Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Setting the Course for 2012

I cannot believe that my 2011 triathlon season is done.
It has been so much fun and this summer just flew by.
It has been an amazing year of growth-personally, professionally and physically.
I have learned so much-BUT I have already been planning 2012 for some time.

I have been setting the course and getting ready to sail into an epic year.

As I have talked about before, I have been lusting over Rev 3's Quassy race since early January and while this race did not fit into this year's schedule, this is certainly going to be an early season race for me.
This is a challenging course and I really, really want to challenge myself.
I love to eat hills for breakfast. (lunch, dinner and snacks needed for this course!)
I was not sure how I would feel after completing my first half-iron distance and now that I have that under my belt, I cannot wait to do more!!
So Quassy it is for sure-most likely the half.
THEN 2 weeks later I'm thinking-
The Patriot Half in Massachusetts. The opposite of Quassy. flat n fast
Then there is the Black Fly Triathlon extravaganza in July...a sprint, an international distance, a TT and if you are feeling really crazy there is the Lord of the Flies challenge.

And just when I did not think things could get any better...

There was the announcement of
Revolution 3 Old Orchard Beach
to take place on August 26th, 2012.

It was as if the sky opened up and the angels were singing.
A half iron distance race by Rev 3 in my own back yard.
And Revolution 3 no less.
I have several bloggy friends that are on Team Trakkers and just LOVE the Rev 3 race. Plus, I have been following the Revolution 3 race series since last year.
How amazing is that that they are coming to MAINE
I am SO.FREAKING.Excitied!!!!
(as if you can't tell--I just talked about this race last week!)

So I'm ready and excited to do Rev3OOB!!
That will be my a #1 race of the year in 2012.

I know tht I have been in talks with at least ONE follow triathlete from Texas about coming to Maine for this race! Who else is in? Let's see how many triathletes we can fit into my house!!

But what I am really excited about--

This year will be different,
I will have someone to guide me
give me direction and advice
someone I respect and admire as a woman, Mother and triathlete
a lovely gal I have been stalking following for well over a year
and now
I am pleased as punch to call her
This is a big step for me but it is something I have spent a considerable amount of time contemplating.
I believe that all things happen for a reason--and this was just one more of those things that happened when it was supposed to.
I was heading in one direction (happily-singing away) and I reached a giant fork in the road. I had to spend a great deal of time considering which direction to travel.
I am happy that I chose THIS road and I am really looking forward to working with Sonja.

New and exciting things are on the horizon and I am ready to take on new challenges, learn and enjoy the journey!!


Jason said...

So now I have to make sure that I sign up for this race.....HA!

2012 is going to be so much better than 2011 and then it will continue to grow from there.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I think I guess you were getting a coach, yep I did, what did i win?????

Kacie Darden said...

Hope to see you out there! Rev3 races are great!

misszippy said...

You'll love having a coach to guide you--you'll reach levels you never thought you'd get to. Awesome 2012 ahead of you!

Finallyfit2011 said...

Whoo hoo Jen! Looks like an exciting year ahead for sure!!! And guess what...U will be doing the Revolution 3 Old Orchard Beach
on mine & Dan's 17 year anniversary - awwww right? he he!

Stephanie Anne said...

I was eyeing Quassy for next year too!! Maybe I'll see you there!

Unknown said...

Awesome!! I will most likely be at Quassy, so hopefully we can connect!!

Molly said...

Yay for having a coach! You're going to have another fabulous year!

Unknown said...

That's a great schedule!! I have so much prep to do for next year yet. If Rach and I were still in new england we would definitely do OOB and Quassy. Instead since were in the southeast, were doing Anderson, and going back to Sandusky, and then Wisconsin Dells because Rachelle grew up there.