Sunday, July 31, 2011

Last Call for GU Giveaway!

Today is the last day to enter my GU-tastic Giveaway!!

I'll be back tomorrow to annouce the winner
tell you all about spending the day with IronMANdy at Tri for a Cure.
warning: it's awesome!
my response to Jason's post about taxes on soda
(great post here too!)
other fabulous stuff-including some fun bike stuff!!

Rock on and Happy Training!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

YOUR thoughts...

My last post was about some random thoughts I was having about Timberman.

Now-I am asking for YOUR thoughts!

For those of you who have done 1 or 1000 half iron distance (70.3) races, what do you want to say? what advice can you share? Tips? What did you wish you knew going into your first race?
Anything you have to share is welcome.

Even those of you who have never run a mile, done a triathlon or any kind of race, whatever!
I would still love to hear from you too!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It's getting closer and closer to Timberman 70.3
just a bit over 3 weeks
25 days
I am excited, nervous and ready for this.
Some nights I lay awake thinking about the swim or planning out the bike course in my head. I think about the run and debate over using my Nathan fuel belt vs. the *new* hydration toy. Am I going to wear club colors or a Tough Chik tri top for the race. Going over the minutia of each and every detail.
Have I trained enough?
I feel ready.
I am going to be smart on the course.
In the words of EMZ
I've Freaking Got This.
That'll run thru my head many times come August 21st.

This is the last hard week of training and then things taper out. Today is an active recovery day and I am taking my butt down to the beach to swim. and swim. and swim. and swim some more.

2500 yards today
and then a swim/bike brick tomorrow.
Final race simulation this weekend followed by a 14 mile run the next day.

Yesterday was a speedwork session that I had to take to the treadmill
warm up then 3x15 mins in Zone 4-5 with 2 mins recovery then cooldown
8+ miles with an average pace of 7:55
It was hard but I thought a lot about this journey and how far I have come in just a few short years.
It actually gave me CHILLS even while I was running so hard.
and to think, this is just the START of things to come.

I sat there looking at some old fat pictures of me this morning. I remember how sad and empty that lost little girl was -it just makes me thankful that I have struggled. That I felt that low. That I was that miserable.

Without that I could not truly appreciate the journey, TODAY and how wonderful life really is.

No matter what my future may hold I know I am strong. I know I am capable. I know I am worthy.

What would you say to YOURSELF if you could go back just five short years?
Did you enter my GU-tastic GU Giveaway??

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Running Hot & A Giveaway

I survived my run yesterday in this hot hotness-actually, it was not THAT bad. I was expecting it to be horrible but...with some smart planning and listening to my body it actually turned out to be a good run. I ran with a friend on the Eastern Trail, which is flat and partially shaded. We just kept the pace slow (avg pace for the 10+ miles was 10:13), kept very well hydrated and take walk breaks as needed. 10.2 miles, humid and happy!!

The bugs were INSANE!! I mean really really bad -- I was loaded down in bug spray and they were still getting me. We had this halo of deer flies around our heads for the first 1.6 miles that we just could not shake. I use a non-DEET bug spray and apparently, what I am using is not quite strong enough to keep 'em at bay.

My *new hydration toy* was a HUGE success!! Love LOVE Love was perfect for yesterday. Comfy, it holds lots of water and did I mention comfy?? I can't wait to share more about this with everyone!

I felt really amazing the last 5 miles of the run and I could have gone for several miles more. After a very awful week of running, I am very happy to have felt so good on the hottest day of the year.

I can say I never have experienced sweat like this on any other run in memory. I was soaked. Dripping. Drenched. And it was not like I got to run into the water after....My hat was dripping huge drops of water. My shorts looked like I had just gone swimming. The last 2 miles my shoes felt like I was running in puddles. I wear a wrist band under my Garmin and when I took my Garmin off to take the wrist band off, I was literally able to squeeze out a couple tablespoon of sweat! Then when we got back to the cars, I was able to do the very same thing with my socks. GROSS but it was pretty funny.
Really--never have been quite that sweaty!!

*note* No, it was not salty sweat. It was just wet sweat. I actually did not have the usual salty streaks on my shorts so that tells me my electrolytes were good too!

Today is supposed to be more of the same-very hot and very humid-and the weather advisory is in effect for today as well. I have a swim to bike on the schedule this morning and will be getting that done early.

Make sure you enter my GU GIVEAWAY!!
What's up folks? I cannot believe there are so few entries for this!!

GU Rocks!! 

Stay safe and Happy Training.

Friday, July 22, 2011

FTW Friday!

My run is winning today!

Right now at 4am it is 82* and the humidity is tangible. I am doing a 10-12 mile run in a little bit.
There is a heat advisory in effect until 8pm tonight as temps will near 100* and the humidity will surely kill us all. I am certainly expecting a stellar run this morning.

