said Casey Small. "It doesn't surprise me. She's always been very strong-hearted. You can't tell her she can't do something."
Jen Small knows she's changed. She doesn't hide her so-called fat photos. She wants people to see where she's been and where's she's going. She also knows this:
"No camera can go inside me and take a picture of what really changed. I'm very happy."

So yeah, it is a very nice article but I want to clear up a few things:

1- I do not weigh 125lbs. I never said I weigh 125lbs. I guess the writer took a little creative license there because we never talked weight. I weigh 145lbs and I am proud of that. I was 262 at my heaviest recorded weight. 

2-A "half-triathlon" is not 32 miles, it is 70.3 miles. A 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile bike ride and a 13.1 mile run. Every mile counts! And Rev 3 Maine was on August 26th.

3-I quit smoking and drinking before I was pregnant. The idea of getting pregnant is what motivated me to get healthy in the first place. I wanted to be smoke free for a year before getting pregnant. It happened a little faster than planned but I had a solid 6 months of smoke free and alcohol free living before I was pregnant. It was always my goal to be a healthy Mom so I could be a role model for my child. 

4-I DO NOT DREAM OF GOING PRO. My dream is to be able to make enough money to be able to continue to live my dreams by helping others reach their own goals through personal training and coaching. I enjoy racing but I do not have the talent to go pro! That actually made me laugh a bit. 


On Saturday I found out that my friend, fellow blogger and From Fat to Finish Line team mate, Jen was featured in Health magazine!

Photo: Pick up the October issue of Health magazine and read about our own Jennifer Roe. Runner #7 and Producer of the film!

 How fabulous is this picture??

...and there it was! I was in the article too!!

Health got all the facts right too!!
Guess you will have to go check out this months issue of Health to read about Jen and me! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

It's about CANCER

A couple days ago, Ulman Cancer Fund and Rev 3 made the announcement that Lance Armstrong would be   participating in the HalfFull triathlon in Columbia MD on 10/7/12.

By now we are sure that you have heard that Lance Armstrong will be participating as a survivor in the Half Full Triathlon on October 7th. It's important to know that 100% of the entry fees go directly to The Ulman Cancer Fund. Our goal in being involved with this event has been and will continue to be, to raise funds and awareness for young adults battling cancer! It is our feeling that adding Lance to the field only helps to accomplish that goal.

To say that this has created a bit of controversy is an understatement and the things that have been posted on Twitter and Slowtwitch are pretty intense--on both sides of the fence.

The thing that people are not seeing here is that this is not about Lance Armstrong. This is not about racing. This is about raising money for a charity that helps young people with cancer. I hope that you never have to use the services of Ulman Cancer Fund or Livestrong but if you do, know that they are there to help you. And at the end of the day this is what it is all about. HELPING PEOPLE.

But here are some facts to ponder:
-Rev3 makes NO money from the HalfFull Tri. UCF is the charity that Rev3 supports. This year, much of the Rev3 staff and team ran across America in an effort to raise money for UCF.
-Lance is a participant in a charity event, he is not racing. He will be a part of the cancer survivor wave. He is not there as a profession athlete. He is there to lend support to Ulman Cancer Fund.
-Lance is not accepting any kind of "appearance fee"

“This race is a great example of what cancer survivorship is all about – not just surviving this disease, but truly living life on your own terms. My Foundation is proud to support the Ulman Cancer Fund and the great work they’re doing on behalf of young adult cancer survivors.” ~ Lance Armstrong

“Half Full has always been about raising awareness and resources to support our programs in the young adult cancer fight,” said Ulman Cancer Fund COO and Half Full Race Director Brian Satola. “We thank Lance and the rest of our athletes for supporting an event that will enable us to change countless lives.”

I love what my team mate Alexander had to say about this:

I couldn't be prouder to say I am a Team Rev3 Triathlon Member ...especially after the announcement today about allowing Lance to race...
My feelings about Lance Armstrong don't matter. What matters are the kids in this world who battle cancer. Everyone, pick your BATTLES (pun intended) wisely. 
Thank you REVOLUTION3 Triathlon (REV3TRI) for making a decision, although controversial, to help people beyond the sport of triathlon. At the end of the day, who really cares if Lance raced or didn't race; ultimately so much more funds will be raised and publicity gained for such an amazing cause, the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.

And I will close this post with a quote directly from Charlie, the man behind Rev3:

Take sport out of this.  This is about young adults fighting cancer.  The PR generated today has brought Ulman a level of exposure that is significant.  If this is able to help just one more person fighting cancer, then i'm for it.  Sometimes my business, Rev3 is about people and not about triathlon. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Catching up

Wow, it has been a crazy couple of weeks and I am so behind on blogging! What I can tell you is that life has been fantastically crazy and I have so much to share too--my Rev 3 Maine race report, my adventures working for Rev3 at Cedar Point plus some other cool stuff. So much awesome to pack into a couple blog posts!

