Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fast & Easy! {my newest toy}

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What are you waiting for?? 

A couple days ago a giant box of goodies arrived from GNC-

I was super excited to see a blender in the mix
(ha! I'm so pun-ny)

I have always been an advocate for supplementing with protein and now that my base training volume is ramping up, I am turning to more and more liquid nutrition for quick recovery. Quick recovery is important for me so I can move from one big or challenging workout to the next without it effecting my performance. I can have a long bike session and then totally blow a time trial workout the next day! This would change the way the Coach Awesome has me train. I want my results to be as accurate as possible.

Enter the GNC On-The-Go Blender Deluxe.
(thank you GNC) I'll have more info on the other products sent on a later post.

On-The-Go Blender Deluxe
Ultimate Blend & Go System For Healthy Smoothies, Food Prep and Refreshing Juices

15 Piece Deluxe Set Includes:
  • 2 –BPA Free 28oz Cups
  • 2- Leak Proof To-Go Lids
  • 1- Powerful Stainless Steel Base with 300 Watt Motor
  • 1- Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Mixing Blade
  • Includes GNC’s Custom Recipe Book with Healthy Delicious Smoothies
Plus These Exclusive Additions
  • 2- BPA Free 20oz Cups
  • 2- Flat Lids with Straws
  • 2- Stay-Fresh Lids
  • 1 – 10oz Cup
  • 1 – 28oz Juicer Attachment
  • 1- Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Chopping Blade

As you can see, Lola was more than happy to help with this project.

Reading the directions is a MUST!!

LOTS of blending and juicing and mixing OH MY!

I have been making protein shakes and smoothies as long as Lola has been toddlin' around. The only thing that stopped me from making them more often was dragging out my giant blender and then having to clean it.
Total pain in my butt. Not that it's that hard to do, but it's just so big and bulky.
An orange a day....

Not so with the On-The-Go Blender Deluxe.
The base is small and takes up very little space.
The set came with a variety of different sized cups.
Small (perfect for Lola) 10 oz.
Medium (perfect for medium recovery) 20 oz.
Large (perfect for those GRRRRRRR workouts Coach Awesome hands out) 28 oz.

The cups also came with several different lids. A closed screw-on lid, another screw-on style with a hole to fit a straw (yes, this set came with straws too!) and a flip-top lid as well.
Not only do you have the attachment to blend your drinks right in the cup of your choice but this set also came with a blender AND a juicer. And did I mention STRAWS? we just love straws around here!
How is THAT for variety??

So with this new toy, my training sessions and Lola's love of smoothies, the On-The-Go Blender Deluxe was a huge hit and used a couple times a day!!

You know that commercial that says it's so easy, a caveman could do it?

Yeah, well this blender is so easy to use, even a 3 year old Lola can do it.
And she LOVES it:

no pacifiers were hurt in the making of this smoothie!

so proud of her fruit skills

yup, this looks right

nom nom nom nom nom 
On this day we made fresh clementine, strawberry and banana with yogurt and almond milk.

My favorite shake is the Green Monkey

vanilla protein powder
almond milk
a scoop of PB
a frozen banana
chia seeds
a BIG handful of baby spinach leaves


This blender is so easy to use and easy to clean.

Nothing jammed up in the blender.
No big chunks of anything left over. SMOOOOTH SAILING.
Lola can even help me by putting her fruit in the cup and because the whole thing is closed, I feel safe letting her turn on the buttons. (Not feeling safe with the big blender).
Years ago, I bought a "bullet style" blending system for my own smoothies and for making baby food. This left a lot of (chunks) to be desired--especially with the hefty price tag. Lucky for you, this blender comes with more and the price tag is a lot smaller.

With the 300 wattage in the GNC On-The-Go-Blender Deluxe, there are no worries about your smoothie being smooth.

I have zero objections to making a shake for Lola anytime she asks (I used to dread pulling out the BIG BLENDER) but I know that this keeps her snacking on healthy things AND it's so simple!!

