Friday, September 16, 2011

Plaid Toenails

Last tri of the season is here...
Tomorrow is The Mainiac Sprint Triathlon!!

I had a set of lofty goals for this race but I gotta be realistic. I am 4 weeks out from Timberman 70.3 and did not spend the last 4 weeks training for speed. AND the last couple of days I have been feeling under the weather-spending yesterday afternoon and in bed with nausea and feeling dizzy.
I am feeling better today but my gut is not 100%.

None the less, I am looking forward to tomorrow's race and will have a ton of fun regardless of my performance. I have decided to set aside any ambitious time goals and enjoy the day to it's fullest.
The Mainiac is put on by my tri club-Kennebunk Beach Triathlon Club-and the YMCA-where I work, so all the cool people will be there!

I have several silly pre-race traditions I usually complete-one being painting my toenails a color that has some sort of significance on race day. For example, I did purple for Timberman to match my Tough Chik tri top.
Today's theme? Red with black plaid stripes to match the coveted Mainiac Hat the Overall Male and Female racers get. Someday that ugly hat will be mine!!!!!

It'll also be a special day since it'll be a year that I met an amazing woman-Dawn! My best friend and training buddy. Dawn is such an amazing lady-smart, ambitious, loyal, honest and REAL! She is also so much fun to be around. It is amazing how many strange parallels there are in our lives and I cannot believe we have not crossed paths sooner. As she says, it was serendipitous!! (love that word)
I joke that I am going to propose to her at the finish line or greet her with gifts and a cake.
I suggested that we race together and cross the finish line hand-in-hand.
So call me sappy but I am really glad that I have such a wonderful gal that I am lucky enough to call my friend~

Here's to many more years tearing up the streets of Southern Maine. I look forward to the day we get to Kona, even if we are pushing 95 and using walkers.

I have some pretty exciting news to share next week so make sure you check it out!
Also, this is post #200--I am going to celebrate with some kind of giveaway!
Not sure what yet, probably a mish-mash of my favorite things.

Wanna earn an extra entry or two??

-Guess my finish time for The Mainiac Sprint Triathlon!!
-Guess my exciting news!! (no, Im not pregnant!! lol)


Jason said...

Sprint Time: 1:15:32
News: You are NOT pregnant....well you said that but that would be exciting right?

Now for a real guess: You are registered for OOB Maine 70.3 Rev3

scissorbill said...


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Good luck!

Predicted Time 1:26:41

Big news, has to be signing up for a marathon or 140.6

Unknown said...

Jason-OOB is a done deal-in the bag brother :) late season A race!!
and exciting? NOOOOOOOO

BDD-2013 is the year I will tackle 140.6, great guess though!

So, not BIG news but EXCITING news--well, exciting for ME!! lol

CautiouslyAudacious said...

Good Luck and have fun!!!!