Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Transformation Tuesday!

I am excited to bring TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY to Miles, Muscles & Mommyhood!! 

Having shared my own story of weight loss has brought so many people into my life that have had similar struggles and successes with overcoming obesity and reaching their health goals. I love the diversity of HOW and WHY and I am so  happy to share these stories with YOU. 

Let me introduce my friend, Jennifer. 

From Jennifer-Today, I got to live my version of a Cinderella story.  I got to tell the girl on the left that her goals of finally being healthy and running a marathon were achieved. I am now at peace with my past so I can live in the now.  All of your dreams can come true if you have the courage to peruse them. ~Walt Disney. 

Jaw dropping, right!!?? Jennifer has lost a staggering 160lbs. This beautiful Mom and Wife is just as pretty on the inside as well. I have been blessed to get to know Jennifer though mutual friends and the power of social media. I am HONORED to share her story!

In her own words:

My challenges with my weight started at a very early age. I can remember being on a diet as early as second grade. I was active as a child however so that slowed down the inevitable weight gain to a degree. By the time I graduated high school however my weight was in the 200's. When high school was done so were the sports and dance. The weight came on even faster. I tried every diet there was, TWICE. That was before I realized that diets don't work. I rode that roller coaster for years. Taking off ten or fifteen pounds and putting back on twenty or more. I did not have any health issues at this point but I dreamed of more. I desperately wanted to run and feel good. I also longed to wear the beautiful clothes that my counter parts were wearing in management for a professional hair care company. At the age of 28 I had enough. I was just over three hundred pounds and fed up. Was this really living I asked myself?! I had found my breaking point...
This is when it all clicked. If I wanted what I had never had, then I had to do what I had never done. I broke up with fast food as well as Ben and Jerry's. I started eating vegetables and fruit. (The joke at the salon that I had worked at was that I hated salad.Turns out it's delicious. Who knew?!) I started making some swaps (lean chicken or egg beaters vs pizza or cereal) and I also started walking. The walking turned to a run/walk and then a very slow jog. In about six months I had taken off fifty pounds. By the end of a year I had taken off one hundred pounds. In eleven years I have taken off and kept off, a little over one hundred and sixty pounds. I enjoy eating clean and running. It was not always easy. I have had many times that I had to remind myself why this was important to me. Now that I am here at a healthier me and I look back, I can truly see that every tear shed and every moment of frustration was not for nothing. Those times of my life built me. They made me strong enough to dare to run that marathon and to not back down when the going gets tough. It is so true that anything is possible when you just believe.


1. What would be your biggest piece of advice to give someone who wants to get started on their own journey?
Surround yourself with like minded people and lots of motivation. You will need a good support system which other healthy people in your life will provide. Someone to get you active on the day that it's a challenge or to share a new healthy recipe they just tried. 
The other piece of advice is motivation. SURROUND yourself with it! A Pinterst page, Facebook pages, follow blogs and make a vision board. A vision board is photos and words of what "healthy" means to you. Mine is inside a kitchen cupboard door with motivation and goals. Thinking of snacking, just look in that cupboard. �� All of this will keep you inspired when the going gets tough and that will be huge in your success.
2. What is your favorite moment in your journey?
Actually that would be the moment captured in the photo. When I was overweight as a child two of my teachers were running marathons. I always ached inside to someday be healthy enough to run one. I am so thankful for the photographer that captured the moment that I made that dream come true. I am crying happy tears there.It is still surreal to me.

3. If you could go back in time to the "old Jenn" and say just ONE sentence to her, what would it be?

"Your tears of despair will be 
replaced by tears of triumph."

4. What is your favorite workout?
This is tough for me to pick! I love Boot Camp and it has brought my life and fitness to a level I never thought possible but I have to go with running. That dream is what kept me going along the journey. Starting as a run/walk, running that first mile then my first 5k, 10k, half marathon and then the Dopey Challenge in January. Running puts me in the right head space. To remember how far I've come and to dream about what's next. Running saved me.
5. What is your favorite meal?
Almond flax chicken (marinated in olive oil, almond butter, lemon and spices) and roasted brussel sprouts. Yummy!!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Let's CELEBRATE #TuTusRock

Ahh, this little SELF issue really blew up thanks to social media and you all sharing this story.
I am DELIGHTED to see all of the good that is coming from this blunder by SELF.

