Thursday, January 19, 2012

THR33 Things Thursday

ONE: Feelin' Craptastic  
Since the weekend, I have been feeling a head cold creeping on...I would feel "kind of crappy" but it never really got worse. Yesterday, I was feeling quite fabulous, got out for a great run in some crazy winds. No biggie...then about 1:30pm yesterday I felt it attack. Literally attack me...and my entire head and neck.
My ears felt full. My throat was sore. My nose got all stuffed up. This incredible sinus headache took hold.
Just like that...sick. I don't have time for sick.
I HAD to work last night and by the time my last appointment was there, I was feeling chills and my body was hurting. Went home and got right into bed. I was freezing!! 3 giant, thick, fuzzy blankets on me and I think I finally warmed up. I did not sleep well since my back and neck were just SORE. I could only breathe through my mouth so I kept waking up, drinking water. 
I have a TT swim on the plan today-just tried to get ready for it and when I felt dizzy just putting stuff into my swim bag, I decided maybe I should not be trying to swim--or drive with Lola in the car---for that matter. Looks like today is a rest day.
Sadly, I do not feel relief knowing today has been declared a rest day.
I feel like a failure. I have NO CONTROL of this and that is utterly frustrating to me.
Ok....totally done whining now.

So, Coach Awesome totally sent a "warning" email regarding this recovery week-

You are extremely susceptible to illness this week. I just want to warn you, you will be on a tightrope so do all that you can to remain healthy and use hand sanitizer.  Extra rest, extra lemons, and extra kale are all extremely good ideas

(she's so freaking smart)
Now, I have been been doing lots of thinking the last couple weeks about food and nutrition. I am always a supporter of eating clean and have been considering adding more vegetable based meals to my current repitoire. I don't have any intention of going meatless but I don't see any harm in cutting back a bit on the meats and trying something "different". I am getting kind of bored eating the same things over and over-I love veggies, so why not, right? I even had a Meatless Monday this week. 

Seeing that I am making more veggie based meals and incorporating more spinach and kale into my everyday eats, Hubby expressed concern about me going VEGAN (not sure why he thinks this or why he'd care but....) I assured him that I do not have any intention of going vegan at this time however, expect to see even more veggies. He would be content if we only ever ate pork tenderloin and grilled potatoes. 

What I ate Wednesday (literally) in pictures:


Old Fashioned Oats with blueberries, 2 egg whites and almond milk.
I topped the oats with a small drizzle of honey for a dash of sweetness. I used Wyman's of Maine frozen wild blueberries to make the oatmeal and added fresh blueberries.

We LOVE blueberries.

Post Run Snack:

Blueberry & Spinach smoothie

My GIANT sized bag of Wyman's Maine blueberries

fresh, organic baby spinach

Blueberries, Spinach, Almond milk, Greek yogurt and a small scoop of protein powder
Added a tablespoon of chia 

Afternoon Snack:

A cup of Earl Grey tea and fresh pineapple

More tea:

Coach's secret brew with the addition of green tea x 10

On the GO!
Off to work so I needed something easy and quick!

 A slice of whole wheat bread with Justin's almond butter, a giant jug of water and Coconut water
Eating while driving and yes, taking pictures.

By the time I was at work, I was feeling pretty awful. I had a big iced tea at work and refilled my water jug.
As soon as I got home, I filled a bowl with some leftover Navajo Stew, some steamed broccoli and topped it with some avocado.

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Katie said...

ugh, you poor thing! I found myself holding my breath so I wouldn't catch your cold from reading. I hope you start feeling better REALLY soon!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Katie-I smothered this post in hand sanitizer before I posted it :)

Just realized that I was meatless yesterday too. Dang...

Jason said...

Yup.....vegetarian on the horizon but never vegan and that is because you use honey. That alone removes you from the vegan bandwagon.

And do me a favor when I come to Maine.....either let me drive and you eat/take pictures or let me eat/take pictures and you drive. OK? Thanks!

Matty O said...

Alright, I can get where you are going w/ meatless blah blah blah. I have one magical word that can fix this deranged thought process that you keep battling in your head.

Ready for it?

Wait for it.... wait for it...


There you go, all better :)

Get well soon.

Aimee said...

OH NO! I'm so sorry you're sick..that just sucks! I hope you feel better soon!!
Yay for trying Meatless meals! If you need any ideas, I have a tab on my blog called "Tasty Tuesday Recipes" where I post vegetarian recipes! If you check it out, let me know if you have any questions about things!

Unknown said...

Jason, I don't have any intention of going vegetarian, just trying more veggie based meals :) And no, I love dairy too much to be vegan. Remember, I WAS vegetarian for many, many years.

Aimee-will check it out!

Matty- dont' worry dude. we'll be chowing on bacon wrapped bacon at CP!! YAY!!

Unknown said...

Breakfast looks yummy!!!

Unknown said...

Aw, feel better girl!

I love that your hubby had a moment of "vegan panic" because I'm pretty sure my husband hides a deep fear of the same thing. LOL.

Carolina John said...

Wow, that's a great coach! I love the oats with blueberries and honey too. yum.

HD said...

Feel better soon!!! That oatmeal looks awesome. You can't live in Maine and not love blueberries, lol. That's like living in Wisconsin and being allergic to cheese.

Missy said...

Ugg, it seems like so many bloggers have a cold. Must be contagious. :-)
I love Wyman's Wild berries, they are the best frozen blueberries.
Hope you feel better soon.
Rest isn't failing, it's recovering.

Suz and Allan said...

I think everyone is trying to be sick before January is over! I am so sorry you are feeling rough. Get better soon!