I am now in full-fledged marathon training (5 weeks! eek) and it is nice to be switching gears a bit. I had to take off a late season triathlon because of family stuff aka Lola's 4th birthday AND her first day at pre-school! 

I want to extent a huge thank you to each and every one of you who pledged support From Fat to Finish Line on Kickstarter. Our initial efforts to raise funds for the film fell short so the $11,000 pledged was returned to supporters. But we are fighters and we are not going to stop at the first road block! So we are starting over at $0 and have a new fundraising effort underway. 

Check out the Indiegogo site!

There are still great rewards to claim like DVD's of the film, custom medals and more! Please, help us make this happen. I know that we can inspire others on their own journey to finding HEALTH and HAPPINESS!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

VLOG: Rev 3 Adventure Race

You did get a chance to read about the Rev3 Pre-show, right?
Well, I have more pre-show leading up to the Maine Event (which is the race report).

Saturday morning was a little crazy and I found myself running around more than I had hoped. 
I had so many friends visiting and I really wanted to just hang out with each of them but there was just not enough hours in the day to do everything I wanted to.

The afternoon was going to be jam packed with stuff at the Rev3 race site and Lola would be doing her first Rev 3 Kids Adventure Race and I was pretty stoked.

Here's my attempt to get Lola to talk about the race but she had other ideas (as usual). 

So here are some pics from the race (courtesy of Scott at Train Fat Boy Train
Make sure you check out his version of events race report!

Now Scott seems to think that Lola is trying to cheat here by getting an "edge" on the other racers.  

Scott's POV: You can see in this picture Jen's child already trying to get an advantage over everyone else by starting over the line. 

Clearly, this is not the case. She is simply stretching her hamstring out before her rocket like take off at "GO". I mean, really...she's the smallest one there!! 

Again, Scott claims this occurred: My child..the law abiding one..showing Jen's daughter where her feet should be. Also note how seriously Kristien and Jen are mapping out their path to victory.

It's obvious that Laila noticed that Lola was lucky #19 and her Dad was red green with envy. 

In the end, all of the kids won because it was FUN. But here are the First, Second and Third Place Teams. 

It was all about TEAM WORK!! 
and as a team
we smoked everyone else by a lot of minutes...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Googled What?

Saturday was a pretty cool day...then things got hot. Really hot!

I got in my early morning training session and then I hit up the track with Hubby for his training session (that's another post all together!) and then we came home to prepare a healthy meal loaded with stuff from our home garden.

Right now we are sitting on a ton of peppers (remember this post) and tomatoes so dinner was going to be veggie rice with giant salads.

Hubby gets busy chopping up the peppers-fresh jalapeno and bell peppers-for the rice and I was tending to Lola. Then I hear him screaming for help and see him rush into the bathroom, to the bathroom sick with a towel in his hand.

My first thought, of course, is that he cut his hand or finger while chopping the peppers.

No. That was not it. Not even close...

Do you know what happens when you are cutting up jalapeno peppers and then touch your nether regions??

This is a picture of some FIREBALLS.
Let's just say that this is a very appropriate term for what we were dealing with.
Hubby is hurting, really hurting and I tell him to get in the shower and wash the effected area.

This provided no relief and he was literally begging me for help. I have never had FIREBALLS before so I did not know what to suggest. I know that I like to eat hot food and that sour cream or milk usually help but would milk products help with the Twig 'n Berries too?

I told him to "hang tight" and I'd go Google it.
Yes, Google.

I Googled "I touched a jalapeno pepper and then touched my penis. How do I stop the burning?" and I got a plethora of results. I was having quite an enjoyable time reading some of the situations and suggestions that popped up but I needed to tend to the problem at hand.

Suggestion #1: MILK

Now, Hubby agreed to let me blog about this but he insisted on NO PICTURES. I did bring my phone with me (great Instagram moment, right?) but he was pretty firm on his NO.

Lola is the only one in the house who drinks cow milk so we had a bit left of a quart sized container. Suboptimal for the situation at hand so I created a replenishing milk waterfall to try and neutralize the pepper oils smothering Jim and the Twins. Picture this, a grown man standing nude in the shower while I pour milk from a cup over his junk, into a "catch basin" below and then repeating this process over and over. All the while I am trying to keep Lola occupied elsewhere in the house, this was something she did not need to see!  All the while, I am trying to control my laughter and not doing a very good job at it.