Monika Allen is seeing that an entire community of runners and women are behind her and rallying to cheer for her! Her business GLAM RUNNER has seen a HUGE influx of business (she can't even keep up!) and the attention to GIRLS ON THE RUN has increased. Virtual runs are kicking up all over the place!! Fundraising for cancer and GOTR all over are increasing....GOOD GOOD THINGS.

Being one to focus on the POSITIVE!!! Let's CELEBRATE all the good things that are running, getting healthy and LIFTING ONE ANOTHER UP UP UP!!

Let's SHARE our LOVE of being active with tweets, FB shares, Instagrams and Pins of everyone getting out, moving and SMILING!! Tag 'em #TuTusROCK!!

From GLAM RUNNER's FB page:

Thank you everyone for the overwhelming support! While we were hurt by SELF Magazine's use of our photo in their magazine, instead of bashing them for their mistake we'd like to embody the Girls on the Run San Diego spirit and show our solidarity with our positive response. Do something awesome and dedicate it to Glam Runner - post an encouraging quote on Facebook, go for a run in your neighborhood, shout encouragement to runners on the street, or wear a tutu in your next race. Help us share why ‪#‎tutusrock‬!

Thursday, March 27, 2014


wow...I am so glad that I Facebooked/Tweeted/Blogged about the lame article from SELF MAGAZINE digital version yesterday...based on the thousands of blog hits, replies to all the posts and tweets about it--
I am guessing that SELF magazine won't run this in the print edition!

THEY DON'T HAVE A CLUE as to how appalling their BS is...

if you have no clue what I am talking about, here:

What is actually really disgusting about this who debacle, is how they OBTAINED the images of these two fabulous woman RUNNING IN THOSE TUTU's.

Guess what?? This is how--

SELF magazine after the magazine solicited their business, GLAM RUNNER, for photos of runners in tutus. They were disappointed and shocked after the photos they provided to the magazine were used as part of a feature of things SELF Magazine considers "lame". 

FROM GLAM RUNNER Facebook page:
Excited to see our tutus in SELF Magazine ... but shocked to see that running tutus are classified as lame. Especially considering the fact that this picture is from last year's LA Marathon when Glam Runner founders Tara and Monika ran together as superheroes ... because Monika was recently diagnosed with brain cancer and was running a marathon in the middle of a year of chemo.

The magazine Editor, Lucy Danziger is even MORE LAME!!

Here is her "apology" on the GLAM RUNNER Facebook page in the comments of a post talking about how SELF used the images and their "Lame" label--

Really?? TUTUs make you FASTER??
And I don't care if you support "pink ribbon" anything...the fact that you would use something as simple as wearing a tutu while running and label it LAME is insulting. 

WHY IS IT SO HARD to UPLIFT AND SUPPORT women who are getting out and getting  moving? Regardless of size, shape or what you are wearing? How does this encourage people to get healthy and have them embrace a fit life?

From a magazine that worships celebrity, overpriced fashion, airbrushing the models to an unrealistic body size and perpetuating an image of unattainable beauty to a population of women who already struggle enough with self image?


I did see that NBC in San Diego, CA caught light of this story and they have shared it!!


So I encourage you to 




Let' show our SUPPORT for Glam Runner and send messages that are positive and encouraging. 
I cancelled my subscription to SELF and will instead spend that money on a new TUTU.

I'd love to see you TWEET yours TUTU pics!! 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SELF Magazine: LAME

I stumbled across this yesterday and was like WTF...


FROM GLAM RUNNER Facebook page:
Excited to see our tutus in SELF Magazine ... but shocked to see that running tutus are classified as lame. Especially considering the fact that this picture is from last year's LA Marathon when Glam Runner founders Tara and Monika ran together as superheroes ... because Monika was recently diagnosed with brain cancer and was running a marathon in the middle of a year of chemo.