Yeah, bringing my new *hydration toy* with me for it's maiden voyage. I think today is a perfect day to try it out. More about this coming up

More Winning!!
Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler-only 95* so I think it's a perfect day for the swim/bike brick scheduled. I wonder if I set my trainer up in the pond or in the ocean if that would count??

I hope that everyone is training safe in this heat-I know MAINE is not the only place where it is hot hot hot.

Isn't it hot like this in Texas and Arizona all the time??? Yikes...

You could win--


or Chasing Atalanta's Allied Steel Giveaway
(but don't enter that-I really really need a medal display!)

Alright-time to go run. Should be interesting.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

GU Giveaway & Other Stuff

Did you enter my big GU Giveaway??
What are you waiting for-go on and enter!!


THIS weekend Mandy (aka Caratunk Girl) will be in Lake Placid completing 140.6 miles of amazing. Feel free to stalk her like I will be doing-Go to -- she is bib #312. I will also be stalking a couple tri club members who are completing this race this weekend as well!

Best wishes Mandy, Meg and Jeff!!

This weekend I am planning a redemption brick considering the epic fail that was Monday's training session. I know all the elements that went into creating a fail of a run and I am hoping to fix that and have a GOOD one on Sunday.

Next weekend is Tri for a Cure-last year I volunteered at the event and really enjoyed it. This year I will be working with Mandy (soon to be IronMandy) and SBR Sports, the makers of Tri-Slide and Foggle at the SBR Tri-Pit! I am super excited to be hanging out with Mandy, pimping out some of my favorite tri accessories and cheering on the Tri for a Cure Athletes!

Next weekend is also a pretty big training weekend. My second race simulation on Saturday (1.2 mile swim/50 mile bike/6 mile run) and then on Sunday it's a 14 mile run. I'm not sure what time Mandy and I are going to start on Sunday so I am going to try and sneak in the 14-miler at some point!

Happy Thursday!! I'm off to swim now...

2nd buoy at Kennebunk Beach at last week's Sprint Night

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Roc(tane)-You can too!

I have been a big fan of GU Energy Labs for quite some time and just this year started using GU's Roctane as part of my training nutrition plan while training for my first half Ironman.

My bowl of GU LOVE

Now I am sure you are wondering what is the difference between regular GU gel and GU Roctane right?

Well, I think this excerpt from GU's website explains it very well:

Let’s paint a picture here – you’ve been training and racing for years now. You’ve got general endurance nutrition nailed and you know what power intervals do for you. You stay away from junk food unless it’s after an Ironman in which case you may consume a truckload. Bricks have become fun and you’ve rationalized a training schedule that should get you committed to an asylum, or therapy, or both. And you know what wires get crossed in your brain after 10 hours in the saddle or on the trail, and what the effects are on those around you – or the voices you hear from imaginary people… So where do you go from here?

We created the first gel in the early 90‘s and hopefully that has helped you progress in your racing career. But at this point you’ve got all the low hanging endurance nutrition fruit picked which means that recovery, both during and after the effort, is likely your critical training and racing challenge. Recovery after a workout or race may be coming along nicely. But how about active recovery during the race or workout? That’s a lot tougher to get right. That’s why we took the original GU Energy Gel and cranked the dial on all the good stuff, especially what you need to recover en route.

OKG is an amino acid complex that inhibits the body’s tendency to break down muscle fiber while also inhibiting tissue damage. This is critical when training and racing for multiple hours. In ultra-distance events, delaying fatigue is the name of the game. So that’s why OKG is in Roctane. You’ll also find histidine which slows down the nasty effects of acid build up in the muscles. Oh, and there’s a ton of other ingredients to help with ultra distance events:

More branch chain amino acids – limits production of serotonin to lessen fatigue and increase mental focus.

•More citrates – speeds the conversion of carbs into energy. That’s really good at hour 8.

So less fatigue, delayed acid build up, more focus, faster energy conversion, and delayed muscle tissue breakdown – all things that make a difference in ultra endurance events. If you are doing shorter, less severe efforts there are other gels and chewables in the GU lineup to support your goals, namely the original Energy Gel and Chomps. But if you are going long, go with Roctane.

I have to say that training for a half-iron distance has been so much fun and I have been using Roctane the entire time and I have yet to have a bad workout...until yesterday.

While sitting there trying to analyze what went WRONG with yesterday's brick, it hit me.
It was the first time I was doing a workout longer than 90 minutes that I did not use Roctane. SERIOUSLY!!

I used another gel product that I had on hand in my bike pack as I forgot to grab some GU Roctane heading out the door. Remember that GI pain, bloated feeling I had during yesterday's run? Ummmm, yup. Epic fail.

Lesson Learned.
GU recently launched a new Roctane flavor-Chocolate Raspberry.

