Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bye Bye Boobage

WARNING: the post you are about to read contains many a reference to breasts aka: boobage, boobies, tata's, Grand Tetons, thanks for the mammaries, angry toddlers, melons, the girls, the twins, etc. If this topic is disturbing to you please skip this post and move onto the next blog listed on your Google Reader.

It occurred to me today that I still carry around a "fat Jen" habit.

When I was rocking a size 20+, not only did my butt blow up to an overly ample size, my formerly teeny-tiny boobies did as well. The girls went from a barely there 32B to an outrageous 40DD -- now they are nearly back to their previous size. Disclaimer: after losing 100+lbs and nursing Lola, they do no resemble the same boobies they did when I was 25 but this is another boobage post all together!

Anyway--When I was heavy, I would double up on the sports bras, wear a tight tank top over that and then cover the whole deal with a tee shirt. At the time, I needed that extra support to keep things in place. These days, not so much.
Today was the same as any other day I was dressing for my easy bike, easy run then let's go swim day I put on the sports bra THEN the fitted tech tank and a tech tee over that. While changing out of all this sweaty gear and into my swim suit it dawned on me that the twins did not require all of this layering anymore.
What am I trying to do? flatten 'em out even more?
There is nothing there to support so why am I wearing so much?

So today as I dressed up for my afternoon run date with my bestie, Dawn and I only put on my sleek tech tank with the built in shelf bra. That's it. Nothing else (well, bottoms of course! and shoes) but I don't need to wear all these tops that are just restricting my movements and making me uncomfortable.
Today I will run in just this tank. I am considering it a celebration.

Do or did you ever do some crazy layering??

Speaking of boobies, go check out Running to Health! Stephanie is doing a Moving Comfort bra giveaway!! Keep your boobies happy!


Kovas said...

My only crazy layering is during winter, to protect the family jewels.

Kris said...

Good for you! I am still nursing so I am still layering. Either two bras or tank with shelf bra with another bra underneath. I am in desperate need of new bras but I keep putting it of until I am finished with the breastfeeding.

PunkRockRunner said...

Um, I was told this was a running/triathlete blog.

I’ll check back later. Of course now that I think about it, my man-boobs could use some support (I learned this on my 50K).

Al the best,


She said I need a goal said...

I will continue reading this post momentarily but I had to stop and say OH MY GOD YOU LOST 100LBs!!! That is amazing and how did I miss this fact before? and now I'll finish reading. :-)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

hahahahah!! You are so funny! I amstill trying to find the right long distance bra! :) I'm a C, so it does need to be somewhat supportive!

Cheers to the ta-ta's!

TK42ONE said...

I must say, I'm totally disappointed you didn't have any pictures with diagrams. Oh well. For me, I've noticed my butt is still big (and maybe getting bigger) but my waist is getting smaller. I'm starting to worry I'll end up looking like J Lo but with a big hairy gut.

P said...

I have the opposite problem - my boobies are so small that I wear a bra just so I don't look like a boy wearing pink! :)

Emz said...



YAY for sports bra runs!

YAY for boobie posts!!

AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

Hi there,
Good lord that's a difference! 32B to a DD! Wow!

Hope your run in the tank was liberating;-)!

Jason said...

Early morning runs always get two shirts. Not because I want to cover anything up but because I want to sweat. I want to sweat a lot and push my body to try to adapt to the sweat and see how far I can go while sweating a ton.

Aimee said...

That is totally a celebration! Woohoo! And, for what it's worth, after nursing 2 boys of my own, I pretty much don't have anything left either! :)

ltlindian said...

I barely have enough boobies to even need a bra. :/ just the single for me. Glad you made that discovery, think of all laundry you won't have to do!! :)

Kabekona Tri Girl said...

wow, just the tank with the built in bra? I'd LOVE That! I have about 35 pounds to go and am still a D. Someday...maybe a C again, but I can't even imagine a tank with a built in bra for running. I'm envious.

Haley said...

I don't layer much anymore but I remember the good ole (that was sarcasm, lol) days of BFing and wearing 2+ sports bras to hold the girls in place! I doubt I'll ever be as lucky to wear only a tank w/ a built in shelf bra though! I'm seriously jealous, lol!

Anonymous said...

I don't layer, I just strap 'em down, usually with a Moving Comfort Fiona bra, and I find that's enough (I'm a DD/D). There's no way I could run in just a tank with a shelf bra, but I do like the extra support sometimes and run with bra + shelf/bra tank.

Mere said...

Love your site! what an inspiration to a baby triathlete like me!