Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Normally when I say the word RIPPED, it is in reference to things like this, which decorate my "RIPPED" Pinterest Board quite well: 

(seriously, how hot is she?)

Anyway, yesterday I talked about how I am back to a regular training schedule and swimming again. I mentioned my swim bag...and if you are a friend/follower, I am sure you are well aware of my very loved REV3 bag.

This bag was a gift from a friend and I treasured that good mojo that Pat put into it when he bestowed it onto me almost 4 years ago. It has come to EVERY race with me since and it has traveled this county many times over. It is my daily bag for lugging my gear to the gym and to work. It has been  my constant companion for years. I know it sounds silly, but it's always with me. 

When the bottom started to give way, I duct taped it. 

When the liner started ripping, I didn't care...I let it peel and kept using it. 

Then the seams started to come apart...I held on as long as I could until


It ripped. 

I cannot bear to part with this bag (yea, silly emotional attachment to a BAG) so I must have it repaired. Lucky for me, I have a spanking new one from several years ago when Sonja was my Coach. But it's NEW. Stiff. No marks of the adventures and miles we have put on over the years...but there are always NEW things to do and new places to travel. 

I also have have an amazing Rocket bag that was a gift from one of my besties for my Bday 2 years ago! (Call that one my "dressy" bag! lol) It's beautiful and SO CLEAN. And light blue. And it is also currently home to all my books for CEUs and my ACE recert stuff. 

So, this new & unripped bag will be my companion for the time being...until Rev3 gets repaired.
Or who knows...perhaps a NEW bag will be in my future.

Do you have an emotional attachment to a "thing"?

What's your favorite tri/transition bag? 

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Carolina John said...

We both completed a grand prix series of running races a couple of years ago, and my wife ended up taking 2nd place in her age group! the AG award was a Sugoi transition bag with the series emblem and ag info embroidered on it. that is by far my favorite transition bag. She took it to Disney World and carried around the park with all of the kid stuff in there, I've taken it to every multisport race, love it.