Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I'm hoping to be AWESOME today because, well...
I'm sad.

Lola has been sick since Thursday and I hate seeing my little girl sick.
Sad that I cannot make her better instantly.
Sad that she wakes up coughing and crying.
Sad that she cannot sleep through the night.
Selfishly sad that my training schedule has taken a total beating this week-
and not a "good" beating.
So today,
I'm going to be AWESOME.

Even if it means only 20 awesome minutes on the trainer.
Or two awesome miles on the treadmill.
Heck, I'll even take 100 awesome crunches!

How are YOU going to be AWESOME today?


Kat said...

This has nothing to do with sad/awesome, but the end of this post came close enough (on my screen) to a picture on your sidebar that made me notice you ran the Maineiac Tri! Me too! When did you run it? I did it in 2009...I won't lie, I checked that box and don't feel the need to swim in Maine's ocean in September again any time soon. :-D

Have an AWESOME day!

ltlindian said...

Things will get better, they always do. I feel your pain about the sick kid though. That does suck. Hopefully she feels better soon!

Quinton J said...

honey...i'm ALWAYS awesome.

But I hope things start looking better for you and Lola soon. On the bright side...I have found that sometimes the training down-time is actually a blessing in disguise. You may come out of this 'beating' more awesome than ever. Jus' Sayin'.

keep your head up.

A Prelude To... said...

Kids make it so hard sometimes. But they are SO worth it!!
My girl has had trouble at bedtime for the last month and it's so hard to make my mommy side be there for her when my me side just wants to fall asleep and get a full 8 hours!

Laima said...

I can empathize - our little guy has been having trouble sleeping also. Hope she gets better soon!

Katie said...

i'm bike commuting today. hooray!

HD said...

Sad :( Hope she feels better soon! Be your awesome self and she'll be better before you know it!

Tough Chik said...

I love this post Jen. I, too, am going to be awesome today. Just decided! Thanks and I hope Lola feels better soon!

Carly said...

I've been bummed that my husband and I are apart for the next month, but I'm being awesome by taking the time and using it to focus on my health and fitness. Got 3 miles in the morning!

Unknown said...

Hope she feels better soon!! It stinks when the children are sick!! Do what you can and feel AWESOME doing it!

Jason said...

I became awesome when I got touched by an Angel and Ninja named Jen. She made my day awesome right from the start.

Thank you for being you. YFR....and nobody else rocks the way you do.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

The thing that makes us, as age groupers, very special, our everyday load is so big, and that doesnt include training, and the fact we still train while taking care of "life", makes us a special breed. We all understand, I hope the youngin is feeling better

Finallyfit2011 said...

Awww continued prayers for Lola! AND for you as you care for her! You are an AWESOME Mom!!! I'm gonna be awesome today cuz it's my "rest" day from the gym, so I'm gonna get some much needed stuff done around the homefront he he :)

Emz said...



Get well LOLA!

Unknown said...

This is a great saying and one of my friends reminds me of this every so often! :)

Super big hugs to you... hope that Lola is feeling a little better!

Zoƫ said...

I love that! I hope that little miss Lola is feeling better now! And make today awesome!