While the ice cold milk from the fridge provided some relief (he said it was a cold at the Atlantic ocean), he did not get much pain relief from the Milk Method. Hubby said enough and asked that we try something else.
Onto the next suggestion, which was Calamine lotion.

Suggestion #2: Calamine Lotion

We don't have any so I call his Mom, who lives next door. No answer, which means she is on the phone. NEXT. I was really looking forward to her calling me back...

After reading some more Google suggestions and tricks, I discovered that you need to give the Milk Method enough time to actually break down the capsicum and neutralize it.

I then had an idea.

My Suggestion #3: Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is thick and would cover more area than the milk waterfall method. By this point, the Hubby was up for anything so I slathered Admiral Winky and his two soldiers up with some plain Greek yogurt. He then set up camp in his office, spread out on the couch on a giant beach towel while I kept Lola busy. Now she is getting very curious as to what is going on!

Not much time had passed and Hubby cried Uncle on the Greek Yogurt method, calling this one a failure.

Suggestion #4: Rubbing Alcohol

So it was back into the shower to clean off the yogurt and then apply a generous amount of rubbing alcohol to the Unit. Finally, he got some relief from the burning. Within minutes, the pain was at a tolerable level.

He had also touched his face and nose and was having some burning there so he applied the rubbing alcohol to that area too! Another success.

Now, please note that Hubby washed his hands thoroughly after cutting the jalapeno peppers! So when you read these warnings about wearing gloves when cutting hot might want to listen.

While this incident provided us with some fun entertainment for the evening (well, maybe I was the only one entertained) it is not something I suggest you try at home.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rev3Maine Awesomeness (and a winner)

I don't even know where to start on the chonicle that is Rev3Maine Weekend!

Wednesday night I went down to the race site to get in a swim and several of the Rev3 peeps had arrived and I was getting SOO psyched for the weekend. This race has been on my calendar since last fall when they announced it and it was finally HERE!

Thursday morning while out on my ride, I hit up the bike course for a final ride and the big Rev3 trucks had arrived! WOO HOOO More excitement. I got to chat with a couple Rev3 friends and knew I'd have to bring Lola right down to see her favorite Rev3'er, the beautiful and fabulous Laura!

Thursday when I got to finally pick up the friends arriving at the airport--but there was a small twist to the plan. Mama Bear herself needed a ride to the race site from the airport and I was happy to provide transportation!!

Jason and Scott did not get in for quite a bit so Carole made sure to make good use of the time by teaching Lola some karate.

Scott and his family, Kristine and Laila all arrived safely and then it was Jason's turn. One more Rev3'er needing help, Pat (could listen to that brogue all day long!). With the help of my friend/training partner/coaching-guinea-pig, Marc everyone was well taken care of and made it to the  places they needed to be!

Friday was promising to be a full day so it was time to get home and get to bed!

The first order of business was to get out to the Rev3 swim site and introduce Jason to (not-so) cold Atlantic ocean water. While the rest of us marvelled at how nice the water temps were, Jason was a tad cold but manned-up quite well and was swimming just fine.

At the swim I got to meet up with another team mate I have been dying to meet, Joshua. Who, in my opinion is just freaking awesome sauce. Not just as an athlete (congrats on London!!) but just an all around decent human being who has overcome his own obstacles in life and is living healthy now.

This is team mates Kristen and Joshua on race morning,
picture lovingly hijacked from Facebook :)

So Friday brought more fun at the Rev3 site, getting to see my team mates, friends and just enjoying hanging with some really cool people.

And speaking of cool people, two new cool people rolled into my life this weekend too.
Jen and Angela.
Jen is a fellow blogger and we have been in contact via social media for at least a year or a year and a half. Jen is the gal who invited me to be a part of the From Fat to Finish Line film and the Ragnar Relay team in the first place. Jen is also the Executive VP of Program Development at Media Meld Studios and Angela is the President of Media Meld, the company producing the documentary.

They were able to schedule a visit to Maine to get some footage of the Rev3 Maine race and start getting some back story on my journey (more on that later).

The best part of their visit is Jason had NO IDEA that Jen was coming to Maine for the weekend. They have gotten to know one another through this lovely little thing called social media as well.

I also got to experience THIS awesome bomb!!

with Jason (me) Heather and MATTYOOOOOO!
I seriously don't think I could have been more delighted to spend time with such awesome people. My energy was on EXPLODE and I was SOOO ready to race!!

Dinner was a crew of us at Jimmy The Greeks

Thanks to all who commented on the Caption Contest!

The winning caption is:

"Um, Mommy? I think you need to add shower to that awesome training plan from Coach Sonja!"

Wendy Nitschke please email me at jsmall14(at) and I will get you hooked up with some Foggle and TriSlide!!