Then I read a post from the sister of one of the girls featured

My sister TMae Baize and her friend Monika Carlson Allen were recently picture in SELF magazine after the magazine solicited their business, GLAM RUNNER, for photos of runners in tutus. They were disappointed and shocked after the photos they provided to the magazine were used as part of a feature of things SELF Magazine considers "lame". Instead of using an anonymous photo from any race and blurring out faces to diss active and enthusiastic runners, the magazine used a photo that Tmae and Monika happily provided. Glam Runner is a business that comes from their heart and is used to fund a cause close to them called GIRLS ON THE RUN, which not only trains young girls to run a 5K, but also helps the girls address issues such as body image, bullying, and peer pressure. Additionally, the photo featured is from a marathon that Tmae and Monika ran dressed as Super Heroes because at that time Monika had recently been diagnosed with brain cancer and was running the marathon in the middle of a year of chemo. The tutus do not make for a faster PR, but when wearing them in group, identify teammates, runners can be motivated by the attention the tutu brings, and spectators can't help but smile. What IS NOT LAME is the sight of hundreds of young girls in tutus running their first (or 10th!) 5k with a fun costume on and a smile on their faces. SELF Magazine, next time you need photos to put someone or something down, don't ASK for them from a business.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Which Whey?

My whey or the highway...

Ha! love it. I am actually reposting this blog from one of my athletes who is also a former scientist. I love that she digs into the science behind nutrition and training. We can have totally geeky convos about all kinds of stuff! Anyway, when it comes to protein supplements, not all are created the same.

Do you know what is in YOUR protein powder? 

Heavy metals? Hormones? Stimulants?

I love that MY whey is organic, from grazing grass fed happy cows that are not pumped up with hormones and antibiotics. My protein powder is safe for children, pregnant and nursing Mom's and provides a full range of amino acids and nutrients. 



In keeping with my new Friday theme of “Food Fact Friday”, I’m taking a look at Whey protein powders.
I was introduced to protein powder about 5 years, when I started working with a trainer at the gym.   She recommended a protein powder, that was awesome!!  Loved it!  But as time went on, I started to learn about protein powders and what was in them.
And I started to learn what I DIDN’T want in my body.   As part of my “building a bada$$ triathlete” this year, I kicked up my nutrition plan.  Switched over to organic meat, (I already was eating fish 1-2x’s/week) and upped my veggies.   And my nutritional plan has a new protein powder.   And I kept hearing how this one was so much better, from athletes, I respect, who were feeling a difference in their performance.
Being the researcher that I am, I took a very close look at not only the ingredients but WHERE they were coming from.
science_microscopeAll whey comes from milk.   NOW, I’m one of those folks  who firmly believes that if we ingest things, like whey, that come from an animal, then what condition that animal is raised and handled, affects that food.   Instead of me getting on my soap box and talking about how those factors affect our food, here is a GREAT article that explains it in detail.
Grass fed vs grain fed <<<-----seriously b="" read="" this="">
I LOVE the paragraph that says It’s not only important what we eat. It also matters what the foods that we eat, ate.”
And that is the take home message for me.   The protein source for my nutrition plan is from grass fed, free roaming cows.  Whey protein from grass-fed cows deliver more amino acids and nutrients, is made with the finest non-denatured,  cold processed whey protein concentrate from grass-fed cows that are not hormone treated.
So, I’m taking in a protein powder that my body loves!!!   And did you know????
  • The more natural your food, the more lean muscle and the less body-fat you’ll probably have (this is because natural foods are assimilated better into the body)
  • Toxins that you ingest can impair the fat burning and muscle building processes
My objective, in using protein powder, is to gain more lean muscle and drop the body fat.  And by using a protein drink that does that AND has no “add-ins” (like hormones that the cow was given), I feel I am cleaning out my body a bit more.   We are subjected to taking in toxins we don’t want (pollution, pesticides, etc) and if I can take control of some of that, I know my health will benefit.
I LOVE my new nutrition plan!!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Marching Ahead...

thanks for all your comments and questions about my nutritional plan. I would LOVE to share with anyone about, feel free to reach out to me to chat! 
(you can find me on FB and msg me or email me at jsmalltri(at)gmail)

I cannot believe MARCH is almost here!!

This coming month is full of adventures and one of my favorite times of the year.
Not basketball.
Not St. Patty's Day.


Last year we ventured out to Boulder CO and it was a BLAST! This year we will hold summit in Rev3's hometown of Manassas VA. They have a HUGE retail store and the company headquarters there. I am so excited to check it out and see my teammates...and meet the newbies who are joining us in 2014.

