Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Monkey See, Monkey Do!

We got the first significant snowfall of the season on Sunday with about 2 feet of snow and some wild winds...and we are getting another 5-8 inches tonight and the temps are in the negatives today...which resulted in a lots of stuff indoors. I'm just getting over bronchitis so I did not want to push my luck with too much outside time in artic temps and wind (even though I just love running in the snow).

Lola wanted to make cookies and lemonade while snowed in on Sunday. We got so much snow, my hometown was even featured on CNN!!

We had all the stuff to make peanut butter cookies so I was not disappointed in that option (oatmeal is my fav but we are out of raisins). I always have stuff to make lemonade!!

I even got all fancy and used two glasses fitted together and did my best impersonation of Tom Cruise in Cocktail...which Lola found comical. Then I could not get the glasses apart very easily, which she also find quite funny.

I had to laugh when she got out her play Disney Princess camera and took pics of her snack....I wonder where she ever go an idea like that???? ha ha ha


Sunday was also the day that we were finally able to open our #TeamRev3 Secret Santa gifts!!

This was mine....

I still have not figured out WHO my Rev3 Secret Santa is...and no one is giving me any hints. MY first guess was Jordan but, I was wrong.

I then guessed Susan and she has not replied so...

Monday was the first day of the #RunnerBox #FitApproach challenge and the challenge was to run one extra mile.
In addition to teaching 5 classes (2 of them cycling) AND doing my own quick circuit workout, I got in 3 miles on the treaddy.

Today the challenge is PLANKS! I've SO got this...


ajh said...

Sounds like a lot of snow! Love the pic of Lola taking a pic of her snack. Too funny.

Maggie said...

"SELFIE"!!! Too perfect!

Hope you and miss Lola are staying warm!

Carolina John said...

Wow that's a lot of snow. Love the selfie shirt!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

You are amazing!