Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What now?

I look at my big blank calendar and wonder what's next for me.
I don't have a single race scheduled.
I don't have a date staring at me telling me what I am training for next.
No big red notes written in Sharpie.
No hot pink circles around the date.
It's blank. Nothing. Zippo.
What now? I feel LOST.

I must admit having so many things to train for was fun. It gave me a focus. A purpose. A goal. A reason to run-bike-swim-weight train. Since August I have had a race or event of some sort EVERY SINGLE weekend.

I thought that the break would give me a chance to rest and relax but I find myself feeling antsy instead.

I am a goal driven person.

So like a drug addict, I find myself searching for my next "fix".

What's next for me?

I'm not really sure.

I know that my time away from weight training has certainly effected my strength so I am working on rebuilding that.

I used be be able to bang out 35-40 military push ups NO PROBLEM. Yeah, I could barely do 20 this week. Talk about a crush to the old ego.

I was doing about 20 pull ups with a 30lb assist with ease and I was well on my way to doing them unassisted~I actually managed to do 1-2 on occasion with no assist.
This week I needed to bump the assist up to 50lbs and 15 was a challenge. sad.

I decided that it was time start seeing Shaun T on a regular basis this week. (For those of you who don't know, Shaun T. is the guy who does the Insanity workout DVD's) I made a commitment to myself to get back to the Insanity workouts. So today was my second early moring with Shaun T. I love him. Really. I do.

This spring when I was doing the Insanity workouts faithfully I was leaner. I was faster. I was running longer. I felt great! So I feel it was time to get back to business and bring this back into my workout regime.

^ that's Shaun T-

Now that it is dark until 6am I am trading in my early morning runs for a "date" with Shaun T. I will move my runs to later in the day since there is no longer concern for HOT afternoons. My weight training will be in the mid-morning at the Y or at home during Lola's naptime.

I getting back to double sessions (cardio/weight training splits) and counting every single morsel of food that crosses my lips to lean out once again and bring back my little 4-pack abs.
I would like to do 100 push ups. I want to do unassisted pull ups and chin ups.

I have found a couple local fun races~I am going to run a Halloween 10k dressed up in a costume pushing Lola in the BOB so not counting on any PR's there...

I am probably going to add in some sort of Turkey Trot and a Frozen Four...there is also an indoor triathlon at my local Y in a couple weeks but for now my schedule is empty. Of course I am planning on running the Eastern States 20-miler from Maine to Massachusetts in March 2011 but...

I guess this will be my goal:
To survive (mentally) without a set deadline.

But I am always open for suggestions-and dares. and ideas.

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KovasP said...

Sounds like your next goals are strength-related! That'll help with racing next season.

Julie said...

I ran a 20 mile race about a month ago. It helped me to prepare for my first marathon:) Good luck with the insanity workouts!

Molly said...

are you me right now? I have races that I would like to do, but nothing seriously planned. I have to work on the strength thing myself...I think your goal is those four pack abs!

Unknown said...

I know how you feel. I NEED something on the books to train for. after oct. 31st I will be in limbo......get sweaty just thinking about it! good luck with all the strength training!

Courtney said...

I just wrote a post on goal setting too! I'm with everyone else, strength training is calling for you!

Aimee said...

It sounds like you have some good goals! I too need to get back into weight/strength training. I think after my marathon I'll start it back up!

Melissa Cunningham said...

oh,i know how you feel chica!!! but it seemslike you already have agood plan of action for the weights-looking forward to following you along on this!