I have been using Cherry Lime (definitely my favorite!), Blueberry Pomegranate (very good!) and Pineapple (awesome!) so when I got the Chocolate Raspberry flavor I was a little unsure. I did not think I would be a fan of a chocolate flavored gel-I know that when it is 90* and humid, I'm working hard and needing a boost, a sticky sweet chocolate flavor is the last thing I want. BUT, I was actually surprised at how good the Chocolate Raspberry was! Not toooo sweet with a refreshing berry flavor--it reminded me of my favorite truffles!

I have even tossed a couple in the freezer for a bit before heading out on hot days-and by the time I am Re-Roc'ing they are nice and cool. A great treat while out on a hot day.

So I am going to keep rockin' the Roctane and training hard for Timberman! The super awesome folks at Outside PR want you to Roctane too so they will hook one lucky Miles Muscles & Mommyhood reader with their own GU package.
How do you enter to win this fabulous GU Energy Labs package?

You MUST be a follower of my blog. Not a follower? Easy-just click the FOLLOW button to the right side of the screen. Once you have done that you can enter several ways.
Please leave a seperate comment for each entry.

1) Check out the GU Energy Labs website -  tell me how you are fueling your long workouts and how would GU Roctane help you? What Roctane flavor would you most like to try? What other GU product do you find intriguing?

2) Like GU Energy Labs on Facebook.

3) Follow GU Energy Labs on Twitter! Tweet about this contest and please include @milesmusclesmom and @GUEnergyLabs in your tweet.

4) Spread the word about this giveaway! Link on your blog, share on Facebook, etc.

5) Tell me your worst BONK story!!

I will accept entries for this contest until Sunday, July 31st at midnight. One random winner will be selected and announced shortly after that date.


The GU products review on my blog were given to me. All opinions expressed here are my own and were not influenced in any way, shape or from by GU Energy Labs or Outside PR.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Well, THAT sucked...

  First, thank you to all of you who commented on my venting post. While it has been a trying few weeks, it is good to know that I am no alone in my struggle to balance it all. I think some productive conversations took place over the weekend and things are on the upswing when it comes to my training schedule. It just sucks that it is even an issue at times...but to be fair, there are two sides to every story and I can see how some days it does certainly distract from family time. Plus, if you don't "get it" (aka-the whole triathlon thing) it can be hard to understand the drive and commitment to such a crazy training schedule.
Wonder what kind of life drama a full Ironman schedule will create!!??

Moving on...
Today's brick was...interesting to say the least. Pretty simple as written-
2 hour bike on flat to gentle rolling terrain with a focus on pedal technique, cadence and nutrition/hydration.
1 hour run at 1/2 marathon pace (8:45).

The bike was awesome!!! I have a little 10 mile loop around my 'hood which is perfect. Mostly flat with some gentle hills, some easy gradual climbs so I rode this x 4. The first loop my legs certainly felt tired but by the second loop I had my groove and was smiling. During this ride I wondered when I fell in love with cycling. I am really, really enjoying it! I had my Garmin on to watch HR and lapped it each loop to compare.

40.12 mi 02:04 19.4mph pace

Lap 1 31:51 10.13 mile
Lap 2 30:55 9.96 miles
Lap 3 30:11 10.0 miles
Lap 4 30:51 10.04 miles
It certainly is not "scientific" since I hit lap at roughly the same spot each time and lap one includes the distance from my driveway to the oh-so-official "STOP SIGN" that was my marker!

Then the run. Oh...the run. Never, ever in my time running did I ever quite feel like THIS on a run. I hurt. My legs hurt. My HR was high. I was hot. I was sweating. I was covered in salt. My legs were tired. I felt like I was crawling but I would check the Garmin and see 8:40's for pace for the first mile. I always feel MARVELOUS off the bike. NEVER like this!! Then I slowed to the 9's to get the HR down (I was in the mid 160's) and try to acclimate. Yes, it was very humid but not super hot (84*)--even though they were calling for high 90's today. Then around mile 2 my tummy started feeling funny...all bloated and a little cramping. I sipped some cool water, slowed to a walk and tried to gather myself. I was frustrated at how I felt only two miles into this workout. I still had a way to go!
I finally got the HR down to the 140's -- finally by 3.5 miles I was feeling much better and found my groove. Not sure what went wrong today but you can bet I will be analyzing the whole workout to find out.
All said and done it was 5.04 miles in 49 minutes of hell.
Was it a recovery issue? hydration? nutrition? Did I push too hard on the bike?
Not sure yet...but I do know. That run SUCKED>
and I'll do it all again on Thursday (but only 1 hour bike/2 hour run).
Happy Monday.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

You just don't "get it"

Ugggh. Time to vent.

The same battle, a different day.

