Monday, September 15, 2014

Musical Monday: Your Life Soundtrack

I have so many recaps to send your way...lots of fun stuff from Rev3 Maine with a great Rev3 Maine recap interview with local Pro Mike Caiazzo, to The Mainiac to Rev3 joining Challenge Family for 2015...

but today I'm gonna throw a little "Musical Monday" at you! While on a run the other day, I had a funny thought.

If your life was a movie, what would be your soundtrack?

I do love to listen to music while I run and there are SO many songs out there that motivate me in so many ways. Some are snippets of lyrics that are meaningful to me, at times it is just the song itself, or some crazy beat that makes me jump out of my skin (Turn Down for What?)

What would MY soundtrack look like?


We Got Together, Grease Soundtrack
I remember vividly when my Dad bought me this album. I played it 100x a day until I was a pre-teen. I attribute my affinity for spandex to the early years of life when all I wanted was a pair of skin tight pants like Olivia Newton John at the end of Grease. OBSESSED. I'd be lying if I said I can sit still when I hear this song...Im actually dancing while I type this singing it in my head.


Poison, Nothin' But a Good Time
Big hair. Tight pants. Loud music. Party time. Are we starting to see a theme here? I definitely loved Motley Crue, Poison and the hair bands of the 80's. Nothing but a good time...


Stardust, Music Sounds Better with You
Independent City Girl. Still wearing tight pants but the hair got smoother. Loved to spend my time with the European artsy/progressive types. Cafes. Snobbery. Boston, New York, Miami. Shopping on Newbury St., 5th Ave, Lincoln Road. Designer this and that. Work hard all the night away. House music was a staple. Robert Miles. Massive Attack.  Lived on very little sleep and fueled my days with coffee, cigarettes and diet coke. 


Blue October, Hate Me
(early 30's) This is when I came back to Maine, and things all started to change for me. I started to gain weight and life wasn't sunshine & roses. There was a lot of angry, dark music during those days. Lots of angry Eminem and Blue October...

Evanescence-Bring Me to Life
(mid 30's "the change") when the FIT hit the SHAN, and I embraced change, I used to listen to this song and just imagine the changes I could make. It is still such a powerful song to me that stirs up emotions of how I felt in those early days. The change was starting and I was driving down a path that would forever change my life in so many ways. In good ways. I woke up...and saved myself from the "nothing" I had become.


There are so many songs that keep me moving, smiling, working and striving for better every day. Here are a few that keep those wheels spinning...Eminem's Till I Collapse & Afraid are tops there! Right now these are two songs that I am loving for motivation to keep striving for better!! 

The Script-Hall of Fame

You can throw your hands up

You can beat the clock (yeah)
You can move a mountain
You can break rocks
You can be a master
Don't wait for luck
Dedicate yourself and you gon' find yourself

One Republic-Love Runs Out

I got my mind made up and I can't let go.
I'm killing every second 'til it saves my soul.
I'll be running, I'll be running,
'til the love runs out, 'til the love runs out.
And we'll start a fire, and we'll shut it down,
'til the love runs out, 'til the love runs out.


Let's hear YOUR soundtrack!! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Rev3Maine: Part 1

Endless Pools & the Ice Bucket Challenge at Maine’s REV3 Triathlon

REV3, the family-friendly triathlon series, rolled through Old Orchard Beach, Maine,
this past weekend. In addition to the usual events – including the always-popular
Endless Pool demo swims – the weekend featured particularly spirited tributes to
the continued fight against ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Triathlete Jen Small does the "Blazeman Roll" across the finish line at the REV3 Triathlon in Old Orchard Beach, ME, August 24, 2014.
Team REV3 triathlete Jen Small did the ‘Blazeman Roll’ at this weekend’s event. 
The lively finish-line crossing is named for Jon ‘Blazeman’ Blais, who was 
diagnosed with ALS before he’d fulfilled his dream of completing the IRONMAN™ 
World Championship in Kona. He vowed, “Even if I have to be rolled across the
 finish line, I'm finishing.” Miraculously, he did just that, ‘log-rolling’ across the
 finish line in 2005 to become the first person diagnosed with ALS to complete 
the grueling course. Since his passing in 2007, triathletes continue to do the 
“Blazeman Roll” in his honor. At this weekend’s REV3 triathlon, the memory
of his fire and determination was alive and well.

