Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide

Wondering what to get that endurance junkie in your life?? Here are some ideas...

Just an FYI, none of this content is sponsored content or advertisements. This is just a compilation of items I love using and think that any endurance junkie in your life will love them too!!


sweat proof and awesome

I got my TriBling last year and I just love it. I wear it all the time and do not take it off. It is a constant reminder to me of the amazing journey that has been triathlon. I recently added a 140.6 tag to my necklace, courtesy of Old Pool Glassworks. This is a great gift for the male or female on your list because the pendant comes in several different sizes and you can pick from several different styles of chain or choker. 

For the runner, they have a new PACE version pendant that was recently released as well

So, music is NOT allowed in triathlon but who says you can't rock in during training or use these to watch movies on your tablet or phone while spinning away the miles on the trainer. These are sweat proof and do not fall out for the most part. I cannot ever go back to regular ear buds after using these. Plus, they come in fun colors. Available online or in big retail stores like Target. 

Inspire Talk for Women

Tri Fly IV Carbon 
I have worn many types of cycling shoes and these are BY FAR the most comfortable shoes I have worn...and they hold up very well. I hammered mine this past season and beside the sick smell, they are still in great shape. Light, breathable, quick drying and colorful!! Love love love these!!

The Easy Shot!

Not sure what size or brand to get your giftee? How about a simple gift certificate to your local running store? That way they can get just what they need and/or want! I know I got a very generous GC one year to my local shop-Maine Running Company-and hubbs could NOT have made me happier! It's win/win!!

How about covering the race entry fee for your loved one? I know that when my Dad picked up the tab for my first half Ironman, I was thrilled over-the-moon excited! When you do a lot of races or BIG races, those fees can really add up. Or for the newbie to running/triathlon/fitness, a race on the calendar is a good way to keep motivated and stick with a training plan! 

I discovered this item this year running the Ragnar Relay...and when I saw they made it in PINK, well of course I fell in love with it. Versitle since you can wear it with anything and it'll keep you safe for those early morning/late day runs in the dar. And you won't feel like a construction worker. Available in yellow too. 


Balega Socks: The Enduro 4 No Show is my go-to long run sock, the Enduro
No Product Image Available

Injinji Socks-I love these versatile socks for every day wear, trail running and any distance run. I wasn't sure how I would feel about the "toe socks" but I like 'em!
SPORT Original Weight Micro Black

Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Diaper Cream
Ok, so really...don't laugh. Yes, DIAPER CREAM. I was given a jar of this by an Ava representative to try after weeks of me talking about a chafe here and irritation there during training this summer. She would say "I have a cream for that..." and sure enough, she did. I have used this cream on chafe, burns, rashes and skin irritations for myself and Lola. I love this stuff!

Diaper Cream

luxuriously formulated with organic oils & herbs, rich in shea butter, and packed with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids  to hydrate, comfort, protect and soften skin. Acts as a gentle barrier cream that moisturizes and protects skin, prevents redness, and soothes diaper rash and irritated skin.

Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Lip Balm
Just good stuff in this lip balm. No petroleum. No junk. Just good stuff and soft lips. 'Nuff Said
lip balm with spf 15
You can order Ava Anderson products through Michelle's page or any Ava representative you know. When ordering with Michelle, use party # 19194 during checkout. 

at $15 from Target, these gloves are a great stocking stuffer or gift for your favorite running buddy! The fit is great, I love the little grip dots on the palm AND the "smartphone" fingertips actually work! And I wont cry if I lose these like I would my very nice and very expensive cycling gloves...

what triathlete wouldn't want to find THIS in their stocking on Christmas Morning??

...and you can even "share" it with friends. Crazy. Awesome. 


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

great gift ideas. I love it when I get gift certificates to my fav running store, it is twice as much fun. Target C9 stuff is always awesome too.

TriMOEngr said...

Santa should totally put those gloves in my stocking!! And as much of the other stuff as can fit! :)

Melissa Cunningham said...

Just forwarded this to my husband!!!
Thanks for posting the great ideas!!

Unknown said...

Totally awesome suggestions. Forwarding to hubby ASAP! ;)

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Actually asking for a GC to my running store (plus the bib/medal rack for Charlie and myself)!