Monday, April 11, 2011


I cannot catch a break lately.
First Lola was SOOO sick and of course, I was the one up with her all night, I would not have it any other way.
I got very little sleep.
I missed workouts.
My training plan shot to hell for the week.
This weekend Lola turned the corner with her illness and is on the mend. Just a bit of a cough but other than that, she is doing great.
Sunshine was on the forecast and I was so excited to take advantage of the nice weather!
I was lucky enough to catch it--Whatever critters invaded her lungs for the previous week and a half had moved into me. I felt it coming on Friday and by Saturday morning, I just knew it.
I did workout Saturday morning-5+ miles on the treadmill (progressions and hills) and then worked my legs in the weight room until my glutes caught on fire (I love a good burn).
I did the best I could with the run considering how junky my lungs felt.

Dawn and I took the kids to Joker's for an afternoon of fun.
Lola loves that big yellow tube-slide
Lola just beat me at a water gun game and she's celebrating
Eli climbing the rock wall
Of course, there was the obligatory Dunkin Donuts stop...
The cough just got worse as the day went on.

Saturday night was not a good night of sleep-I was up coughing, coughing.
Sunday morning was a cough-fest. I spent more time coughing than I did NOT coughing.  I tried to keep a positive outlook and was going to change my planned workout to an easy Zone 1/2 recovery effort brick (20 miles bike/5 miles run).
I was also hoping to make it to the Total Immersion clinic too but I would not even attempt to swim when I can breath on land.
Didn't happen. Not a single thing.
I just could not breathe. I could not stop coughing.
The only workout I got in was the tapity-tap of the keyboard while on Twitter and then turning the pages of the book, Born to Run while sacked out on the couch.
By 4pm Sunday afternoon, I broke down and drove to the pharmacy.
Time to bring out the big guns.
I don't like to take any kind of meds-ibuprofen included but I needed some sleep and I needed to stop coughing. I have not taken anything stronger than ibuprofen in about 3 years...
By 6pm I was out like a light. A full 11 hours of straignt of sleep and I woke up this morning feeling quite better! I can still feel a bit of a rattle in my chest, but wow. Much better than yesterday.
I am going to take it easy today but you betcha I'll be trying to get my sweat on...

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KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Oh bummers! Glad you (and Lola) are finally feeling better. I'm with you, i hate taking any meds and OTC meds even less. I have very strange & scary allergic reactions to meds and it has only gotten worse as I've gotten older.
I'm betting you get your sweat on today???


ahhh, DD is my FAVORITE.

I have a hard time taking off too. Take it easy and rest up, if you can!

Carly said...

It sounds like this is making the rounds. I'm hoping to stay healthy because I hate taking any meds as well. Glad to hear a good nights sleep helped.
Oh, and I'm reading Born to Run right now too. :-)

Teamarcia said...

I share your pain. I've got a bug that won't quit. Feel better! Cute pics!

Melissa Cunningham said...

oh! i do hope the coughs go away 100% ASAP!!!
glad you got to catch up on some sleep though!!!
heres to a good week of training! (cough free,that is!)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I hope you feel better soon

Penny said...

I'm glad you are feeling alittle better. I got that cough about a month ago. I felt fine but was coughing all the time.. I thought I would never get rid of it. Hang in there.

Caratunk Girl said...

Oh no!! Feel better soon!! I always love the pictures of you and Lola!! How do you like Born to Run? I really liked it a lot, more than I thought I would.

Unknown said...

BLAH! So glad that you are feeling better! Keep resting and make sure you're 100%!

Emz said...

Hoping you are feeling better!!

Nothing. Nothing. Beats. Nyquil. Nothing.