Friday, February 10, 2012

Let's talk swimming with Lola (vlog)

Lola decided that today was a good day to do another VLOG for y'all! or as she calls it "let's do a TV show!"
So today's discussion topic is swimming!

Seriously, we do not rehearse this stuff-it is all just press play and go! It's more fun that way and it's me (and Lola). I was chatting with my bestie the other day about writing. She is an English teacher/Dept. Head/Smartie PopTartie and I admire the very eloquent way she is able to put her thoughts down on paper (or into text). When she writes, she has a method and a plan. I don't--I just sit down and tap away at the keys.

So when I started vlogging, I had to go with the same method-JUST GO :)

Not sure if you caught that or not but DAMN! I got some 100's in the 1:30's this week. HUGE for me...HUGE> Lovin' it.

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Don't forget to click on her NOSE and tell a story!
Jen and Lola


Matty O said...

I have soooooooo many comments here I really do.

However, I am captivated that someone else on this planet has the same attention span and direction of thought process as I do. Beavers, magical sticks, cameras, vitamins, picnics and staying pretty all in one thought process!!! I totally followed ALL of this, I wish our clients would talk to me like this so I could actually understand what they wanted!!!

Hey, FYI, sending some snow your way ;)

AND, I love how you tried shutting it down several times but to NO avail. Welcome to Heather's life w/ me out in public ;) hahahaha.

Heather-O said...

"It's not a stick it's a wand!!!" Hahaha! I think Matty and Lola would get along "swimmingly".

She's got too much cute in her for one little girl!

Finallyfit2011 said...

Seriously keep these vlogs comin'! I love seeing you guys this way! :) xoxo!

Running With The Girls said...

She is one adorable little girl!!!! Way to go increasing your speed with 100s!

Unknown said...

Where does she come up with this stuff. I love the way her mind works! :) Thanks for brightening my day Lola... I needed that!

Melissa Cunningham said...

wow,yeah agreeing with matty and heather-o here! i totally followed along!
love love loving the lola vlogs here.
you may possibly have the cutest,smartest kid ever!i love lola!!so much character,whit,sass,beauty and goofiness all in one!


OH!!! and yay for 1:30;s!!

TriMOEngr said...

Too cute and too funny. "My mommy does triathlon!" LOVE IT!

A Prelude To... said...

She is AMAZING! I see a bright future for that girl! AND for her mommy, too!

Jason said... toddie speedy!

I was thrilled to get there this past week myself and trying to stay there.....

Lola just absolutely mommy does triathlons and my magic wand does everything......ha ha ha!