Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cowgirl Sings!

Yesterday I spent the day in a classroom learning about the principles of healthy living. While in class, Lola got to spend the day with my parents. I am lucky enough to enjoy the shenanigans of my girl on a daily basis however, she put on quite the performance yesterday!! Thank goodness for video cameras or I would have missed this one!

My Mom was looking through some old photo albums with Lola and they came across some pictures of me from my younger days. My Mom was a horse trainer for most of my young life and I grew up around horses, riding horses and showing. I actually think I was younger than Lola when I started riding. Apparently, seeing me as a little girl and wearing a cowboy hat inspired Lola to want to wear her own hat. My Mom-being the ball of fun that she is-pulled out one of her own hats for Lola to wear.

This is what you get when you mix a piano, Lola and a cowboy hat

This is Lola's own creation. I have NO IDEA where she got the inspiration for this song but it's hilarious!! When I returned from "school", my parents played this video they captured and I was laughing so hard I was crying!!!
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 
SO here's to all those farmers out there working hard all day LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!

I am wondering if I can get Lola to sing a version of this song about my REV 3 Team members who are out there running all day long???

Make sure you check out the Rev 3 Fundraising raffles going on too!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Many Miles to GO!

When I applied to be on the Rev 3 Team early this fall, I knew I'd be joining a bunch of amazing folks if I made the team...I did not know just how awesome it would be.
The Rev 3 Family started their Run Across America at midnight on March 26th--From California to Washington, DC.
21 Days
3,080 miles

Check out this video from the start of the run!

REV3 RAA Oceanside with Brian from REVOLUTION3 Triathlon on Vimeo.

Here are some pictures from their journey so far!

The RAA "Transition"

Brock Yetso absorbing the morning sun.
Wow...this photo speaks

One of my favorites so far! Carole "Mama Bear" Sharpless in action!

Running with Kelsey

From the Rev 3 Blog-running with Survivor Kelsey!!

Running through the night in the rainy mountains while the sun rose, and now running in the desert while the sun sets has been a serene and rewarding experience. I am so grateful to be part of Rev3′s Run Across America.
I’m running to bring awareness to the Ulman Cancer Fund. I think Rev3′s commitment to supporting and fundraising for the cause is inspirational. They have enabled me to push myself to run longer, harder, and more often.
I’ve become personally involved with UCF through Team Fight because I love everything the foundation stands for. I had skin cancer when I was 16 and didnt reach out to anyone for support. It would have been nice to know that others have gone through what I was going through. I am proud to say that my newly found love of running and involvement in UCF may help change someones cancer experience.
So I run for all those, friends and strangers, that are going through treatment. My next run is for you.

You can view more of pictures here.

Let's support Ulman Cancer Fund and all of those fighting!!
Remember, for every TWO DOLLARS you donate, you earn an entry to my giveaway!!
It is only $2, can you forgo a cup of Dunkin' Donuts this week? I can, no DD for me this week and all the money I would spend on coffee is going into the UCF!

Also, you could win 3 months of FREE COACHING!! Check it out :)

My Life as a TriMommy-3 months of Coaching!!

If you can't help with a donation, please help spread the word about Run Across America. Tweet, share on Facebook, talk about it on your blogs!

Thank you and KEEP RUNNING Rev 3!!

Wordle(ss) Wednesday

Last weeks blogging summed up into one wordle
Hence, Wordle(ss) Wednesday!!
so funny....

I want to know why 
is not bigger....

Friday, March 23, 2012

I've Got the Power(Bar)

Super Stoked.
PowerBar is now a sponsor for Rev 3!!

PowerBar Store
In the US, major nutrition sponsorship deals continue to shake up as Revolution3 Triathlon announces that PowerBar has signed on to be the official energy gel and sports nutrition bar sponsor for the 2012 Rev3 season. Through this new partnership, PowerBar will provide on course sports nutrition at all ten of the Rev3 2012 season races, and will directly support the Rev3 Pro and Age Group teams. 

