Thursday, February 16, 2012

3TT: Castles, Caves & Crotches!

Storm the Castle!

I registered for a 5k this week-The Kerrymen 5k-and it will be my first race of 2012. I have not run this race since 2010 (my second race ever) so I am kind of excited to "revisit" this course and see how much I can CRUSH my time from 2010. My current 5k PR is from 2011's Run for Cash (22:4x something) and considering that the Run for Cash course is a little hilly, the Kerrymen course is flat (but super crowded) I really want to crush it. I will be gunning for a new 5k PR and to quote Coach Awesome "storm the castle". I might as well put it out there and tell you and my goal is a sub-22 time so 21:anything will make me very happy!  A straight up 21:00 will require a 6:45 pace which is an aggressive goal but we will see what this Castle Crusader has in the tank that day. I did not get where I am today by setting mediocre goals so I'm going for it.

 And, yes...I will be dressed like a Knight armed to do battle but I'll leave the giant sword at home, it'll just slow me down. On second thought, with the crowds it might come in handy at the start...

Speaking of running and castles-

Tiara Trotting 

If you're gonna run, why not run in your tiara right? My girl getting her run on in style.

I'm ready...

It goes faster if I press this button, right Mommy?

PFFFFST! Take that Mommy, I'm faster than you!


tongue out and a thumbs up! Good?

I love it that Lola is at an age where I can take her with me to the PainCave and she will watch a movie or play games on the computer. The training schedule this week is pretty jammed packed, lots of doubles and long sessions so we have been spending a lot of time in the cave together. She loves hanging out with me and will yell things like "pedal faster Mommy" or "Does Coach really want you running THAT slow?"

Most days she wants to workout too. Now to figure out a way to put her tricycle on a trainer. This summer the girl is getting a REAL bike.

Speaking of bikes-
Crotch of Steel?

I've been spending a lot of time on the bike and a lot of time in aero. My bike is road bike and at the end of last season, I changed the set up to add aerobars and we changed the fit. Love it and I'm super comfy except for one thing: I thinking that I need to explore some new saddles-my girlie parts are getting the beatdown. I love my Bontrager RaceLite XXX saddle when I am riding my bike in road bike set up but now that it's all aero'd out I think we need to make some minor tweaks or I'll have to line my shorts with steel-will that make me Supergirl with a Crotch of Steel?

So right now I'll just grin and bear it.  I have lots of friends who swear by the Adamo saddles so I need to try some out. My bike guy does not carry Adamo so I'll have to chat with some other bike places. According to the online test, THIS is my saddle:

Adamo Prologue

What saddle do you love??


Unknown said...

I had an Adamo and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Will never use a different one again. :)

Can't wait to see what you do at the 5k. My prediction... you'll crush it!

Matty O said...

I had issues, Heather had issues. I tried the adamo... no dice. I have the one you pictured if you want to buy it off of me, let me know. It is sitting in the tri-closet.

Pretty much, the seat, shorts, and cream matter. I use Chamois Butt'r. Helps a ton. Heather seems fine riding w/ tri shorts and her "lady saddle". I need to wear bike shorts.

KovasP said...

I have the Adamo Typhoon, but it was probably the 4th or 5th saddle I tried. Maybe a banana seat?

Heidi @BananaBuzzbomb said...

I have the Adamo Road saddle. Made a WORLD of difference. Couldn't imagine riding any other way.

Can't wait to hear your 5K recap. I'm with Colleen, I think you're going to crush it. Good luck!

Katie said...

is that the podium? i have the road and it's just a bit too wide (I think...not sure....sigh). i never had saddle problems on my roadie so it makes me grumpy to even have to think about it! also some people really like cobb, there's one called flow or something, one of my friends rides it and really likes it.

Jason said...

I have a Cobb saddle and it does the job. I need to remember to line my shorts with cream though as I keep forgetting.

Being on the Tri Slide team I have the can on my bathroom counter to spray the chamois so I won't forget for Sunday.


Adamo works for me...
Tell Matty O that I'll buy his if you don't

Jamie said...

I took my bike to the shop and just had them put on a half dozen saddles and walked home with the most comfortable one.

I've been riding the fizik arione tri something or other. Makes my booty happy.

Never tried the adamo though.

Suz and Allan said...

The pictures of Lola are really cute especially the thumbs up picture on the treadmill. Good luck with your 5K! I have no doubt you will CRUSH it!

Maggie said...

took me a couple of rides and a seat adjustment or two to get used to the adamo but 100% swear by it now. seriously, even just 45 min on my old seat would leave me struggling (for a day or two after sometimes) but have yet to have any issues with the adamo!

Anonymous said...

That is one sweet tiara.

Emz said...


I so need to make those faces when I run.
Lola is the sweetest tm runner -E V A!!

So awesome.
But that crotch of Steele

Emz said...

.....makes me want to cry just looking at it.
I'll stick with the Mill. ;)

Kabekona Tri Girl said...

I have the adamo saddle, it's black with turquoise blue accents, says road on it and it is the most comfortable saddle ever. Sorry for the graphics but I got so sore in a race that it was like I had my period....never again once I got the adamo. Well worth the $155 retail price in my opinion. Good luck this weekend!

Missy said...

Awww love the princess running.
All my girlfriends love their adamo. I am hoping to get one here shortly, at least before I start training for Ironman. My girl bits about didn't make it through the half IM, good golly I would hate to see what happens when I start the full.

Chloe said...

OMG. That saddle is the best thing to put between your legs! 90 miles on the trainer last weekend sold it to me! LOVE IT!! :)

Unknown said...

I am no help with the saddle suggestions....I am new to this biking stuff...

How did you do on the 5k? I would die for your current PR, let alone if you get sub 22. So awesome! Such an inspiration!