Friday, February 25, 2011

Gettin' FIT

It's been a busy week here- My parents were on vacation this week so that meant Lola spent plenty of time visiting with them and that allowed me to have some great training sessions! There is a two hour limit in the Y's kids club and I can easily kill two hours was really nice to have a little more flexibility!

It's always fun and games with Mimi and Pepere!!
I got to do my favorite indoor cycling class with (evil) Charles -- USAT Race Director/Tri club member/Triathlon Coach -- who always delivers an ass-kicking class. Lucky for me *sarcasm* I did a heavy leg workout on Monday so Tuesday's spin was especially torturous. Another Lactate Threshold special!! Several of us cooled down after by sitting in the snow! I was also able to jump in on one of the group weight training classes I have been wanting to try. I several quality runs in too so I am happy with how this week went.

Thanks to Mike at 26.2 Is My Cooldown, I am now the proud owner of a Tanita BC-1000 body composition scale. I had my first weigh in last Friday and today was the first comparison check.
Down 1lb. and 3/10's of a % of body fat! I am pleased with that. I want to drop about 8-10lbs of fat and increase my lean muscle mass a bit (or even just lean out) so Yay! I am not sure my body fat % is really as low as the scale says so I will have one of the trainers at work "caliper" me so I can compare.

I gotta say the whole Paleo for the Athlete based eating I am doing seems to be working. I have had a couple days where I felt like I did not have my normal power on the bike, kind of 'blah' but it could be from several things. I am loving the foods (as is hubby) and it's been fun trying new things-even the "fails". Plus, it is definitely doing what I want it to do. I am certainly seeing much flatter abs too. Nothing like EMZ famous abs...yet!

Speaking of famous: I'll soon be "famous" for my tri skillz! *more sarcasm* I made my triathlon television debut his week when the local news station, WCSH-6 came to the Y to do a story for their Fit at Five feature on the upcoming indoor triathlon. They needed some B footage (aka filler) and guess who was asked to be in that B footage? Yup, me...and my bestie, Dawn and a couple other tri peeps from the club. The camera man spent an unusual amount of time taping Dawn's legs so, I think her quads will need an agent soon.

In bike news several things happened this week:
  • I got two new pairs of shoes-one pair of PI road shoes and Carnac tri shoes. The old toe-cage pedals came off the de Luca and the Look KEO's went on. I did my Tuesday spin class clipless!
  • My Bontrager Race Lite aerobars came and I will putting those on soon.
  • I went to see Jared at OA to have my bike fitting done on Thursday.
The fitting was a learning experience. He educated me on geometry and angles of the body on the bike; How the road bike set up differs from TT/Tri specific and how my set up will need to be adjusted once I put the aerobars on. We talked about wheels (clincher vs tubular) and pedal technique. He was pleased with my pedaling so that's a good thing. I still have so much to learn about cycling but I am really enjoying it and cannot WAIT to get outside~

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dawn said...

I will enter the Tough Chik contest today -- promise! I've had to let this one germinate in the brain before I write. I might have to jump on your fancy/schmancy scale soon. Not too soon - but soon. I think TJ is out for today with the weather :( WTH? How are we going to get out on our bikes with all this white stuff?????

adena said...

Grandparents are the best! I still miss mine, all of them. I am going to have to read up on the Paleo diet and see what it's all about but I'm glad you are seeing results.

Katie said...

oooh, jealous of that scale! i'm a nerd for numbers. :)

Melissa Cunningham said...

you have the cutest daughter ever!!!!
glad you got to get on some workouts!!!!!

Barbie said...

Gotta love and appreciate grandparents. :)That scale sounds absolutely awesome.