“In staying close to the triathlon community we’ve heard nothing but great things about the Rev3 series, specifically the athlete-centric and interactive experience it offers overall for both racers and their spectator family and friends,” said PowerBar Sports Marketing Manager David Paterson. “At PowerBar, in addition to providing the right sports nutrition products to help athletes push their limits, simply put we also want to support where the athletes want to be. It was an easy decision to officially team up with Rev3 this year.”
“We couldn’t be happier to welcome PowerBar to the Rev3 family,” said Charlie Patten, President of Rev3 Tri. “Their decades-long dedication to performance mirrors our dedication to the sport of triathlon. Having PowerBar products at our races and PowerBar support on course will really take us to the next level.”

While I have tried random Powerbar products in the past, I was never a regular user so getting to try out all kinds of new things over the last several weeks has been fun (and a little dangerous).

These Triple Threat Energy bars!
Triple Threat- Chocolate Caramel Fusion- Box of 15
so good they are like candy/cookies/treats all wrapped up into one.
I have to hide these or else... I could eat the entire case!

Performance - Oatmeal Raisin - Box of 12

My favorite trick?
Take one of these Oatmeal Raisin Performance Energy bars,
shove it in my cycling jersey and let it get all hot. Just like warm cookies out of the oven!! FOR REAL!!
What a lovely treat to fuel with this during a long training session.

I am not a fan of a super sweet gel.
I have been using these

Gel - Tangerine - Box of 24

Nice flavor and great consistency. They are not thick and so easy to get down. As a user of GU gels for a long time, this was a big change for me but a happy change, I'm loving the thinner gel and the flavors!!

Wednesday's TrackTasticness was probably due to the Tangerine gel!!

I am just diggin' the Kona Punch too!

This little guy played with me last weekend.
Ummm, I don't drink soda.
I don't like soda (except Root Beer)
I don't like gummy/block/jelly things while training.
Gel Blasts - Cola - Box of 12

These totally changed my mind.
I used these on my long run Saturday-hills and higher R stuff - and it was fantastic.
Was it my fitness or was it the Energy Blasts??

How are you Power'ing up these days??

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I really enjoy track sessions (most of the time) even when they HURT (ummm, last week for example). While it can be boring and monotonous, I find that I like the repetitive nature of running in circles and having a true way to measure my pace lap for lap. Also, when I am on the track I can zone in on what I am doing and not worry about distractions like cars, road conditions, where I am turning next, etc.

Wednesday was another MAF test on the track. Basically, this is running at a specific heart rate and holding it for X amount of time or distance. The track allows consistency in terrain so we can see how my pace compares to previous sessions. I don't mind MAF tests and since numbers really turn me on, I like the data it provides (though Coach Awesome probably knows more about what to DO with this data than I...)

The weather in Maine has been crazy lately and the schools do not maintain the tracks during the winter months-
meaning if there is snow, there is no track for me.

The last couple sessions of "track work" have been done outside on a mile stretch of road or on the TM (not the same!!) so I was happy to literally get ON TRACK with my MAF test this week.

I usually run at one of two tracks locally at the high schools-one has a brand new rubber track and the other is an older, not so fancy and nice track (but where I went to high school many, many years a galaxy far, far away) so I opted for my alma mater.

The weather has been fantastic this week-70's and 80's-and I have been superpumped to be outside training! I donned my Pink*Star tri top (ala Hillary Biscay) and my favorite Kinvara's and hit the track.
Round and round and round.....and something strange started to happen.

The more I ran-the stronger I felt. My pace picked up and my HR stayed steady. My legs were strong, my form was good and my smile was getting bigger and bigger. WOOT!!!
Round and round and round we go...where she stops nobody knows.

