Thursday, January 6, 2011

I love the smell of chlorine in the morning

3 miles...
I have swim/swum/swam three whole freaking miles this week.
This is a record.
A much needed record.

Some days I feel like a cat in the water!

Swimming is my WEAKEST triathlon discipline and what I should be concentrating on THE MOST right now. Building endurance. Learning proper form. Gaining skill.

This summer ALL my swimming was done in the ocean with a bit here and there in the pool.
The open ocean does not scare me or intimidate me. The pool does.

In the ocean it's just me and the rocking ocean waves. I can swim in zig zags if I choose and there are no pesky, hard plastic rings to slam into. No wall stopping me. No one swimming next to me so I feel like I have to "race".  

Me & Michelle post swim session at the beach this summer

I guess this is why I have been avoiding the pool for so long because it makes me feel inadequate and uncomfortable. Swimming is just so new to me and I am used to doing everything so well and so easily. Proper swimming is NOT easy to me right now. I find it is a lot to THINK about and I get frustrated with myself if it's not perfect right away.

But one thing I believe in is facing your fears and conquering them~not that I am afraid of the water. I actually LOVE the water and would grow fins if I could. I fear not being GOOD at it.

So girlie--it's time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

This little knee injury has literally given me no other option to get into the pool and swim.

And I am actually now starting to like it and enjoy myself. I am taking it slow, really concentrating on my form and doing it RIGHT. Not just doing it. 
Just a couple one hour plus sessions 3 days this week (Mon, Wed, Thur-Tuesday was my rest day) has really got me feeling more comfortable with what I am doing in the water.

Today's workout was actually a planned swim workout with drills and everything vs. my usual plan of "get in the water and swim".

Funny thing too-BOTH my suits are wet and hanging up to dry. NOW that has not happened since this summer. I had to do two loads of towels this week.

So my new mantra for the next couple of weeks?
I love the smell of chlorine in the morning.

This time in the pool is also giving me a chance to use the haircare line that Reflect Sports sent me to review this fall. So far, so good folks! Keep your eyes open for the full review and a possible giveaway!!

Happy Swimming!


KovasP said...

This gives a whole new meaning to the Pussy Posse.

Unknown said...

Go Jen, go -- Get in that water!

While I'm not training for a tri... (yet) lol -- i can only imagine how much I'll relate, I have to assume swimming won't be my strong suit either as I haven't done much swimming in years and even then, it was more splashing around then serious swimming.

Aside from that - I think that fear you mention (of not being good at "it") is what holds most of us back from most of our big dreams... the trick is to feel the fear, embrace the not being perfect and do it anyway.

Always have hope that you will be great at it.

One of my fav. quotes comes from Shawshank Redemption:

"Fear will hold you prisoner, hope will set you free."

Jason said...

I was the same way. Hated going to the pool and now love it. It is the same thought process of I am not good at this but I will kill myself to get good.

Form is everything and it is amazing how much faster you go with the proper form.

Embrace your inner Nemo and love the H2O

BTW - Chuck just called and said he is afraid of the water. You got him on that one!

Mary said...

awesome! I need to get more comfortable in the water as well

Aimee said...

I love your new mantra and will probably be saying it to myself in the next couple of weeks too! Awesome job for getting in the pool!

Unknown said...

One of my shirts for sale at Chick 9 Clothing is "I love the smell of chlorine in the morning!" Maybe that needs to be your signature t-shirt!

starfaerie82 said...

Funny, the swim is the thing I am LEAST worried about for my first triathlon! I'm far more worried about the biking and then the run! I know the swim won't take me very long at all, the biking bit shouldn't be bad either, but the run is going to be my longest time for sure!

I swim around a mile per swim session so... yeah, so not worried about the swimming bit! I've been doing IM (Individual Medley) training lately and love it!

Keep swimming girl! You'll love it as much as I do and maybe more... if that's even possible...

Unknown said...

Oh Kovas--

Jason-killing myself to get good pretty much falls in line with everything I believe let the "killing" begin! LOL

Krista-Seriously?? Gotta check it out :) I don't remember seeing that one...Hmmmm. Sounds like a great motivations tool for me.

Julie @ HotlegsRunner said...

Hi! Thanks for passing by my blog. I'm liking yours so I'll be back for sure. Adding you to my blogroll =)

I love swimming. What I don't like is swimming in the cold! I don't know how you guys do it. Any advice aside from sucking it up? =)

Pahla said...

You are beyond awesome. I am so impressed with your courage AND your workouts! Swimming in the ocean scares the bejeesus out of me, and frankly so does that picture of the cat in the bathing suit! :P
I'm totally getting that Chick 9 shirt!

Unknown said...

Good mantra to have... pool swimming can be so boring! Keep up the great work!

My Life said...

3 miles this week? Awesome!! And I'm with you, the pool is not my fave. One of the best things about moving to New England last summer was all the ocean swims! Love it too!

Keri said...

Hey there, be sure to stop by my blog won something :)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You love chlorine and he green hair that comes with it right?!

I applaud you for taking on swimming-tough sport, but you will get stronger and that knee will heal!!