Announcer Sean English takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at the REV3 Triathlon in Old Orchard Beach, ME, August 2014.
REV3 announcer Sean English opted for the super-dunk version of the ALS
 Ice Bucket Challenge. As the voice of the REV3 triathlon series, which hits
 12 U.S. cities this season, Sean is known for his high-spirited encouragement 
of all attendees. Here, he’s feeling the chill to raise money and awareness for 
ALS, the progressive neurodegenerative disease that frequently leads to total
 paralysis and death within two to five years of diagnosis. As of this Tuesday, 
Ice Bucket donations to the ALS Association reached $88.5 million, a 3,400%
 increase over the $2.6 million they’d received for the same period last year.

“Ma, this is awesome! I gotta get one of these.” This little girl gave the happiest 
Endless Pool recommendation of the weekend. As a proud sponsor of the 2014 
REV3 series, Endless Pools was on hand this weekend with our Commercial
 Performance Pool. Triathletes love our smooth, adjustable swim current for 
being an ideal, at-home trainer for open-water conditions; kids love Endless 
Pools because they’re fun and not too deep. This girl’s mom, Barbra, kindly
 shared this video with us and reports, “Her father and I will be looking to invest 
in one.”

In addition to attending most U.S. REV3 events this year, Endless Pools is also
raffling off an Endless Pools Fastlane® swim-current generator. With wall-
\and deck-mount options, the Fastlane turns any pool into an Endless Pool. 
You can enter to win online or atthe next REV3 event, at the Cedar Point
 amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio, September 5th through 7th.

As with this past weekend’s Old Orchard Beach event on the beautiful Saco
Bay, you can expect another full weekend of family fun. In Ohio, Friday will
kick off with the nighttime Glow-in-the-Dark 5K and 1-mile Fun Run, followed
by a dance party. Saturday's highlights will include Youth and Sprint Revs,
plus the Little Rev Adventure Race for parent-kid teams, featuring fun obstacles
 and low pressure. Sunday's main events – the Full- and Half-Rev Triathlons, with
Aquabike options for both – will be followed with a family picnic. All are welcome.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This Post is Brought to You by the Letter B!

 The Letter B: Balance, Balls, Banana Seats, Baseball, Bronchitis

...guess what, it's already near the end of August. Rev3 Maine is this weekend and I once again have a crew from across the country coming to Maine for the EPIC race. This is truly my favorite race of the year and I am so excited to once again have a blast.

3rd Place overall, 2013 "Team Small"

with Angela, who will be back this year! 
Scott (Train Fat Boy Train) returns to Maine this year! 

This year has been one of transition and struggle for me. Trying to balance all the balls in my life: work, family, clients, nutrition, and training. It has proved difficult, and it has been a bit of a struggle for me to put my own needs aside for time to train and work so many hours. SO much of who I am is tied up into training and racing and triathlon. I'd be lying if I said at times, I feel lost and incomplete without hours of riding, running and swimming. I miss it so...and as Cedar Point rolls around, I am engulfed in plans for one of my athletes racing the full there. I recall last year and remember with fondness the training, the chats with Coach Sharpie and the excitement building to perform. And I simply miss it.

CP 140.6 2013 at the finish with my INSPIRATION, Lola

However, I refuse to let the family ball drop. I am getting to the small amounts of free time I have with my daughter, who is growing up way to fast. I am so lucky to have been able to witness so many firsts with her this year. No more training wheels. Swimming like a fish. Running her first mile. Reconnecting with my childhood best friend, Beth, and watching OUR kids play together.

my little fish

I have always loved biking and my Dad saved my very favorite bike from my younger days in hopes that someday I would have a child and he or she would ride it.

Hello 1978-The Cactus Flower, complete with banana seat.

We had an amazingly relaxing family vacation at a lake house this summer, with lots of swimming, kayaking and canoeing. It was a little slice of heaven!

not a care in the world...laying on the dock
Family time was a big theme this summer and we had a blast at the local baseball games. Lola also won a heated game of "musical chairs".

I also spent a majority of the summer with a bronchial infection that just would not go away! Three rounds of antibiotics, inhalers, allergy meds, chest name it, they were trying it. Finally, I am getting some relief and things seem to be clearing up. I certainly lost a ton of fitness this summer (isn't it usually the other way around?). It is what it is...perhaps this was the Universe's way of shouting "SLOW DOWN JEN"

So with Rev3Maine weekend here, I am racing the oly and I will have fun. I will enjoy the swim in my beautiful Maine ocean, ride the rollers of the country bike course and will smile and cheer others on during the run. I don't care about the clock, PR's, Podiums or anything else. I will stay at the finish line and cheer until the last finisher of the day crosses (because it is my favorite part of the race!!).