Then high school students started filling the field and I recognised Mrs. G from MY DAYS at the high school and Mr. D, whom I graduated with 20 years ago. It was a typical high school gym class and they too were taking advantage of the weather by bringing the students outside. As much as I wanted to stop and say hello to both of them, I need to go go go and execute this run. I am sure they were wondering just how long this lady would be running on their track! (I'd been there a while already...)

As I was running, I really had to laugh at the irony. 20+ years ago when I was a student at this high school, my gym teacher Mr. H would have to fight with me to get me to run around that track during PE. I hated running, I hated gym and I would find any excuse in the world to skip running. Now here I was, in 80* weather, running miles and miles around and around this little track that I so despised in my youth. And I was doing this willingly and with a smile.
Round and round and round and round....How things change!

Then I saw a familiar face-my best buddy, Dawn (who teaches English at the high school). We exchanged hellos quickly and she said she'd return.
Round and round and round and round I go....

My MAF miles were done and it was time to cooldown. I then see a bunch of students sitting on the track with Dawn. As I ran by all of a sudden, they all broke out in super loud cheers!!

It was soooo cool and made me laugh! I cheered right back at 'em, threw my hands in the air Finish Line Style and gave 'em a woot! I kept on going, cool down in full effect and on Lap 2 and as I rounded the corner all these signs go up in the air!!

The signs were hilarious and packed with awesome! These were some of my favorites (though I loved each and every one of them!!)


WARNING: Beast Running By

Run Forest Run!!

Unleash the Beast Girlfriend!

The Heat has NOTHING on you!

Just Keep Running, Just Keep Running 
~Jen the Jellyfish~

You're Still Jenny from the Block


Finis and happy! Surrounded by motivational signs

thumbs up!!

All smiles and feeling great!

I was so touched that they would do this and it made me remember just how lucky I am to have such positive, supportive and awesome friends in my life. I can not think of a better way to end one of my best track sessions this season than with the encouraging cheers and motivational signs from Dawn and her class.

A big GIANT thank you to Dawn, Desiree, Justine, Victoria, Autumn, Stephen, Emma, Lydia, Anna, Vie, Christina, Cassandra, Thomas, Allison, Oliva H, Oliva J, Elyse, Kaitlyn, Katelyn, Amber Rose and every student who was there yesterday!!! You made my day just a little bit (ok A LOT) brighter!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Today's WW post is brought to you by words in a book....

one I can't put down. The perfect way to recover after the weekend's training bonanza!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sometimes...I get a good feeling!

What a whirlwind week of emotions from Sunday to Sunday!!

Last Sunday I ran the Kerrymen Pub 5k race and PR'd by 20 seconds at the 5k distance but decided that I was not happy with that because it was not the time I wanted.
Running to the finish in my Rev 3 gear

WAAAHHH! What did I have for breakfast that day, Spoiled Brat protein shake?
Needless to say, I was scolded by my close friends and Coach Awesome for having such a PPA (piss poor attitude) about it and they are right, of course.
Hey, I finished 126th overall out of nearly 1,000 runners (981) and 6th in my AG.
I was happy, yet frustrated.

I was SUPER EXCITED to be testing out a Quintana Roo cd0.1 for a few days and could not wait to log some serious miles on that beautiful bike but I was sad that I was not able to really ride it over last weekend...I mean REALLY ride. I only got out for about an hour and half (cold!) and some trainer time. I was looking forward to spending a lot of hours biking and when my training plan for the week was revealed, I was looking forward to the weekend!
I was excited, yet disappointed.

I had an awesome swim early in the week and got my 1650TT under 30 minutes (29:04!) WOOT! This is a big improvement for me. I started the week with a little nagging shoulder pain and I just kind of swam thru it on Tuesday but towards the end of the swim, I could tell there was some fatigue and bit of a niggle there. I keep track of the 500 splits to report back to Coach Awesome and last 150 yds showed significant slowing. Now, I will say that having not met my time goal at the 5k was in the back of my mind and I really wanted to get this TT under 30 mins! Done & Happy.Coach then gave me some fast 100's to bang out and I was holding on to get those done! (I hate not being able to execute a workout as she writes it--drives me BANANAS!!). I was able to get all the 100's on the times she gave me with the exception of 1 or 2 but, it was a great swim.
I was proud of my effort, yet cautious.