I am mixing more and more protein shakes before and after workouts thus speeding up recovery and I have definitely noticed a difference. I truly believe that the liquid nutrition gets to the muscles quicker and this makes the process happen faster!

I have not had a chance to try out the juicing attachment on this but we are excited to try it. So more to come on this one.

As of this posting, the GNC On-The-Go-Blender Deluxe is a steal at $29.99 (usually $69.99)
Want just the basics? The GNC On-the-Go Blender is also available.

FTC Disclosure: GNC provided me with the blender free of charge. I was NOT compensated for this review and all opinions expressed here are my own (and Lola's). 


Matty O said...

your daughter is ADORABLE haha!

Love this post. Huge advocate of GNC (read: I have been making payments at that store for years and should be a full owner at this point!).

Will definitely look into this. I agree, the bulky blender is a pain in the rear and even more annoying to clean.

Thanks for the awesome review!

Rachelle said...

Wow, that's a huge deal for only $30! I love smoothies, but also don't make them often for the same reasons...kind of a hassle to get the bulky blender out, clean it, etc. Plus, my blender sucks anyways. Doesn't puree very well so my smoothies are more like diced fruit salad.

Unknown said...

This looks completely AWESOME. I may have to pick one up because I don't want a full sized blender since my counter space is limited to three small sections!

Lola is too cute!

adena said...

Your daughter is adorable! Wait, Matty already said that but it's TRUE! I like alot of the products offered by GNC. My favourite is their pre-made lean shake that I use in coffee in place of my milk and sweetener. Speaking of which, I need to get me some more of that.

justme said...

i have the magic bullet. love protein shakes (i use shaklee protein powder) the kids love making them with me and then sometimes we make icepops with it. but i have to say in the winter i have been not making and wanting....too cold......

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Great review! AND product! that lil sucker (the blender, not Lola) is powerful! And, Lola is adorable!

Unknown said...

I love the pictures of Lola opening the box and reading the directions! She is so adorable! I asked for a blender and food processor for Christmas for my recovery shakes, but it is huge and heavy and a pain to clean, so I may need to switch over to this. I love that it has a juicer too!

Finallyfit2011 said...

Hi Lola! Will you make your cuzins' a special shake??? xoxo!!!

Anonymous said...

Dude. $30? Might be worth it.

Your daughter is super cute :)

Unknown said...

That thing looks great! And Lola is so cute I can't take it!! :)

Aimee said...

Yay for a new blender! It looks really fun, but I LOVE my Vitamix!! Your daughter is too cute! :)

Lauren {sweat junkie} said...

Thanks for doing this review! Now I want one! I saw that the other version is only $20!!

So I might be missing something...does it blend in the container you are drinking out of? Do you just flip it over and change the blening lid to a drinking lid?

And I will echo everone's comment...Lola is so cute! :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I have the magic bullet, yours looks cooler

Melissa Cunningham said...

awesome. so easy a 3 year old can doit!
go lola!!!
LOVE those pics btw!
and yes, i too heart GNC. me and Matty-0 should be co-owners soon!!!

Carolina John said...

That's a really cool blender! Must pick one up today.

and I think I'll have a smoothie for lunch today too. good idea.

Unknown said...

I'm definitely going to try out the blender! It would make life so much easier! www.dashingdiva.net

misszippy said...

If it gets Lola's stamp of approval, then...

Can I say I have a new VitaMix? And that it is my best friend? Kale smoothies all the time. The best!

Karen said...

Too Cute (the blender and Lola). :) I am going to have to check this out. I have been thinking about getting a smaller blender or something like the magic bullet. Thanks for the info!

Angie (Losing It and Loving It) said...

I saw this blender on Kelly O's video and I want one so bad! Right now I'm using the Magic Bullet (too small for my green smoothies) and then I have the Bullet Express that my mom gave me, haven't used yet but it's too big to bring out every time. GNC would fit right in!

Great review, thanks!