Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Woodb!tch Workout

I love functional fitness. You know, those workouts that actually correlate to real life situations.
Take for example splitting, hauling and stacking wood!

My PIC/BFF Dawn and I have a name for this workout: The Woodbitch.

Basically, I am my husbands wood bitch nymph for as long as required to split and stack and/or refill the wood bin in the basement to keep our home warm and toasty during this ridiculous winter we are having.

More snow on the way today and into tomorrow. Are you kidding me?? God, please. Enough already...

Anyway, darling  hubby tried to teach me how to split wood with the maul earlier in the season but that did not go quite as planned and I got frustrated with the whole thing. Needless to say
ME + a giant wood maul + frustration = BAD

So I will stick with picking up all the wood HE splits, stacking into gloriously neat plies or filling up the wheel barrow and sending it down the bulk head into the basement and then make more beautiful stacks and piles of wood.

I enjoy doing projects like this with hubby, we work together to do something for the family and I am moving my body. I love the way my core feels doing this kind of work. This weeks woodbitch workout was a painful one.

One giant flying chunk of wood bounced and landed directly on top of my foot. Luckily, it's only a bruise and I'll be just fine. I kind of freaked out a bit at first because the only thing I could think of was 'NO RUNNING' but the pain subsided after a while and like I said, just a bruise.

Ignore the toenails-they are still recovering from summer/fall running!

I ran another 4 miles today and it's going great!
Happy Saturday!!


Melissa Cunningham said...

great way to keep moving!
hope the bruise heals up soon-just glad it didnt stop you from running!

hope yall stay warm despite all that snow!!!

Unknown said...

Have some chocolate to comfort the pain, helps with children!! You see if you would relocate to warmer climates the whole woodchip/chop thing would be out of the equation, and no more down time due to weather. Have a great weekend, despite the bruce, put some make up on it to cover up?

Caratunk Girl said...

Hey I am a wood bitch too!!

OUCH though on the foot. Holy crap. That looks like it HURTS!

Unknown said...

Mandy woo hoo! we Maine gals are touch chiks eh??

Aimee said...

Ouch that bruise looks like it hurts!!
Chopping wood is a crazy workout!!

dawn said...

I am the ultimate Snowbitch these days!!!

Unknown said...

Ouch... hope that bruise heals fast. Looks painful!

My Life said...

You are a good wife... just sayin'. :)