"how long will you be gone?"
"I have a 40 mile ride with a 5 mile run"
"how long will you be gone?"
"I need to swim a mile and then bike 55"
"how long will you be gone?"
"I have a 2 hour run"
"how long will you be gone?"
"I'm going to Lake Winnipesauke for the day to ride and swim. I'm leaving at 5 am and I'll be back by dinner"
"how long will you be gone?"
"I have a race simulation-about 5 hours"
Yes, training is in full effect and I am loving it.
I read a blog post today by Mary: IronMatron and it made me think.
(go read it and come back)
Am I being selfish/self centered about this?
Am I putting MY own personal needs ahead of my family?
But my husband seems to think so and my training schedule has been the crux of each and every single complaint he has for the last several weeks.
Something went wrong with the car? Must be Jen's training schedule.
The economy sucks? Jen's training schedule.
It's 99* and humid as heck? Yup, that dang training schedule again.
The steak is over cooked? Hmmm, Jen was training too long.
Let's have a little refresher course here.
2.5 years ago I fat. miserable. empty. void.
2.5 years ago I made a decision to chance.
2.5 years ago I could not fathom a sprint triathlon, never mind Timberman.
I have spent the last 2.5 years losing the fat and losing the miserable. I have grown into a strong, confidant woman-Timberman, my first 70.3, is the culmination of that hard work.
And it won't end there as I see this as the BEGINNING>
"I think people's passions often mask deep personal issues they are trying to bury or destroy"
Am I doing Timberman to prove something to myself? You bet you I am.
I am destroying that fat, insecure girl who did not believe in herself enough to stand up for what she wants.
I am proving to MYSELF that I am strong-mentally and physically-and that I can ENDURE.
I am pursuing a passion with wild abandon.
I am saying GO FOR IT. Live. Chase that rainbow.
Do what makes you happy girl because there are no second chances and there is no re-do button.

So, how about a little more support here Mr Husband?
Can we look outside the box and look at the BIGGER picture?
This is not about a 2 hour run or a 4 hour bike ride.
How about seeing that this race is a giant personal achievement for me?
How about seeing how happy I am and that triathlon has brought nothing but GOOD to my life?
So you are a training widow for a few more weeks-so what!
I am a football, hockey, baseball, golf, beer drinking widow year round for many, many years and it's about time I did something for ME!!
And I won't make a single apology for it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hello Timberman!

Has it been almost two weeks since my last blog post??
Wow...looks like summer -and my training schedule- have been taking up lots of my time!

It's been an amazing couple of weeks-I have had lots of family visiting from all over and of course, this means LOTS of time at the beach.  Training has been going remarkably well too. With only 5 weeks until Timberman 70.3, I decided to take a trip out to Lake Winnipesauke and ride the Timberman bike course. I was really nervous about this as I have heard "horror stories" about all the climbing on this course.

When we arrived at Ellacoya State Park (where all the Timberman action starts), I was taken aback at just how beautiful the area is. All the nerves seemed to settle into pure joy and excitement of what is to come! We took a drive around the lake to check things out and I could see the mile markers on the ground as part of the run course. The views were just amazing!

The plan was to swim and then tackle the bike course but since Ellacoya State Park did not open until 9am, we decided to bike first and then swim.

Add caption

I went into the bike with a plan to ride at a very conservative pace and to just enjoy the day. One experienced triathlete friend told me that the first 16 miles is pretty rough and the last 16 miles is even rougher when it came to the hills. I had also heard that the course was amazing-challenging-but beautiful (it was!) and to just take it easy on the climb and attack the downs.

The first thing that came to mind as we set out for the ride was how beautiful the area was and how lucky I felt that THIS course was going to be my first 70.3! I kept in mind to remember the beauty of this moment when I was in the hurt locker come race day and to focus on the majestic views should that hurt come on race day.

The bike course was not nearly as "bad" as I had heard. There was lots of climbing for the first 1/4 of the course-some long, steep climbs but nothing terrifying and there was some more climbing on the return. I really, really enjoyed the ride. My nutrition and hydration were on point. Granted, we only averaged in the 17's for this ride. The weather was great-hot (88*) and lots of wind. Some of the downhills were actually significantly slowed due to the winds but there were also some fun downhill rides where we were riding in the 40's (weeeee!).

After the ride, we ventured into the park and swam for a while. The chop of the water on this windy day certainly comparable to the ocean! But the water was beautiful and refreshing and we enjoyed it. Then we sacked out on the beach to soak in the sun for a bit and finished off our afternoon at a stop at Sawyer's Dairy Bar to scarf down some cheeseburgers, fries, onion rings and ice cream! I was certainly happy that my training partner, Marc spotted this little gem of a place on the return trip. Yummmm-

Oh and guess what??

Yup!! Chrissy will be there!