Thursday, September 8, 2011

Famous Faces

Wow. I have been lucky to meet some really amazing triathlon royalty!
(They are royalty as far as I am concerned!!)

Did you know I am now really good friends
with Chrissie Wellington?

I spent a lot of time day dreaming about her awesomeness--
I never dreamed that THIS would happen!!

Timberman 70.3 finish better than I could have ever imagined!
We talked about PEE!!

Did you know she TWEETED the above picture of us??


See...we ARE friends :)

Yeah, yeah...I know I have posted these pictures before but heck...nothing wrong with seeing them again right??

I guess Chrissie and I are now like

 SUAR and Dean Karnazes!

if you don't already read SUAR this is a good time to go and check out her blog.
HiLaRiOs sTuFF

I'm pretty lucky to have good friends. Really good friends.
Did you know that after Timberman my friend Marc stayed and got me an autographed visor from Chrissie?? and also got an Iron*Girl sticker and had that autographed by Chrissie and Rasmus Henning?

I had NO IDEA he did this and he did not mention it until he saw me a couple days post race.
What a surprise!!
 Then he gave me these and it brought me to tears.
What an amazing friend!
Thank you Marc.

These are a few of my favorite things!

Speaking of Rasmus Henning....yup. I've got a lotta love for him too!!

Just another day with my boy "Ras"

There is a lot of white smile here!! 
I still think we make a stunning pair--or we do we look too much like brother and sister??

Of course, I gotta mention "The Master"

With "THE COACH" Joe Friel

I was blessed to kick off Winter Base Training with advice from one of the best!!

Then there was this Kona Legend, Dave Scott, that I got to chat with and ask out on a lunch date (he said yes to all four of us by the way!!)

It has been a pretty amazing year!!
My 2011 season is coming to a close soon but I'm already planning next year!

-I wonder what Famous Faces I will see in 2012-

Who's Famous Face do you want to see most?

What "celebrity" have you been excited to meet??


misszippy said...

Quite sure they are all making posts about meeting YOU! ; )

Fun stuff--I'll give my name drop--I've actually trained with Joanna Zeiger, she of the 4th place in the first Olympic tri and multiple top-5 finishes at Kona!

Emz said...

OMG freaking love this.

That photo is awesome.

girl. you. amaze.
So inspiring - as awlays.

love the T!! and the chuck norris one too! ;)

ShutUpandRun said...

LOVE this and not just because I am in it.

My claim to fame (besides Dean K. who has a major crush on me) is that I went to high school with Greg Kinnear. We are friends on Facebook. He keeps trying to come over for dinner but I have been very busy.

Unknown said...

MissZippy--if you read Chrissie's blog she does talk about me!
well, there is a post about how she won Timberman. and I was there when she won (still biking! ha) and there was no DIRECT mention of my name but I was in that blog post in spirit!! :P

SUAR-Meeting DEAN is awesomeness, of course he has a crush on you. DUH

emz-will you be one of my 2012 faces??

Anonymous said...

Following you back! I'll have to forward your link to my wife. She just started doing triathlons.

CautiouslyAudacious said...

How fun! I'm a little jealous right now I have to admit! :-)

Jason said...

My claim to fame will be meeting you in 2012.....

I honestly don't recall anybody. I know I've shaken hands with Roberto Duran (boxer in the 80's) and have met Bucky Dent and Dave Winfield as a kid but other than that I am at a loss.

RockStarTri said...

When I did Timberman Chrissie talked with my teenage daughter for a while (somehow I was still racing) and they later exchanged emails.

Good people that Chrissie.