Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting (half) Naked

There is a term often used to describe running without "gadgets"-
It's called Running Naked

NOT this kind of naked running

you know what gadgets I mean, the iPod or the Garmin 
running without one of these things is called running half naked

99.9% of the time, I am running with my ipod and my Garmin or Polar HRM
(I don't like my Garmin for running on the TM).
I find that music really compliments my running!

-if I am doing speedwork, I make sure the playlist is loaded with rock, some "angry" music or songs that really stoke up that internal fire
-for long, endurance runs I like to listen to a bit of softer music or pop stuff-Ke$ha and P!nk certainly have a way of bringing out my "dancy" side when I am out there a long time. I have been known to bust out some sic dance moves while running.
-podcasts are a relatively new addition to my iPod--there are so many quality programs to listen to and these are also great "company" on those long runs and even long rides on the trainer. Of course, most of my podcasts are about triathlon and there are several local triathletes that are on my subscribe list.

When I run road races, I do run with my iPod and create race pace playlists that are well thought out. I have my goal time in mind when I create the playlist and will put two power songs at the end. So cliche, but the Rocky Theme (Gonna Fly Now) is usually one of those last songs. Something about that song tells me it's GO TIME!
Or there is the even present Right Now by Van Halen or Lose Yourself by Eminem that are a guaranteed push for me.

Triathlon, enter stage left.

Hello Jen, welcome to the wonderful world of multisport. For your endurance pleasure, the USAT Rules do now allow for any kind of headphones, MP3 players or iPods on the race course.

I often wonder how this rule came into play and I am certain it is a safety issue.
I have no problems running 3.1 miles without music and have raced just fine without it.

Heck, even 6.2 miles should not be that much of a challenge for me to race sans music.
Now that I am going to tackle half-iron distance it's time for me to get half-naked with my running and start training my brain to run without my friends Eminem and Van Halen
still be able dig deep to push on thru and hit GO when need be.
Brain Training 101

Monday's afternoon run outside was just that-my first Brain Training run with no music. It was actually quite nice. I focused on my form. I thought about my breathing. I listened to the sounds of gravel crunching under my Fastwitches. I heard the strong winds blowing right through me.
But I was still able to run my run,  I was still able to hit those negative splits (8:31, 8:25, 8:21, 7:56, 7:13) with just the sounds of nature and my mind to guide me.
Granted, this was only a short run and the real tests will come later on in my training-those long runs and bricks but I am sure I will be just fine. I think I will also take advantage of finding more training partners to run and bike my days away.

I would love to hear from those of you who are logging the miles without music!
Tell me what keeps you company when you are out on the road all alone?

For those of you who prefer musical motivation, what's rockin' your playlist right now??

You entered my RoadID giveaway, right?
I'd rather be running totally naked than out running or biking without it!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I always train with something to occupy my mind, music, podcasts, tv if I am on the dreadmill

What I have learned that, for me, racing is a whole different experience, I am too worried of what is going around, what I could have done better the discipline before, looking at other racers, looking at the crowds or scenry, how much farther I need to go. Thinking about my post race PIZZAAAAAA reward, PLUS you can make a new friend and run along with someone, that passes away the time ALOT. I havent been bored at a race yet.

JenniferLeah said...

BDD-Im so not worried about being bored...more about getting rid of the "crutch" the music has become.
You can keep me company next year at Cedar Pt kay? :)

Running Mama x5 said...

I always run with music too. My first run without happened last weekend on my long run when my shuffle died 5 miles in to a 10 miles run. Like you, I sorta enjoyed it. I have lots of Pink, Kesha, Cee Leo, Poison, ACDC, GreenDay and even some Sugarland. It needs to have the perfect BPM for me.

Katie said...

bahahaha! those naked butts surprised me in my reader!

Colleen said...

That picture is so funny!

My husband and I were just talking about "running naked", although without watches or garmins either. We just don't do it a lot. I will say that I barely run with headphones and I think USAT is to thank for that since I train for tri's - I've just kind of gotten out of the habit. My mind kind of wanders... or I sing to myself in my head! Usually the last song that I heard before running! :)

Tricia said...

I've ditched the music for my long runs....but have picked up a group of ladies to run with. :) So its not quiet.

ann said...

I run with nothing. I love it. Marathon, 1/2's ME time. I have a 2 and 4 year old....the piece and quite is amazing. I go over "to-do" lists, think about things. It's great. Sometimes I dedicate a mile to someone. Think about that person the whole mile, then switch to another person. that helps alot.

Holly said...

I have to have music if I am on the deadmill, most of the time I am not running with someone else so it makes the time pass and I don't want to stop early. If I'm outside I either wear just one side of my headphones so I can still hear or I just go without. Eminem's latest album has been my running music for awhile, but I'm starting to go back to Rob Zombie. Before Eminem it was Red Hot Chili Peppers.

She said I need a goal said...

My old ipod would die at a minimum halfway into my runs so I would be forced to run sans music. I hate it.. hate hate hate.. 5km I can do but not a clue how I am going to make it through the run for my half iron. For some reason I don't like music on the bike, too distracting.


misszippy said...

I absolutely always run w/o music and w/o Garmin. I love it. Music would be a big distraction to to hear the world around me, think, etc.

Jason said...

Stopped wearing iPod a long time ago and now I can't imagine running with one. I enjoy listening to the crunch under my feet, the wind howling, a hello from a fellow runner and my breathe.

You won't even remember that you are not wearing one after a whiel

Molly said...

I don't run with music when I do group training runs, and never in races, I got into the habit during marathon training, I felt like I was training my mind at the same time I was training my bod. But when I'm by myself, on short runs I'll run with music. and I need the tv on while on the treadmill..

Haley said...

Good luck training your brain to run naked Jen!! At night I run without music just so I can be more aware of my surroundings but when I run at night I'm usually so over-stimulated noise-wise from being at home with 2 loud kids all day I embrace the quiet :)

Maybe send Eminem's and Van Halen's reps a message and see if they'd all race alongside you singing ;)

Alex said...

Hey Jen, I've never run with music so I am used to it, but I LOVE listening to the birds, breeze, my own breathing... Sometimes I just stop and take in the stillness and quietness. I sometimes do some mindfulness, trying to stay in the moment by noting everything as I run, in an effort to get my mind a little stiller. Sometimes I just psych myself out and undermine my own running! But I just love running naked!

Shona said...

I started running without an iPod when I came to the USA as there are no sidewalks where I live so I'm running on the road and need to be aware of cars and trucks coming. I actually don't miss it any more. I find I focus a lot more on my form and my breathing. I get a lot of peace and clarity in my head with the time I get to think. Some days people would think I'm crazy if they heard me but I have been known to have a word with myself too especially up the big hills lol. I think you could surprise yourself how quickly you get used to it and I hope you'll even get to enjoying it as much as I do :)