Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Many Miles to GO!

When I applied to be on the Rev 3 Team early this fall, I knew I'd be joining a bunch of amazing folks if I made the team...I did not know just how awesome it would be.
The Rev 3 Family started their Run Across America at midnight on March 26th--From California to Washington, DC.
21 Days
3,080 miles

Check out this video from the start of the run!

REV3 RAA Oceanside with Brian from REVOLUTION3 Triathlon on Vimeo.

Here are some pictures from their journey so far!

The RAA "Transition"

Brock Yetso absorbing the morning sun.
Wow...this photo speaks

One of my favorites so far! Carole "Mama Bear" Sharpless in action!

Running with Kelsey

From the Rev 3 Blog-running with Survivor Kelsey!!

Running through the night in the rainy mountains while the sun rose, and now running in the desert while the sun sets has been a serene and rewarding experience. I am so grateful to be part of Rev3′s Run Across America.
I’m running to bring awareness to the Ulman Cancer Fund. I think Rev3′s commitment to supporting and fundraising for the cause is inspirational. They have enabled me to push myself to run longer, harder, and more often.
I’ve become personally involved with UCF through Team Fight because I love everything the foundation stands for. I had skin cancer when I was 16 and didnt reach out to anyone for support. It would have been nice to know that others have gone through what I was going through. I am proud to say that my newly found love of running and involvement in UCF may help change someones cancer experience.
So I run for all those, friends and strangers, that are going through treatment. My next run is for you.

You can view more of pictures here.

Let's support Ulman Cancer Fund and all of those fighting!!
Remember, for every TWO DOLLARS you donate, you earn an entry to my giveaway!!
It is only $2, can you forgo a cup of Dunkin' Donuts this week? I can, no DD for me this week and all the money I would spend on coffee is going into the UCF!

Also, you could win 3 months of FREE COACHING!! Check it out :)

My Life as a TriMommy-3 months of Coaching!!

If you can't help with a donation, please help spread the word about Run Across America. Tweet, share on Facebook, talk about it on your blogs!

Thank you and KEEP RUNNING Rev 3!!


Suz and Allan said...

Looks like they are off to a great start!

Stephanie Anne said...

yay! What a great cause!