Lola and her friend, Bella doing tires flips at one of my bootcamp workouts

I have been able to help so many OTHERS this year and that makes it all worth it. I am able to give back in ways I never imagined. Sharing my own story and journey is inspiring others to change their own lives. Through coaching, personal training and nutrition, I am helping others reach THEIR goals.  I love being able to do that and believe that is my mission in life to help others feel awesome. Just like I do every day.

I know what it feels like to be the before...and I know what it feels like to be the after. Every person deserves to feel amazing in their own body and to have the confidence to chase their dreams! 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Jen & Lola Show "Foggies Review" Lola is swimming like a fish and using goggles like a champ. She has been using SBR Sports TriSwim line since she was a baby (remember the "stay pretty" video??) and it's time she now uses Foggies!

We did TONS of swimming yesterday and decided to do an impromput review for you!! Here it is...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


The lovely Jen at Running with the Girls nominated me for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award! I think Jen is such an inspiration and I thank her so much for thinking of ME for this award. If you don't already read her blog, please check it out!

Here are the rules for how The Very Inspiring Blogger works:  
- Link the person you nominated you (done!) 
- Share 7 facts about yourself

#1 I love the water--all water! Pools, the ocean, lakes, ponds, rivers. You name it. I love to swim, surf, boat, waterski or just float around. I do however have a love/hate relationship with the lap pool. Some days I love it, some days I dread it...put me in open water and I will swim forever. 
Peaks To Portland 2.4 mile swim

#2 I was not much of an athlete after junior high school. Before high school I love figure skating, gymnastic and riding horses and did so competitively. I also played basketball, field hockey and ran track. Then I was too busy being social to care about sports. Fast forward to age 35 when I discovered I had an athlete with competitive drive hiding inside. I am happy she surfaced.
Flying High at the Surf City Half Marathon in CA 

#3 I am allergic to bees, wasps & stinging insects. I did not experience a severe reaction until I was about 20 when I stepped on a yellow jacket and ended up in the hospital. I once got stung while living in Boston, I sat on the bench waiting for a bus and sat on a bee. My doctor was only on the next block so I ran to his office for an epi heels...and a suit! 

#4 Losing over 100lbs changed my life and my career. I am so passionate about helping others!

I am now a dualy certified ACE/AFAA Personal Trainer, USAT (triathlon) Coach, Weight Loss & Nutrition Coach. I am always looking to expand my education and I am currently expanding my cycling credentials to include USA Cycling and SPINNING (R). I love helping others feel amazing in their own body and making exercise FUN!

#5 My healthy lifestyle has influenced my daughter!! Here she is running a mile for the first time non-stop. She started with a goal of a 1/2 mile and then kept going. I love this kid higher than the sky!!

#6 I remember when I heard about Rev3 and their team (then called Trakkers). I was SO enthrolled by the idea of an amateur triathlon team, I added it to my "list of goals" (nothing TOO big or TOO small as far as I am concerned). When I got picked for the team in 2011, I was SOOO excited, I cried. I am still excited every year when I get to reapply and so far I have been blessed to return each year. I love our team, I love Rev3's mission and the races are amazing. I consider them my second family!! Rumor has it that applications for the next season may be coming out soon...also, with several races still on the schedule for the year if you have not registered yet, what are you waiting for?? A discount?? (message me, maybe I can hook you up!)

#7 I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER. I can and will eat it directly out of the jar with just a spoon. This also applied to Justin's Maple Almond Butter, and Wild Friends Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter. I could live on this alone...

I nominate the following blogs for their own Very Inspiring Blog Award!!

A former teammate of mine, Tara, who is crazy fast, crazy smart and crazy cool. I love her style and I wish I could run as fast as she does. She is an RD and is always working hard to help others get healthy and fit!! She loves fruit.

My current teammate, Pam, at Run Today Tri Tomorrow. I love this gorgeous gal and she is currently doing something really special on her blog right now. Raising money for an amazing cause AND giving away a free entry to Cedar Point 140.6!! Please check it out and support her!