The thing I love about our team is that they always see to pick some really cool folks. Just when I think the team can't get better, it somehow does. We all end up very close friends and summit is certainly a way to bond even more. 

With the very tragic loss of our teammate, David, we are welcoming his beautiful wife Ashley to our team. I am sure it will be a very emotional summit this year as well. David was an amazing man and he made all of us smile just being around him. 

I was super excited to see that my friend, Eric made the team this year so we will be flying down to VA together! Also, another friend, Jen G. made the team too!! I met Jen on the beach several summers ago when I first started doing triathlons. She lives in CT and visits Maine in the summers. 

some very mature antics on CO last year

There are so many cool "new kids" this year too...as well as returning veterans that I adore. 
I really love this team and they have become my second family. 

I am also excited to go back to shorter distances again and work on speed and power for a bit. I know that I missed running faster and now that I am getting leaner and stronger, this will be super fun!

Other than Knoxville, Quassy, Maine, Poconos and a handful of other races, my season is still not fully developed yet! There will be some sprints and Oly's in there with a bunch of halfs...That is a weird feeling since I usually have everything planned out December...but with working has been so busy with clients and classes! I love it. 

a rough day at the "office" with my coworkers little girl, Olivia! she worked out hard with us today! 

What races are you getting excited for??

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Challenge: Continued

So several weeks ago, I started a post about a nutritional challenge. You can catch up here...

so I was heading into my day--a nutritional cleanse day and I was a little leery. I actually would say my attitude sucked going into this...I hear the word cleanse and think "GI Cleanse" but this is a detox cleanse--using natural fruit juices and herbs to help to rid the body of toxins and supplementing your day with little snacks. A break to the GI system and a way to flush the body of toxins that build up in our bodies.

Nutritional Cleansing increases the health benefits you’ll receive from the ancient health practice of cleansing. The herbs, vitamins and minerals that aid cleansing do two things:
  • Accelerate the removal of impurities from the body.
  • Nourish the body with vital nutrients to rapidly revive health.
A cleansed and revitalized body is stronger, resists illness better, is more efficient and performs at a higher level than one that is filled with impurities. Many people notice an ability to reach and maintain their ideal weight.

I was expecting to hate it and call it stupid. I am the biggest skeptic out there. It took me a year to even try this. 

But I was feeling energized and CLEAR. I tried a one day cleanse and I could not believe how great I felt! even dare say better than I had in a long time.

I continued the nutritional plan as written and not diverting from it for a second. After a few days, it was insane how GREAT I felt. And alert. I did not miss coffee and I any sort of craving for "junk" was deeply diminished. In week one I dropped 8lbs and my lean tummy was returning.

I continued on with week two in the same way. Super clean nutrition, eating every couple of hours and using only clean nutritional supplements (vitamins, a super clean protein shake twice per day), implementing the nutritional cleanse to release toxins and lots of water.

These are just random pics of some of my meals

At the end of the two week trial period I dropped 14lbs and nearly 2 inches from my waist. From that loss, my body fat dropped 4.7%.

I was sold. There would be NO GOING back to the way I was eating before.
getting leaner every week
no, I did not make my bed 

I consulted a nutritionist regarding this plan and the needs for endurance athletes; she helped me to map out a plan specifically for me (as well as a structure for endurance athletes) and how this is going to play into my life once I up my training and hit some bigger cycles. I was psyched to have her look over the plan and give it a big thumbs up and talk to me more a bit about how the whole system played a role in recovery, refueling and keeping that muscle mass.

BUT--The biggest reasons I am sticking to this plan?

ENERGY-my energy is through the roof! no more stimulants like coffee are even needed. I feel amazing. Never have I felt this energized and focused. 

RECOVERY-my body recovers quicker workout to workout.

STRENGTH-I am preserving LEAN MUSCLE MASS and dropping body fat (measurements and body fat measurements confirm this)

TIME-It made my day easy and simplified my daily nutrition. I have super easy grab/go options and I am getting in MORE nutrient dense meals into my day without spending more time prepping them. 

-It falls in line with every single EAT CLEAN principle I have been behind since I started my own 120lbs of weight loss 5 years ago. Ethically, it agrees with all the fundamentals I have been held onto from the start!

I cannot wait to tackle 2014 leaner & meaner than ever!!