Saturday, April 2, 2011

3 Lemons

Life is handing me lemons right now and I am having a hard time turning those lemons into lemonade.

Lemon #1:
The April Fools Day snow storm that brought in snow and makes the roads yukky again. This is fantastic considering I have a race tomorrow. This is a small lemon but I was really happy to see clear roads finally...

Lemon #2:
My knee is bothering me and it's hurting my brain more than my knee. I mean, yeah-I am having some strange knee pain and it's bizarre. Not the knee pain that brought me to PT, it's behind the knee. It's really more of a mind screw right now. I rested yesterday and now the crazies of taking a rest day are starting to play their games with my head. Another bonus for racing tomorrow.

Lemon #3:
Lola woke up at 10pm last night crying, coughing, hot and then up it came. Rice and sunflower seeds from the nights dinner All.Over.Me.Her.The Bed.The Floor. A bit of a trail from the floor into the bathroom.
Now, aside from some spit up when she was an infant my girl has not puked. I cannot stand vomit. So.Freaking.Gross. She was crying hysterically and told me she was scared. It broke my heart to see my little girl like that. But being my daughter, the whole puking episode did not bother me and after a while she was back to being "Lola"-I think that the big coughing episode triggered the vomitus.
Needless to say, she was up and not going back to sleep so we set up camp in the living room and watched some cartoons. Eventually, we did go back to bed but I never really slept. I don't function well with little sleep so I do see a nap in my future.
Is this my third race bonus? A totally messed up sleep schedule?

So I'll try to make lemonade from this-
My daughter is just fine and not really sick sick, so this is the best thing.
The extra rest could be just what my body needs to be 100% tomorrow.
The down time today will allow me to follow Jason's IMCA 70.3 race, check on Barbara's first Olympic distance race and get a little reading done. I blew thru the first 14 chapters of Born to Run and have not had a chance to pick it back up.
I may try to get in an easy spin and/or easy run later. I just feel like I need to M-O-V-E!! or I might go swim. Who knows....
I will go to get my race packet later this morning.
All I know is that I have set some goals for myself for this race and I want to be able to achieve those goals. I don't want the small stuff like knee pain, two days off this week and lack of sleep to enter the equation. I want to be 100% and ready to rock and roll.
What would YOU do?


Penny said...

GOOD LUCK on your race tomorrow. I bet you will meet all the goals that you set for yourself. I know for me when I think their is just know way I'm going to do what I wanted in a race and low and behold I do better. GO FIGURE.

Unknown said...

Sorry about those lemons! Want to come out to Phoenix? We hit 100 yesterday. On April 1st. Seriously.

A Prelude To... said...

Poor Lola. I hate when my kids are throwing up. Especially both at the same time. ugh. At least you know they'll probably feel better after wards!

Just do what you can do and do it the best you can with your circumstances (ie: knee) and you'll know that you were at your best for that moment and that is all anyone can ask for!!!

Melissa Cunningham said...

oh! i know how ya feel! i hate it when my kids are throwing up,and i mean HATE it!!! i have a phobia of vomit,and for as much as my middle baby has thrown up in her life,youd think id be used to it by now,but im not!!!! (she pukes when she has a coughing cold,when she has a fever,going down curvy roads in he car,etc etc)

SO what i would do if i were you?
active rest (go for a walk,a light swim-you still wantfresh legs for the AM!)
and plenty of REST and mommy lola cuddle time!
you will do just fine tomorrow in your race! cant wait toi read a recap!
*sending a lemonade maker your way*

Keri said...

Way to see the bright side in all of this!

Unknown said...

Oh no... ((HUGS))

Way to keep a positive attitude!

And in my opinion, if life gives you lemon, add some vodka and drink up! :)

adena said...

I'm late to comment but had I seen this on saturday I would have said, when life gives you lemons, ADD VODKA. Seriously though, I hope things turned around for you.

And why do they call bad things 'lemons', I love lemons, they are delicious and make things taste tangy and bright.

Emz said...


SSINAG - hilarious comment. love it.