Midweek presented a track workout. I like track workouts-I am able to hyper-focus on what I have to do and execute. No worries about potholes, cars or anything else to distract me. Round and round and round. The Rx'd run of the day normally would have been one that I could bang out (1000 meter repeats at <7mm) but this day I struggled. I failed to get ONE repeat at the target pace and normally I would let this frustrate me in ways I cannot even explain but this day I chalked up to mental training. Dig a little deeper. Remember why you do this. Suck it up Cupcake. run run run. It may not have been a stellar run but it taught me a little bit about my mind and the mental part of training.
I was pleased, but not satisfied.

Lucky to have THIS as my view every day

The weekend help promises of beautiful weather and long miles outside so I begged the guys at Kennebunkport Bicycle to keep PinkiePie a few days longer (yes, I already named her and yes, I am in love). I wanted to get more miles OUTSIDE!!
They were nice enough to let me keep her the rest of the week and plans were made to ride and run in the sun!! I can't say enough about how nice Brandon and Alex have been. They are even doing some work on Tiger while I have PinkiePie. (Tiger who?? lol)

Friday's swim was a fail-too much discomfort-and I decided to look at the bigger picture and call it day short rather than push myself and end up NOT swimming for a week or more. I needed to be smart and not let a failed workout put me into a bad place.
I was worried, but optimistic.

The weekend held too much awesome!! Long run on Saturday in cold, wet weather on some rollers out in the country. I stuck with Coach Awesome's plan to the letter but I could have SMASHED my half mary time but a lot of minutes and on hills to boot! Then later in the day I got out to ride in the SUNSHINE.
I was exhilarated and stoked!
Saturday Pre-Run and Pre-Dawn! Ready to rock those hillz...

Sunday was a 4 hour tour on PinkiePie--we rode the Coastline (cold winds!) and then headed inland and it got nice and warm!
Yes, shorts!

I got to strip down to my short sleeved jersey. Many miles and many towns...I was grinning ear to ear and just soooo happy. I just love cycling and I loved riding that bike! I had a short run off the bike and while I felt I was crawling, I was just under the target time that Coach gave me. Executed and I felt FANTASTIC!
I was feeling strong and happy.

More awesome view of the "pool"

It was a week of lots of ups and downs, but mostly ups and lots of smiles!
How are you getting your good feelings??

Monday, March 12, 2012

25 Seconds


25 seconds from my goal of a sub-22. 

This is a new 5k PR for me by about 20 seconds but it is bittersweet.
While I am happy with how I raced overall today, I did not meet my primary goal of sub-22 so I have a hard time celebrating the PR. It's deflated.

Where could I have improved to be 25 seconds faster?

It was a beautiful day, sunny and cool. I like cool for running. There was some pretty good wind out there today but overall, it was a good day to run.

Mile one was awesome...sub-7 and I was feeling good. Mile 2 was into the wind and a very mile sloping upward jaunt, nothing bad but I knew my pace dropped to 7:07 (I believe that was my mile 2 Garmin is in my friends truck) and mile 3 I landed half-on/half-off the edge of the curb and twisted my ankle a bit (I'm fine, my shoe has more damage than I do) and that slowed me down for a SECOND. I kept running.
Funny thing...the only thing that really bothered me were my forearms! In my note to Coach Awesome, I had to laugh while I told her about it. I must have had my little fists balled up into fists of fury because they were on fire!!

RUN ON....

I know when I rounded the corned and could finally make out the time on the clock I could make out 21:xx...I ran and ran and ran and watched it tick over to 22:00 and I think my heart broke a little.
But I'd be dammed if I was going to let that stop me from from finishing this as strong as I could.