Katie at Run This Amazing Day! I got to know Katie through the blog world and then we shared a coach (Sonja) and go to know eachother a bit better. I don't have time like I used to for reading all my blog friends, but I love to catch up on Katie's adventures and her growth as an athlete the last few years is amazing...definitely inspiring!

Finally, Scott. Oh...Scott. My friend and my on again/off again athlete. Scott is hilarious and his twisted sense of humor made us fast friends. We have an understanding-I write schedules for him. He does not do them. WE laugh about it and life goes on. While some days he lacks focus in motivation for himself, Scott is great with getting others UP and doing good things. He is loyal, smart and funny. His blog cracks me up all the time.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Get Running!!

OHMAHGOSH! It's the MIDDLE of JULY already? Where has time gone?

I spent the last 3 weeks with my butt kicked thank you to a nasty case of bronchitis coupled with a sinus infection. This is what happens when I don't have Coach Sharpie telling me what to do on a daily basis. I don't do well with "take it easy" and in June, 2 other instructors were on vacation so I covered their classes, in addition to my own. Easy-peasy--no big deal. Lola got a little, which I then got. Felt fine, just a bothersome cough and then coupled with teaching 20+ classes a week for 2 weeks, doing my own workouts PLUS less sleep than normal all added up to me running myself into the ground. I know better so it's really my own fault (but let's blame Sharpie ha ha). As a Coach myself, I would be SO upset if any of my own athletes pulled this kind of stunt but...sometimes I think I am superhuman. I am not. Thus spent an entire week in bed on a cocktail of meds (I hate taking anything) including antibiotics, inhalers and other things to get me back into fighting shape.

It's been 4 week and while I am much better, I am still coughing and certainly not back to normal.
Makes me appreciate NORMAL so much more.

I did get out for a beautiful bike ride this weekend. The only bike time I have had since June has been teaching spin or my cycling classes and words cannot describe how much I missed the open road. My lung capacity is not great right now but my legs felt GOOOOOD. Riding is definitely my happy place.

Before I got sick, I was having fun with some virtual runs through Jost Running! I coach a variety of triathletes, runners and weight loss clients and Jost Running gives me a great way to implement some fun training for a good cause! Plus, who does not LOVE a training day that comes with a MEDAL??

I have been doing a race every month since May--

Maine Coast Marathon Training Day, ran into Sara around mile 24/25

July is the BEAT THE HEAT Series and I love that this month, it benefits GIRLS ON THE RUN!!

 So for July races, I am committed to running ALL of them. 5k, 10k, 13.1 and 26.2 miles!!
The beauty of this is you can do the distance anywhere at anytime--you can even split it up. Not ready to tackle a half marathon but you can do a 10k? Why not split it up?

I have committed to running every distance in July for many reasons, GOTR being a big one. After a very long process, I am happy to announce that Southern Maine will have a GIRLS ON THE RUN program from my local YMCA and I will be one of the coaches!!

So visit, pick your race and let me know which one YOU will be joining!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Why Rev3?

Why REV3 Triathlon?

