Friday, January 21, 2011

What a LOSER

I have a friend who I have been trying to motivate to get healthy for a while. I would mention things here and there but not get in her face about it. I believe that change must come from within--not someone telling you to do it. 

I try not to be one of those obnoxious people who quit "whatever" and now must convert everyone they know into their lifestyle--you know what I mean, the former smoker who goes on and on to everyone who smokes how they MUST quit!! Or the alcoholic who preaches to anyone who drinks, even responsibly, how they MUST quit!! Or the former fatty who goes on and on about the evils of a sedentary life filled with Twinkies and Chinese take-out?? Ok, so in reality I could get up on my soapbox about ALL of these things, but I don't. Personally, I find these people quite annoying. Back in the day if anyone got in MY face about my smoking, drinking, eating, whatever I would just tune them out and imagine blowing a big puff of cigarette smoke directly in their face. HA!

This fall though my friend came to me and said that she was ready to make some changes and wanted my help. She was giving me permission to "get into her business". Words cannot tell you how happy I was to hear those words--I love this person dearly and want nothing but the best for her!! She did let me that she was going to wait until AFTER the Holidays to get started on making healthy changes but she was COMMITTED and READY to make some changes.
That was all I needed to hear.

I started doing some research since as there are a couple medical issues we need to deal with and I wanted to be sure I set her up for success! We would need to ease into exercise and make some serious changes with nutrition. We had several conversations over the weeks leading up to the big change-what kind of changes we would make to her eating, HOW she was going to eat, WHAT she was going to be eating and how we could transition her into a more active life.

We talked about her goals and the importance of making goals. All kinds of goals. Big ones, small ones, short term and long term goals. One of her goals was to lose 30lbs.

Here we are three weeks into January 2011 and guess what??

She is almost 1/2 way to her first weight loss goal!! At our last "check in" she was down 12 lbs.

Know what else??
She is exercising
She is attending group exercise classes
She is eating clean foods
She is feeling stronger and stronger

I am so proud of her dedication over the last couple weeks and how well she is transitioning into making LIFELONG choices about living healthy. We still have a long way to go together to reach ALL of her goals and we will. I am just happy for and all she has accomplished thus far!! Her hard work is paying off.

So FRIEND--keep up the good work. I am so proud of you and I am here for you no matter what. I admire your bravery to face some fears and conquer them. I have no doubt you can be successful at anything you want to accomplish. I know first hand just how strong you are--remember that.

But here is a warning to you: Now that you have given me "permission" to get into your business, just know that if you start to get off this wagon, I will go BANANAS on you!! I will make Jillian Michaels look like Mother Theresa.

Don't you EVER say YOU CAN'T DO IT!!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

That is so awesome

"I will make Jillian Michaels look like Mother Theresa." I LOVE IT!!

Q said...

That is awesome that she's taking the step to get healthy. Keep up the awesome job Jennifer's friend!

adena said...

That is amazing! Your friend is lucky to have you. You wanna get all up in my business?? :-)

KovasP said...

Remind me to block you from my followers if I don't get to it soon.

Unknown said...

That's awesome, nothing feels better than being able to positively help another on a better health path!

Keep us posted!

GetBackJoJo said...

This is the crusader ENFJ in you! I love it! And good for your friend. You really have to want it... it is so hard that you can't just want it sort of. Your whole being has to ache for it.

Carly said...

Yay for your friend and yay for you helping! Love it!

Unknown said...

Good for you! So glad you let her come to terms on her own. You are making a huge difference in her life and she's rockin it!

Aimee said...

That is so awesome! Hooray for your friend for making a change to better her life! And, yay for you helping her!

Caratunk Girl said...

SO awesome you are helping your friend - more awesome that she came to you and said she was ready for a change. You rock

Emz said...


you. rock. woman.

Jason said...

Jen this is beyond awesome. I just posted how my sister wanted to lose 60lbs this year and has lost 5.5lbs. You have motivated me to call her b/c she doesn't read my blog and has no idea how proud of her I am. Thank you so much.

I too don't get in people's faces. It is my lifestyle and if they want to follow it great but I won't push them to do it.

Chuck NEVER helped anybody lose 30lbs not even with that death contraption he sells.

Julie @ HotlegsRunner said...

"I will make Jillian Michaels look like Mother Theresa. " -- awesome! I wish I had a friend like you here!

Keith said...

Hi, thanks for the nice comment on Mary's blog! I don't know who Jillian Michaels is, but it's great you'll be there for your friend. It's amazing to see someone turn their life around. I looked a little further down your blog. So, re: the paleo diet and the height weight numbers. To be a FOP triathlete I'd have to be under 160 pounds, which I haven't been since I was about 15. Weight is certainly a factor, especially in running, but there's more to it than that.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Hahahah! Love it! You are a fab trainer obviously!! What do you think of the new BL trainers? I totally wanna box now!

Mailing you your stickers this weekend!

My Life said...

That's awesome! How fun to get healthy with the help of a friend!

Unknown said...

Yay! It's hard wanting someone to do something (like become healthier), but knowing that the desire needs to be theirs! Super big congrats to your friend... She was ready! :)