No excuses. 

I did my best. I did PR by 20 seconds. But I did not meet my goal but I will battle on and fight for the sub-22 another day. I just need to run faster. I know that  most of my running has been base building HR training but I am still disappointed that I did not achieve my goal.

The best part of the day? My training partner PR'd by over a minute. My good friends, Dawn and Stephanie came out to cheer me on (and they weren't even running).

I got to hang out with my tri club peeps!!
I got to Rock the Rev 3 R at the first race of the season!!

 I got to see so many friends and got to meet Dailymile buddy, Pauline.

 I got to cheer on my friend's little girl as she raced to the finish!

Then this made me realize that I am one lucky gal to have the friends I have-

Dear bestie,
You rock. You PR and you still want more. Did you give everything? You gave everything you had today. Next race....who knows? Without a whole lot of speed training, you gave everything your legs would allow. This 5k is not your finish line. You have a race with a whole bunch of hills that is calling for your best. Don't lose sight of that. You know coach awesome would say the same.
Proud of you girlfriend.:)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

goal 21:XX

...for the first time in a long time I am actually a little nervous about a 5k race! I find I don't get that nervous anymore and most of the 5k's I run are for fun-while I still race and set goals-I usually am pretty chill about 'em.

As I stated a couple posts ago, I have set the bar for today's Kerrymen Pub 5k at sub-22. This is a tad on the aggressive side since I have not really done any fast running. My reasoning was this: Last summer I did 22:4x-something on a hilly course in the pouring rain. I think shaving 40-something seconds off is reasonable, right?
That's only about 15 seconds per mile....

Mary's Walk

I know I am physically capable of achieving this-I just need to shut off my head today and go.
But, not gonna lie. I am nervous!!
I want to achieve this goal. This is a relatively flat course but it's crowded. So let's see what I have in the tank today...and let's see what my little head has to say.

Storm The Castle!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fresh, Hurt & Free {some giveaways!} you can see I made a few changes around here. I have been wanting to update the look of the blog for a while. I needed a fresh new look. I am not sure I have things just the way I want them so don't be surprised if you see this format change over the next week or so...
Moving right along. 

This past weekend of training was super awesome fun fantastic. We got hammered with a snow storm on Thursday so hubby had a long weekend at home. That always makes things easy...and just when I was getting ready to put my road tires on the bike! Anyway, long ride Thursday and a long pull set on Friday. I felt so strong during the swim and bam! Sunday morning my lats were saying HELLO!!!

Long bike/short run on Saturday. My Adamo needs some fit tweaks since it is causing me some minor knee irritation on longer rides. Long run on Sunday with some higher heart rate stuff at the end. I LOVED THAT and I was happy with how things went. I ran with my training-partner, Marc and he had a great run too. We ran into my BFF Dawn and her hubby while we were out so that was a fun distraction.

This weekend is the Kerrymen Pub 5k and as I  mentioned HERE, I have a pretty aggressive time goal for myself. I'll be honest, I am usually pretty laid back when it comes to 5k's but I am a little nervous for this one. The majority of my running since December has all lower heart rate base-building stuff with a little bit of higher HR and speed thrown in there. I know that I am totally capable and I will have to shut off my head when it hurts! So sub-22...go, legs, go!

At least in straight up road-racing you can use an iPod so I will happily be blaring Eminem to drown out the sounds of my breathing!

And speaking of running, if you don't know by now that the Rev 3 Team is running across America to raise money for Ulman Cancer Fund, may be living under a rock. Many of my awesome team mates are doing giveaways and promos to raise money for UCF.

Laura is doing this
and it has three really amazing prizes from Powerbar, SBR Sports, Inc., SPIbelt and 1BandID
I am doing this
lots and lots of goodies
Heather is doing this 

Beautiful girl NOT INCLUDED in the giveaway!!