Why am I so passionate about Rev3Tri and that BIG BLUE R? It all started several years ago, long before I was ever a member of the Rev3 Triathlon Team.
I remember when I started triathlon in 2010, I heard about this NEW race company that put on a heck of an event in Connecticut, Rev3 Quassy, from several triathlete friends and then I was reading about The Revolution on different blogs. The talk about the first class race venues, how well the athletes were treated and the vibe of the races got me thinking and my first thoughts were “Wow. I can’t wait to do a Rev3Tri race!” As I started to learn more about Rev3 Triathlon and specifically, the Quassy race, I discovered their team of athletes (then Team Trakkers). I was so intrigued by the entire thing-the Rev3 mission, the team, the races, and the challenge of the courses. Most of the people in my circle were all flocking to M-Dot races, but I was already bleeding blue. I could not wait to tackle Quassy and find more about The Revolution.060709 Rev3 DH2 2770   Flickr   Photo Sharing  600x373 Why REV3 Triathlon?
My curiosity about this race company turned into a crush the more I learned. As a Mom with a small child and husband (who was not a fan of hanging out at the race waiting for me) it was so refreshing to see that the races were centered on ACTIVITIES beyond just the athlete racing. While Rev3 Triathlon is really athlete focused, they have done a tremendous job at making this an inclusive event for the entire family.
20130908 060037 600x450 Why REV3 Triathlon?
I succinctly remember seeing the Rev3 transition set up the first time and I was thrilled to have a rack that supported my bike and allowed me my own designated space for my items (this was NOT the case at other races where we were packed in like sardines…) and the entire vibe & energy was just like nothing i had experienced with other races. There was someone from every triathlon demographic-veterans, gram snobs, superfast elites, newbies and the weekend warriors. There were people of every size, shape and color but everyone was upbeat and there to race AND have a blast.
REV3 Triathlon was on a mission to return to triathlon’s roots of fun and family.
Charlie Jr : when I started participating in triathlon it was about just doing the race, then it became about doing it a little faster, then it became about doing it even faster and before you knew it I was out riding my bike while my kids were playing soccer games and I think that was kind of the moment where we realized that the sport of triathlon doesn’t have to be that way, it can be about family, friends, just enjoying yourself… back to the roots, that was kind of the idea behind Revolution3 and the revolution.
My first Rev3 experience as at the Connecticut Quassy Half-REV Triathlon, it delivered all I had hoped and then some. Not only was the course challenging as promised, but it was so well supported and the Rev3 Staff went out of their way to make every athlete feel welcome and important. I remember Charlie, the Founder and owner of Rev3, personally introducing himself to me. That simple gesture had such a positive impact for me.
Charlie is the real deal-you will often see him all over the race site just talking to people and making sure everything is as it should be…but he also has fun out there too!
T2A4841 jpg   Flickr   Photo Sharing  600x394 Why REV3 Triathlon?
My family has been able to come with me to the races the last few seasons and have fun – go on rides, participate in the Kid’s Adventure race, play in the water park and go out for a paddle-boat ride while I am racing. Now that my husband has joined in, it’s double fun! Finally, I am able to have my family with me during a race and not have everyone miserable by the time I am crossing the finish line.
Another addition to the Rev3 Family is the Glow Run on Friday nights, movie night and this year they will debut the REVVIE at Knoxville, this weekend (the Revvie is May 17th and the Age Group Championship, Olympic and Half distance triathlons are on May 18th). Literally, a finish line for EVERYONE in the family!
140516rev3 glow knoxville0886   Flickr   Photo Sharing  600x402 Why REV3 Triathlon?
And the Rev3 Finish line is one HUGE differentiating factor vs. other race companies-
CPFinishwithLola2 401x600 Why REV3 Triathlon?
#1-having my daughter cross the finish line with me for such monumental moments in my triathlon endeavors is so very important to me! Having been 120lbs heavier just a few years ago, my daughter was the inspiration to get healthy. Crossing the finish line of my first FullRev at Cedar Point in 2013 was one of the sweetest moments in my life. Having here there with me to celebrate meant the world to me and it was one of the sweetest moments of my life.
Image003aA 261x300 Why REV3 Triathlon?
#2-have you ever been witness to the finish line at a Rev3 race? The energy is palpable, the excitement is electric and I don’t care HOW TIRED you are after your own race this is the place to be. The final finisher is always an amazing experience. Forget winning, someday I want the party that comes with being the FINAL FINISHER at a Rev3Tri event. SPECTACULAR!
Being at the finish line of Cedar Point FullRev in 2012 forever endeared me to Rev3. It was like a finish line party like I had never seen!

I have been lucky enough to be a part of Team Rev3 Tri for the last 3 years and every year I am more and more excited and honored to be a part of such an amazing organization. My family has been embraced by the Rev3 Family and triathlon is now something we can all do together. We plan our races and trips together as a family and being able to share this with them makes each experience so wonderful. We are sharing fitness together as a family and having fun while doing it TOGETHER!
Team Rev3 Triathlon 600x371 Why REV3 Triathlon?
Once again showing that Rev3 is about the athletes, it was recently announced that there is going to be an AGE GROUP prize purse for the races!

Age Group – Prize Purse

Starting with Quassy 2014 and all the races in the series, we will begin offering $4,800 cash purse for age groupers.  It will be divided evenly among men and women and include two divisions, Under 40 and 40 and above.
bling » Telecoms com Why REV3 Triathlon?
Looks like I have some additional motivation to move even faster this year!
So why Rev3 Triathlon? It’s easy-challenging courses where each athlete is treated like a rock star (and how about those prize purses for the age grouper!!?? Hello!) and offering a top-notch race experience along with a Championship Series! A race vibe that is high energy, fun, family focused events that are simply awesome. Everyone wins with this combination.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Maine Coast Marathon

In 2013, my friend-endurance veteran extraordinaire-Charles, brought back to life the Maine Coast Marathon, 26.2 miles of beautiful coastline that is my backyard and training grounds, after a 26 year hiatus. This race was founded in 1980 as the Nike Maine Coast Marathon and a course that qualified three individuals for the US Olympic Marathon Trials in 1983. 

