Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Stew

Here is a giant stew of what is on my mind early this Saturday morning--

First, welcome to all the new followers! I see that there are a lot of new faces and I am so happy to have you following along on my little journey. There are a lot of new readers from Run Like a Mother. If you missed it, I was in their feature this week, Follow this Mother! Check it out and while you are there, sign up to follow their blog as well. Yes, Caroline, Canadians are always welcome here!!  A very special Hello and Welcome to my friend, Njou who as jumped on board as well.

SUAR is giving away two entries to run the BOSTON MARATHON. You don't even have to qualify (just be able to finish in under 6 hours). Seriously...check it out!

This week's training plan versus reality was a FAIL. I just had too many things happen that derailed all of my good intentions-mainly Lola related. I am trying to get over it and move on. Now, I wake this early Saturday morning and I feel the beginnings of this chest cold coming on. Drat!

The good news? I did get in a 5.65 mile run on Thursday and this is the furthest distance I have logged since I hurt my knee. Happy dance!!
Week to date: I ran 14 miles, biked 38 and spent 2.5 hours in the gym weight training.Far below what is on the plan.I had a ton of stuff on the agenda for the weekend, including a bike time trial but with this chest cold, those plans might have to wait. Drat!

Thursday night (Friday morning actually) I was startled awake by the loud sound of crashing and the scattering of "toys" at 2:14 am. It. Scared. ME. to. Death!! (ala EMZ) I thought it was a home invasion in Lola's room and "they" knocked over toys in there. Woke hubby up and he searched the house.

Come to find out-my magnetic calendar with my training plan fell off the refrigerator door and went crashing onto the floor, taking down Lola's magnetic letters and numbers with it!
Dang training plan. Hubbs then made fun of the the remainder of the day telling me to watch out for the calendar, it might get me.

A reminder to everyone that Valentine's Day is on Monday. Don't forget your sweetie pie.
I don't care about chocolates, diamonds and flowers...
I want bike gear for V-Day. Show me the LOVE~
"Rumor" has it that Cupid is bringing me some new clipless pedals and carbon shoes....
Will let you know if I got lucky!!
If there is a PowerTap involved, Cupid will be getting very lucky!!


Jason said...

You had me at where is the recipe for the stew?

Everything you receuve you deserve b/c you are one awesome MOTHER!!!!!

Carly said...

I just found your blog through RLAM. You had a great interview and I love your blog.

Rene' said...

I am laughing at your Valentine's Request. Mine was an entry to the Chicago Marathon and P90X. you've got to love it!!

My Life said...

Hope you're feeling better this weekend. And can't wait to hear how good Cupid is to you. ;) I'm hoping he'll bring me some pink CEP socks!

Katie said...

oooh, ask cupid to stop by my house with another power tap!

Anonymous said...

you had me at stewwww! love it :) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are feeling a cold coming on, hope you nip it in the bud! 2.5 hours in the gym a week isn't enough?? Wow!

Unknown said...

Thats a Great Valentine you have! Im not into mushy stuff either. Get me things I can use! I totally empathize with you and how training is with a little one around! Its hard sometimes!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

"A reminder to everyone that Valentine's Day is on Monday. Don't forget your sweetie pie. "

I didnt forget, I got Mercy, my bike something real nice

Happy Valentines Day