Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good?

I got a new bike (though if you follow me on Dailymile.com, EnduranceAthleteProject.com or Twitter then this is not NEW news to you)!

I got a new bike (can you tell I'm psyched!).

Being a stay-at-home Mommy with a penchant for gear & gadgetry (HRM's, Garmins, shoes, shoes, shoes, running skirts, headlamps, reflective gear, winter running tights-I could go on and on) I really thought that getting a great bike would be out of my grasp until I returned to work full time. This was sad for me (tissue??) because while I did ok on Bertha, I really wanted to get into something a bit lighter than 150lbs (slight exaggeration)!! Even if I did have something in common with Chrissy Wellington when it came to first season bikes (remember THIS post??)

As things turned out, I had a couple contacts through my tri club and the YMCA to check out a couple bikes, both road and tri specific, but it was a casual running/race schedule related e-mail exchange with an old friend from school that led me to THE bike.

So without further ado, here SHE is...no name yet. And it's not the best pic. I have an appointment to get portraits done, don't worry. I know you like your bike porn classy, right?!

de Luca carbon frame and fork- de Luca is an Australian brand but the frame design is Masi, de Luca just stuck THEIR name on it and sadly, are no longer in business. Do you have any idea how much research it took me to find THAT out??

The components are Shimano-a mix of 105's and Ultegra. The wheels are Mavic Cosmos, Bontrager handlebars and saddle. It also has a Trek Incite 11i computer which is pretty cool now that I a) put a battery in it and b) figured out how to get it off km's.

I think with a sweet pair of Zipps she will be looking pretty on race day. Now to add some clipless pedals and some areobars we will be rockin'!

The Bad

After lots of resting my knee is still bothersome. I ran 2 miles Sunday and 3 miles yesterday and it is a mixed bag of "feels just fine" to "I think I should stop now". With my first (fun) triathlon in 2 months, I need to be running.

So I put a call into the Orthopedic Associates Performance Center and I have an appointment for an evaluation on Thursday morning. Hopefully I will have some good answers very soon as to what is up.

The Ugly

When I got my bike, I also got a trainer in the deal. While I wait for my riser block to arrive, I knew my years working in medicine would pay off eventually.

Lola's checking the tension on the trainer

Say hello to my PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) -- which is holding up the front wheel while I ride the trainer just fine. Ugly but it works!

The 40lb PDR being put to good use--finally!

Speaking of ugly--what do you think of this BIKE THONG I found on TriSports.com?? I love the caption "remote & phone not included" I think I might need this...

CycleOps Bike Thong

I would love to hear from you and your suggestions on what to name the new bike :)


Teamarcia said...

Orange is a great, lucky color! Congrats on the new addition. I so love how the kiddos get right in there! : )

Carly said...

Love the new bike! I'm a little jealous. I can't wait to upgrade mine!
And since the old one was Bertha, how about Betty?

Emz said...

Bike. Thong. Wow.

I must buy one just so I can bring that up in conversation.

No. Name?
I'm staying out of this name game.
But that photo. Of your girl.

Awesome. She's the new trainer, right?!

A Prelude To... said...

Love the bike thong! That is awesome! People come up with everything possibly needed under the sun :-)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

She is pretttyyyyy!!! It has nice components , good wheels, should last you a long time.

Have you been fitted to it yet?

I have a bike thong, came with my trainer, its to keep your sweat off your bike, though I dont use mine alot.

I do suggest placing a towel under your bike while riding, you will sweat and sweat ALOT!!

I am patiently waiting for the potraits, just like Beal, I want it classy

KovasP said...

The bike thong is a necessity, depending on how much you sweat and what is under your bike.

Jen said...

Congrats on your new wheels!! She's so shiny and new!

Unknown said...

fitting is being done in a week when my bike whiz gets back from FL. Luckily, I can ride pretty comfortably now.
And yes, it was BEAL who set the bike porn standard so portraits really are in the works! ha
Who care's about the floor?? I don't want to sweat on HER! :) and yes, my 2 1/2 hour sessions on the trainer have resulted on much sweat.

EMZ-You must get a bike thong. NOW-.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

ha! Bike thong!! How risque! ;)

You should be receiving your Blonde Ponytail stickers soon too!

I'm cracking up at your use for the PDR! Very inventive!!

My Life said...

Love the orange!! I'm still waiting for a name for mine too... if something hits me, I'll let you know! :)

Jason said...

forget the bike thong and throw a towel on the floor....it's what I do. I sweat profusely and that towel is soaked when I'm done.

Orange so how about Julius? Orange Julius? Bittersweet Orange? Blood Orange?

Orange you glad I stopped coming up with names?

Aimee said...

Woohoo! Congrats on your new bike! That is so awesome! I'm no good at names...my bike doesn't even have a name, so I'm no help!

I just use a towel draped over my bike tube and handlebars to keep the sweat off my bike. It works great and is free!

Unknown said...

Jason-yes, Im very glad!! LOL

and to both Aimee and Jason-towel sounds just fine but WHO"S gonna hold my remote??? :)

Beal88 said...

Bike Porn!!!!!!! NOM NOM NOM. LOL. Sweet looking ride. A bike thong really isn't necessary. I just stack a couple boxes next to the bike and have easy access to the remote and phone.

AM! said...

congrats on the bike! Now that's so fun!;-)

and i don't have that bike thong thingy- my hubby does and I've always thought i should get me one too...

and a name...hmmm...it'll come, it'll come...prob during one of your training rides;-)

Tough Chik said...

What about Shelia(slang for Aussie girl)?

She is pretty, I have bike envy!

Tough Chik said...
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Unknown said...

Porn classy? Love it! Can't wait for THOSE pictures!

I am glad you posted this...on my massive to do list is buy a trainer so I can be productive while I watch tv. Guess I should get in gear on that goal!

Magnetic Bike Trainer said...

I have issues with running and my knees. 2 days in a row and I'm alright. 3 and I'm hurting. So, I turn to riding my bike trainer as much as possible. Now that we've hit winter, my knees are ok because I'm strictly on the indoor trainer.