Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm CooCoo for CoCoNuT

I have been loving the recipes I have been making from different Paleo sites like Everyday Paleo and Paleo Perfectly. Even hubby is lovin' them--he asked for the Orange Chicken two nights in a row.

For Valentine's Day, Lola and I made him a LOVE CAKE (so NOT Paleo) and I decided to get a little creative with the coconut.

Love Cake: banana cake, coconut filling topped with powdered sugar.

During my Florida days I used to love to go to Shooter's and get the Coconut Shrimp so thought I would try making Coconut Chicken for dinner.

I cut up boneless, skinless chicken breast into tenders and set aside.

Then I set up my COCO-NUTTING station:

in the first bowl I added about a cup of coconut flour. Then in a second bowl I added 3 eggs mixed with about 3TB coconut milk and in the last bowl I added unsweetened shredded coconut

roll your chicken tenders in the coconut flour--then dip into the egg mixture-then cover in the shredded coconut.

In my saute pan, I melted some coconut oil and browned each chicken tender until golden.

Once browned, put onto a baking sheet or stone and finish in the oven (400*) for about 15 mins or so.

I served this with a giant green salad and lightly steamed broccoli-you gotta leave some crunch in it!

Easy and it was a nice change of pace. I love coconut so I will definitely make this one again. I think I will try to figure out a good sweet/spicy chili dipping sauce in the meantime!

Don't forget to enter the TOUGH CHIK giveaway. All the cool kids are doing it--Right Kovas?

Speaking of Tough Chik--did you see that EMZ is running for 24 hours on her Treadmill in May to support The Sojourner Center? Call I get a collective "YOU FREAKING ROCK EMZ?" 


Carly said...

Yum! I like coconut, but the man really isn't a fan so unfortunately I don't think that meal will get to debut at our house.

RunToTheFinish said...

ok what a great day i happened to stop by, thanks for those links!! i have been wanting to know more about paleo so i'll be looking back through your posts!

Emz said...


And. Girl. You. Are. Awesome.

Katie said...

That looks so yummy! I love coconut!

Jason said...

Now as a vegetarian the substitute here would be tempeh and it would taste awesome in that coconut. Marinate in some melted coconut oil first and then do all the steps and hello.....heaven on a plate.

I am going to have to add this idea to my menu. Working on a pizza for tomorrow night I believe.

One Crazy Penguin said...

That looks *delish*! Definitely going on my to make list!

My Life said...

All of that looks amazing-yum! Feel a need for a little copy-cat session in my future!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

mmmmmm Coconut!!!

PunkRockRunner said...


That is all.


Barbie said...

That looks so yummy.

Chris K said...

I really don't know what Paleo is, but I would probably like it if it includes coconut. I mix coconute flakes with flour and encrust fish. Chix looks good too.

Amber said...

That cake is balla' yo! I don't even think that I could manage getting a fork to eat it with, it would be gone that.fast. :D

Teamarcia said...

I took one look at that cake and said now how can that be Paleo?? I LOVE COCONUT!!! I made a shrimp dish with coconut rice (I know not Paleo) last night. I am definitely making that chicken!

Unknown said...

Yummy! All of that looks awesome!

Desert Rose said...

YUM!!! I am totally making that cake,Jen.
Thanks for sharing :)