Friday, February 4, 2011

Five for Friday!

Hello from Snowville Maine! I hope you are having a great week. Here is what is on my mind today.

We are BURIED in snow with more on the way this weekend.
Wednesday's storm dumped quite a bit on us but not the 20-24" we were expecting. The hubby was home for the day so we had a fun family day playing in the snow. Well, Lola and I played mostly while hubby cleaned out our house and his parents place (they live up the street!) as well as roof raking.

Lola all bundled up and ready to go out!

Lola with her "shovel" while we cleaned out wave one of snow

The view from the SLEDCAM on our way to the in-laws
I had my second PT session with Jared today and we are making great progress already. The patella tendons are already starting to loosen up and my quads are enjoying the stretching and rolling. He gave me some new exercises and some of these work on core and balance which I loved! Challenging stuff but I love a challenge. We also did more running and the changes we made with my form are making a huge difference. In one short week of running drills, he was pleased to say that I was running correctly and looking good!

While we are talking about running...I have been told to switch out shoes. The Kayano's are too heavy and I do not need motion control. Jared has suggested a lightweight performance stability shoe like the Saucaony Fastwitch and and New Balance 905. If you run in this kind of shoe, I would love to hear from you!
The bad news is-I just won a pair of Brooks Trance 10's from Leah at Chasing Atlanta this fall and they came last week. Jared looked at them today and said "no". Wrong shoe for my foot.
The K-Swiss shoes I won from are also wrong for running but I will use these for weight training and cross training days.

Speaking of, I was selected to apply to be on the Dailymile team! They select 300 people on the site and then you apply to get one of 30 positions. To apply you need to put together a video why you would be a great addition to the team. I have until Monday at midnight to submit my application.
Not that I want to sway any votes away from me but check out Mike's video submission--hilarious!!
Click HERE
I will certainly be posting when the voting is up-your support would be appreciated :)

I hope you have been paying attention lately. I am doing an exciting giveaway this weekend!! Make sure you check in for your chance to get in on some cool stuff.
Also, there is another really cool giveaway at 26.2 is My Cooldown . He is doing a Tanita BC-1000 scale giveaway. I thought this was supercool considering I am on a quest to lower my body fat %!! I just had to share this with you!


Katie said...

whew, that's a lot of snow!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Did the Trance 9s come straight from Brooks? If so, they have great customer service, call them, tell them you have the wrong shoes and ask if you can exchange them for the ST5 which is very close to the Fast Twitch, I bet you can and save you $100,default,pd.html?start=12&cgid=womens-runningshoes-competition

Aimee said...

Wow that's a lot of snow! Your daughter is too cute all bundled up!
I'm glad the PT is helping you!
Bummer about the shoes you won. Maybe you could do a "Pay-it-forward" giveaway so someone else could use them???
Congrats on being selected to be on the daily mile team! Sounds like fun!

Emz said...

YAY you team dailymile. you. freaking. rock.

this snow talk is killing me. not sure how you guys endure the white stuff.

Unknown said...

Will vote for you for sure, the pictures make me think 1 thing:Very very very cold, is this a reoccurring annual event? must put a serious dent in any training schedule, unless you're a fan of dread milling and computraining. Wish you a great snowploughing weekend

Leah F said...

Major bummer about your new Brooks. Maybe get a second opinion? I'm feeling your pain though. I have to bump my trainers up a half size because of my new orthotics and I have a brand new, never been worn pair in my closet. As I mentioned in my recent post, that will teach me to win free shoes at races and stock up.

Jason said...

L looks so adorable all bundled up like that, plus the shovel....sorry I couldn't get past that and really focus on anything else.

Until now....awesomeness on the daily mile team. Good luck with that. I am not on daily mile but would vote for you if I were.

Chuck was NEVER nominated for Team Daily Mile.

Chris K said...

What a cutie Lola. Love the name. I only wear Newtons so got nothing there. I recently ditched the motion control version which turned out to be a good call.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

That's awesome with the Daily Mile opportunity!!!

Ummm, Lola needs to be on TV--ADORABLE!!!!

Dang it about the shoes...maybe you can use them again one day??? Keep healing Jen!!

Carly said...

All I can say is that I can't wait to move out of Maine this May. :-P

My Life said...

Love your snow day! I wear Kayanos, but would be interested to see if you make a switch... Stay warm this weekend!