Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh! What a week it's been

Hello and Happy Friday~boy what a week it has been! It has certainly been a fun week that is for sure.

First let's get to the nitty-gritty of my Friday check in.
How did I do this week?? Well, I was a good girl food wise (for the most part) I kept it clean and I managed to get in some quality workouts.

With that being said there was NO LOSS on the scale this week.

I have been playing with the idea of joining the local YMCA so I can swim with Lola during the Fall and Winter~we were given a one week trial at our tour on Tuesday so we have been spending lots of time playing there this week.

While I am not really impressed with their gym at all, the benefits of being able to swim and have Lola play with other little ones so I can workout out weight that. Plus they offer classes and I have been wanting to get in a spinning class SO we will see if the Y is in the cards for this family.

I really want to share my fun week with everyone. Last Friday we kicked off the weekend with a run with The BOB Brigade~we ran from Jana's place, thru the mean streets of Saco and over to the local HS track for some speed work. It was hotter than Hades and we were sweating buckets! But it was a fun morning and a great workout.

Avery, Jana, Lola and me being sneaky under the stadium steps of the track

4 members of The BOB Brigade, Tricia, Luke, Jana & Avery

Lola getting some speedwork lessons from Jana~
she's a great coach!

Saturday hubby had a fantasy football draft at the house so I went with my Mom, Dad & Auntie M to Ft Williams for the Cornerstone Baptist Church annual picnic. We had so much fun! I was wearing my thinking cap that day because I brought my running gear with me to sneak in a quick 3mile jaunt around the park.
I am really in love with this place! I see many, many more runs here. I liked the mixed terrain (gravel, pavement, grass, hills, steps) as well as the majestic ocean and lighthouse views.
Dancing with Lola in the Gazebo!

Chillin' with my girl!

Saturday night we went down to Fortune's to walk and check out the waves that Hurricane Earl brought to town~you can't really tell from the pics but the waves were AWESOME!!

Even though we were fully dressed, Lola and I ended up in the water and playing in the waves. They would knock her down and she would go right back in, ready for more!
I literally had to carry her out of the water to get her home.
She was SO mad when we had to leave!

The lifeguard closed one side of the beach due to massive rip currents!
After cleaning up from our beach adventure we went to OOB to walk around, play some games and take Lola on her first Carousel ride. Then another....then another....then another.

One of the four rides on the Carousel

We played several games and spend several dollars trying to win a big blue teddy bear for Lola~ Then she tried her own luck at the Duck Game and she won!! She picked the dolphin stuffy over the frog :) that's my girl!!

Then it was time to eat so we went to Jimmy The Greeks for some wings (ok so not really clean here but it does not count on a Holiday Weekend!!)
Since Lola loves wings we had quite the laugh watching her devour the delish wings at Jimmy's!!
Even the waitstaff fell in love with her antics
Lola can really make a mess!! but she digs those wings
Monday morning rolled around and it was time to head out to run the Labor Day Classic 5k. This is the second year for this race~yes, I ran it last year. It is a fundraising event started by a local family, the Denger's. Both son's Matthew and Patrick have Duchenne's muscular dystrophy and this event raises money for research.
It is a great family focused event and the volunteers are great! This is also a fun course to run~gently sloping hills all through the neighborhood. The weather was perfect too. While I was hoping to establish a new PR (personal record) for this race, with the lack of quality running the last 4 weeks those plans were quickly tossed out the window. My purpose for running this year was to just have fun.
I finished with an official "gun time" (no chips at this race) of 24:13-certainly not even close to a PR for me but to my surprise!! I did win FIRST in my age group. This is the first time I have won first in anything running related so yippee!! Another medal to add to my very small (but growing) collection.

Every race hubby and I coordinate it so I can get a good luck high five from my daughter~or high pie as she calls it. This pic shows me closing in for the high five and my Auntie M decided to join in and add her own high five too!!

Post race with my Mom and Lola.

Cheering on runners at the chute with Lola!

Getting my FIRST place AG medal

Bling baby BLING!! Can't wait to add more
All in all it was a fabulous weekend and I could not think of a better way to celebrate the end of summer- Spending time with my family and running. What more could a girl wish for??


Melissa Cunningham said...

OH WOW!!!!sounds likes so much fun!!!!!your daughter just cracks me up,she looks like likes she could be the poster child for energizer baterry comercials! she is just tooooo stinkin cute!!! congrats on the 5k first in AG!!!! whoooo!!!

Aimee said... sounds like you had an awesome weekend! Lola is soooo cute and the pictures were awesome!
Congrats on your AG win...woohoo! :)

Andrew Opala said...

1st place AG! Wow. You are AWESOME!

zbsports said...

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