Thursday, December 5, 2013

RELOAD: Fat A$$ Friday!!

This post is now THREE YEARS OLD {and 2 days}. Lots of things have happened in that three year span of time. 

  • 140.6 is not longer just a dream on my "list", it has been accomplished and it was awesome. I love looking forward and finding new ways to challenge myself. 
  • I can check off the box that states I want a career in FITNESS-I am now a CPT, a Coach and Group Ex instructor. I get to spend my days getting others to their goals, one step at a time! 
  • After I started following Sonja when I was "just a runner" and she was on Team Trakkers I dreamed of "someday" being on a team like that...and BOOM! I am heading into season 3 as a member of Team Rev3 Triathlon
  • I have been a part of an amazing project and film-From Fat to Finish Line-with 11 other inspiring individuals that will MOTIVATE you to chase your dreams and make it happen! 

This blog is still going-even if I don't blog daily like I used to-as I evolve as a person and athlete, this will too! I have stories of OTHERS I want to share and I cannot wait to see what the next year has in store for me!

So, here is a visit back to Fat Ass Friday--one of my favorite, and most popular posts!


Several people who know me now but did not know me during my "fat years" have a hard time believing that I was really as fat as I say I was. To those of you (and you know who you are) here it is. Proof in pictures. Yes, I really was more than 100lbs heavier than I am today. Yes, sadly it is all too true. 

A big plate of chicken wings must be in my peripheral.
 So, when I was at my parents house a couple weeks ago and my Dad wanted to show me some pictures from not so long ago--pictures from my Fat Days-I could not wait to check them out.

I used to hide from the camera because when I would see the pictures, I would not recognize the woman I had become. I had never struggled with my weight and to be walking around at this size was foreign to me. 

What I saw in my head did not match the person I saw in the mirror or in pictures.

Now when I look back at those pictures it is a bit of mixed emotion for me. On one hand, I am proud of myself for finally saying "enough is enough" and making the decision to take control of my life. On the other hand, I am saddened to know that at one time, I was in a very different place.

I don't know what's worse: the double chin or the double belly roll  Back fat rolls!!

But I have to embrace FAT JEN because without going THERE...I would not be here. And you know what? HERE is a pretty great place to be! And now we are working on FrankenJen (but that is a different post all together)

Running-it does the body (and the mind) good! Sept 2010

My husband is an absolute rockstar for sticking with me thru thick and thin (pun totally intended!!). When we started dating I was in pretty good shape and then over the next several years I just blew up. 

Then one day something in me just snapped and that was it. I had a plan and nothing was going to stop me until I achieved my goals and lived my dreams. 

Much healthier and happier, Michelle and Me at the Mainiac Sprint Tri Sept 2010

Along the way those goals and dreams changed and grew. The goals got bigger-the dreams became a reality. I found a new self confidence in being able to achieve things I never thought possible. I discovered just how strong I can be and how far I can push myself.

I have met some amazing people along this journey. Quality people who don't care what label lines my clothing or what bag I am carrying around. People who inspire me and motivate me to achieve new goals and dream even bigger than before.

When I started on this path, the thought of running one mile without stopping seemed impossible.
I could not wait to run my first 5k race.
I cried the first time I ran 5 miles without stopping.
I celebrated my first real push up with a big ole "HELLLLLL YA!"

Today I dream of running 26.2 miles after biking 112 and swimming 2.4~and with absolute truth I tell you that I will accomplish this. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but it will be done.

Today I dream of taking my passion for health and fitness and making it my career when I return to the working world.

Today I dream of inspiring others to reach for their goals-no matter how big or how small.

Reach deep down inside of yourself and find that fire that ignites your soul. Let that desire fuel your motivation to do the work necessary to be a success. Achieve the things you never thought possible. Do not let anyone or anything stand in your way or deter you from your goals.
It can be done.

What do YOU want to achieve? 
What goal do you have in your sights?


One Crazy Penguin said...

This is really inspirational to see :) I am currently on a bit of a weight loss journey to lose about 50 pounds and I love seeing motivational stuff like this! Well done!

ajh said...

Love this. Very inspirational for sure. I lost about 50 pounds after a serious health issue in my early 40s. Life has only gotten better each year.

Carolina John said...

You've come a long way baby. My goal is to watch the movie that you're in!


I am right there with you sister.
I was once 50 pounds heavier and can recall my first 10K goal of running the whole way and not stopping... vivid memories. Amazingly at the time I didn't think I was overweight... just BIG BONED! Yep, REALLY BIG BONES!
Sadly, I lost 50 and then regained 40 because apparently I have a short memory... yearly Ironman fixed that