Thursday, September 2, 2010

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!!

The hottest BABE on the BEACH!

It has certainly been a HOT one here in Maine~it's an official heat wave! All week it has been 90+ degree weather and we are making the best of it. I was actually quite sad last week to think that my fun-filled days of summer with Lola were coming to an end...BUT we have been blessed with another taste of summer! We have had some amazing beach and we are having a BLAST!
While this is not ideal running weather, I have been planning accordingly. Getting up at 4am to run, going to the gym and getting in some swimming.

I have been wearing my wet suit for my open ocean swims lately and last week my face and feet were FREEEEZING! But this week, the Atlantic has been beautiful! Hurricane Earl has brought some rough seas and rip currents to the mix-the lifeguards have been pretty strict on how far you can go out (not past your waist) so some of the swims have been interesting to say the least. I even got in lots of fun playtime in the ocean body surfing and boogey-boarding.

Taking a break to rehydrate and refuel before heading back into the wild waves! Notice the goggles are full of crackers!

Even Lola is having a ball playing in the warmer water and the big waves! I can't get her OUT of the water-even with the huge, crashing waves that the hurricane brought. They would knock her down, roll her around and she would get right back up~ready for more!

A triumphant moment for Lola!

Be one with the water!

So today is supposed to be the last day of HOT before the rains and high winds reach us. Today will be a long day at the beach and I will soak up every ray of sun and every wonderful memory of my summer with my girl. I really feel like the luckiest lady in the world!!
-more HOT notes-

As you may recall from my tantrum on Tuesday, I got my eating back in line this week and I am getting in some quality workouts-Finally!! I have certainly noticed an improvement in my attitude and the way I feel since getting back to basics.
I decided it was time for a HOT breakfast after my awesome BRICK workout this morning (biked 13.8 miles then ran 3.1) I had an egg-white omelet with leftover homemade turkey & bean chili from earlier this week and topped it off with some HABENERO hot sauce. Yummmm....

We had some fun family time! Lola and I got into our matching SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS PJ's and danced up a storm in the home gym~my husband was kind enough to snap a couple pics of us looking HOT in our cool jammies!!

We do have LOTS of fun!! Not sure how I ended up with one flip flop ON & the other on the floor but...

Finally, make sure you check the margin for some HOT new contests and giveaways. Sugoi recovery tights, the Marilyn top from Backpack sports and ALO yoga pants. I will also have my first giveaway coming up this weekend!!
Happy Thursday!!


AM! said...

You've got a pretty sweet home gym! dang.

and it's only begun to be warm over here in Cali. It's supposed to be hot today...we'll see.

and yah, your lil' one is a hawt mama!;-)

Emz said...

I love the triumph photo. COmpletely awesome!