Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Boston Schmoston!

I do love Boston and had the pleasure of living there for quite a few years. I was there in my 20's and let's just say that my priorities were not quite what they are today.

I liked to dance and party with my friends. I liked to go to the clubs (at least 5 nights a week) and was able to balance that with working 50+ hours a week. I worked and shopped on Newbury Street. I loved my career in fashion-I never wanted to settle down, get married or have kids. My eyes were set on New York City and I was contemplating a move there. I loved the big, bright lights, fast-paced city life!

Ironically (now), my office at the time was actually straddled between Newbury/Clarendon/Boylston streets in the New England Financial building-right on the Boston Marathon finish line. I used to get annoyed at all the people who crowed the area on marathon day. I dreaded Patriot's Day just because of this madness! Were these people crazy?? Running 26.2 miles and all this fuss.

I used to say that only way you would ever catch ME running was if they were giving away Louis Vuitton handbags. (I am SURE I have mentioned this tidbit of info before...)

The most important things to me at that time were a) what was THE coolest designer handbag to have b) how many designer watches and sunglasses can I own c) can I make it through the day on diet coke and coffee alone? d) what was I wearing OUT that night?

Yeah, times change.

These days I am seriously considering selling my massive collection of designer handbags to buy a tri bike. I could care less what bag is the HOT bag. My "handbag" is now a little drawstring backpack I got at Tri for a Cure.

My daughter broke my (very expensive) Escada sunglasses last year and I have yet to fix them-I can't run or bike in them! That G logo Gucci watch I salivated over for months back in 1998 has not been out of my jewelry box in years. I have "traded" that watch in for a Polar F6 or my Garmin 305 depending on the day and the workout.

I can't tell you the last time I danced at a club or even had an "adult beverage" for that matter. I can't go more than 3-4 hours without eating something. I don't drink Diet Coke at all.

My favorite outfit is my black running skirt and my Mizuno tech shirt.

...and this brings me full circle back to Boston but with different eyes.

I think back to the times I was living in Back Bay and how I could have had so many glorious runs through the Esplanade or the Boston Commons. Long, hilly runs out to Newton. Or even just the opportunity to take some time out of my busy day on Patriot's Day and cheer on all those runners that were crossing the line just steps from me.

Do I want to run THE Boston Marathon? someday?
you betcha!

I was considering running as part of a charity team for 2011 but on the day I was supposed to sign up, I found myself staring at the computer screen and never even filled out my name on the application. I had a couple conversations with friends and family about this-running for charity vs. qualifying. All sides were debated with pro's and con's to each. For now I am going to hold off on running for charity. I have some other things that need to be accomplished first. But let's just say:
I have time and I have a plan.

So we will see what the future holds for my "return" to BOSTON. Needless to say, Boston 2011 is not on my radar but I plan to go to cheer on those who BQ'd and get in!

SO if you did it this year-for the first or the fifth time
This is an accomplishment to be proud of~I look forward to cheering you on in 2011!!


Andrew Opala said...

great perspective post - and I can relate to your feelings about running from the shoes of a runner and from the shoes of a young watcher.

Thanks for your well wishes in my running!

Unknown said...

Great post! You can do it! interesting how much we change. :)

Melissa Cunningham said...

oh! love this post! just goes to show you how even as adults,we are always growing as a person!!!

Aimee said...

This is such a great post! It is truly amazing how things change the older we get. I like how you said, "I have a time and I have a plan!" I can't wait to hear what you have in store for your "return" to Boston!