Thursday, November 6, 2014

WOW! An Unexpected Throwback Thursday I was cleaning my house yesterday. Something I don't usually do (ha ha) and I came across some old photos of me. Photos that made me stop and think back...back to those days when I wasn't so happy. Or athletic. Or even the real ME. There are not a ton of "before" pics of me because I used to hide from the camera or be the one taking them. 

*Probably why NOW you cannot get me away from the camera AND I love my selfies* 

But, these photos were like a slap across the face *wake up* 
The universe has a funny way of making me wake up and pay attention most of the time.

 If you have been following along on my random postings, you know that this is the first year in many that I took as step back from training & racing long course to put family first. It has been hard for me mentally and I have struggled with not feeling "right". Long training days make me feel so ALIVE. Those "carrots" and goals keep me working. You can fake a half or a full!

I have allowed myself to get lazy with a few things - like nutrition - and I was playing the "woe is me" card the last couple of weeks. I am a personal trainer and weight loss coach. This is UNACCEPTABLE> walk the walk!! 
STOP THIS JEN!! so, I said ENOUGH. Stop it. Just do what you need to do. Make the time. Make the plan. Figure it out. You don't excuses from your clients so don't make any for yourself. *TRUTH*

and I did

Then these showed up. 

That is ME at about 260lbs. 
I think back to that very sad girl who hid it all with a smile. 
"Oh, you have such a pretty face" yeah, just what every heavy gal wants to hear *GROAN*

This is me NOW (for those who don't know)

 Not quite the same girl on the outside OR the inside...

I have spent the last 3 years of my life HELPING OTHERS reach their goals. Learning about training, weight loss, nutrition. Getting one certification after the next...devouring information so I can help others reach THEIR GOALS and change their lives.

Like these 2 clients who are now my very good friends. I am SO proud of them.
Total lifestyle change...and watching them BLOSSOM into happy people has been so amazing. 



I have never been happier. 
I LOVE WHAT I DO. The people that this has brought into my life is such a blessing. Giving back to others makes me SO happy. Getting messages that an athlete got a PR or a client lost another 5lbs just is PRICELESS to me. 

SO, here's to those who are THINKING about change.

Here's to those in the MIDDLE of change. 

Cheers to those who have CONQUERED their goals and are creating new ones. 

We were put on this earth for a purpose. 

...and this is mine...

Happy Thursday. 

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