Monday, September 19, 2011

Awesome Sauce-The Mainiac Race Report

The final tri of the 2011 season is in the bag and I went out with a bang and some bling!!

Best Buddies! Celebrating our Friendiversary!!
As I mentioned in my last post, I was feeling under the weather with some tummy issues for a couple days before The Mainiac and I my training has not been focused on short, speedy distance of late. I decided to shelve my lofty goals and just have fun.
I mean, can you not have fun at this race??

The swim in in the ocean
The bike is literally through my back yard
The run is along the ocean

The best part? The people who put on this fun race -The Northern York County YMCA (where I work!) and the Kennebunk Beach Triathlon Club-as well as those who participate!!

With Jason pre-race--it was chilly!!

I got to see so many local tri friends and catch up with everyone. I got to meet Jason, a Dailymile friend and podcaster from Up Maine.

The YMCA's Marketing Director & fellow tri Tough Chik, Kris

The Swim-1/4 mile
This year the water was amazing. Calm, comfortable and clear!! (last year it was rough seas and freezing)
I was in wave three of five-my bff Dawn (who is a far stronger swimmer than I) was drafting off the feet of SuperGirl (that's what I'll call her-she is a local rock*star and usually wins overall 99% of the time) and I drafted off Dawn's feet. Once we rounded the last buoy, SuperGirl took off and Dawn started to swim to the left. I yelled for her to come back towards me and we ended up exiting the water together, holding hands and laughing!
I know...we're awesome.
Swim Time-9:56

gotta love running in beach sand up to sandy transition area too!
T1: 1:37

The Bike-14.85 miles
Dawn beat me out of transition by 8 seconds and yelled to me "I'll see ya on the bike!"
Ahhhh, the bike. I love biking-like, really really love biking. I know this course really well and I also knew that there were some really rough sections. One part of the course is all torn up asphalt with pot holes the size of a Volkswagen bug. Then just days prior to the race, a section of pavement along the beach at Goose Rocks was torn up and down to dirt & gravel. They said it was packed but...dang, it was pretty "slick".
I just enjoyed the ride and said hi to friends volunteering along the course. Lola was supposed to be with my husband at his uncles house on the bike course but when I went by their house, they were not there.
WAAAAH! I really wanted to see my girl.
Before I knew it, the bike was done and I had fun!
Bike Time-44:04 (20.2 mph avg)
I had the 4th fastest bike split out of the gals which I am happy about. If only I had actually pushed!!

T2: 0:47

The Run-3.1 miles
As I am finding out, I cannot feel my toes or the front part of my feet for a while off the bike-it's like they are cold. But then about 1/2 mile I get feeling back in 'em and I'm good to go. I am still learning to run at a faster pace without music. Long runs-check. Short, fast runs-eeeehhhh. I miss having that driving music that helps me shut off my brain and run fast.
Regardless, I have not been training to run fast and I just ran to enjoy the day and the scenery. I cheered on other runners, thanked the volunteers and said hi to friends along the course. I'd glace at the Garmin only on occasions and would see 7:40's flashing. It did not feel like a 7:40 effort (more like 8:30) so I just went with it. Up the final hill and zipped around the corner into the shoot.
Run Time- 23:49 (7:41 avg pace)

The Finish-I'm on the right, not the tall dude! lol

Final Results: 1:20:10
29th Overall
7th Female
2nd in Age Group (35-39)

AG Podium-Awesome Melissa (3rd) and me-she is amazing!
Bring on the bling! Allison (1st in AG) and Jason (1st in AG) and me

I had a super fun day and I am pleased to close the 2011 season with this day.
It was smothered in awesome sauce!!
I got to spend the day with friends and my YMCA "family". The weather was amazing and I could not stop smiling all day.

A big bunch of awesome-Me, Angry Bob, Melissa and Dawn!

A "MARC SANDWICH"-Me, Marc & Dawn
Is there really anything better than that on race day?

I have some new goals and I know that 2012 is going to be an amazing year!!


Jason said...

What a great race and report.

Imagine if you had been pushing it.....

You rock and while this is the close of the 2011 tri season I know 2012 is going to be even better.

What's next? Running events coming up?

Katie said...

BAM! way to close out the season, girl!

fancy nancy said...

Great job!!! Seriously mad respect for triathletes!!! Well done!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats on the poduim finish, you rock

mainely triathlon said...

fantastic racing Jen and what a day, I am so happy you encouraged me to doe it! And I have to say I like the pict!

Penny said...

What a great race. You did awesome. Conrats