The Re-Inaugural (is that a word? it is now...) MECM in 2013 was also the first marathon for one of my athletes, Marc. It was a cool day with rain and drizzle to start and then the day warmed and we finished with nice weather. I paced him for the last 15 miles or so last year and was up to run again this year. A perk of being friends with the RD. 

I had many friends and a few athletes running on Sunday and just like last year, I would help out early in the morning on the course and then I would run with my athlete(s) and cheer on others. The day was cool at the start but it would not stay that way. 

we had the first intersection with Officer Carney, same as last year! 

my friend and local running legend, Brian. He's amazing and a beautiful person

puppy kisses 

my friend and Dailymile buddy, Jim

After getting all the runners safely by Rt1, it was off to the next stop, mile 6 and a road crossing.
Lots of cheering and high fives here...the sun was starting to get warm.

Lots of friends out there and I had to laugh at some of the photo poses...

As soon as all the runners were through Mile 6, it was time for  ME to change and head out. Hubbs dropped me off at Mile 18 down the road from our home and I ran out to mile 15 where I would run with several friends and one of my athletes for a bit, back and forth. I got in several miles this way and then finally met up with Marc. 

 I ran with my friend, Mary for a few miles and she was holding up really well and armed with a very positive attitude!

The heat index was increasing and I could see that the warm temps were taking their toll on some of the runners.

The number 19 is my favorite number and it was my favorite mile of the run.
That's where friends, Tim and Jessica's kids were out with the best cheers of the day!
Loved the sign too!

 Then it was Mile 20...
 Then we hit some pretty amazing views by my favorite beach...with only about 5k to go to the finish line.
This is when the wheels started to come off for Marc. He was only 6 weeks out from shoulder surgery and was way undertrained for this marathon...but he is stubborn and he insisted on running.
 a quick mile 21 selfie....

 Once Marc hit the 24 mile point, his running was done. He was walking and just focusing on moving forward. I got the chance to meet Issac and run into the awesome SARA aka Middle Aged Runner

With about a quarter mile left, I ran to the finish line to watch Marc finish. I captured a pic of my favorite race photog, Rusty!! He always gets a good race shot of me :)

I was able to log about 17 miles on Sunday which was great considering my longest run has only been about 10*12 miles in MONTHS!!

Marc was able to run it in thru the chute and while his time was slower than we even predicted with the lack of training AND the surgery, he still finished.

While out on the course, I met an amazing woman, TERRI. This was marathon 126 for her.
She went on to run another the next day (on Monday) and another on Tuesday.
She is also racing Kona this year! 

I also got to meet an incredibly lovely family, the Rios' clan. The son, Billy was running and Dad, Raphael, just ran Boston last month. Raphael qualified for Boston on the Maine Coast course the year before. They were such a special group of folks and I just loved their energy. Billy is another weight loss success story so make sure to look for his feature story soon on Transformation Tuesday!
The Lovely Rios Family in front of President Bush's estate on the Maine Coast Marathon course


So now with this season being such a strange one for me trying to balance work, family, training and more work...I was bitten by the marathon bug again...bad, and will definitely be doing lots of running this year. Trying to figure out which FALL marathon I will add to my schedule but today I did go and register for the JOST RUNNING VIRTURAL MARATHON to get me going! 

Are you familiar with JOST RUNNING? If not, check it out. 
I will be sharing lots more about JOST RUNNING and
what they offer in terms of running to help great causes.
I love their mission and message!

I am registered for the BEAT THE HEAT MARATHON to benefit GOTR. 



Before we were runners, the thought of waking up before the sun to get in a run seemed crazy. Now little motivates us to get out of bed more that those early summer morning hours where the sun is only preheating our day, not fully baking it. This month we want you to stay safe, hydrated, and get out there and "Beat The Heat" by showing that sun who's boss. So hurry up and get in those miles before the soles on your shoes start to melt. July's races benefit : Girls On The Run

Are you planning a marathon or half marathon this year?

What's your favorite kind of run workout?

What's your favorite RUN TUNE this week?