Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday's Fitness Focus: All About Abs

It's Friday! Usually I kick off the weekend with an early morning run with The BOB Brigade but due to some nasty weather (cold, wind, rain) on the East Coast today we opted to do a Thursday edition of the BB run.
*of note: yesterday was a glorious fall day and a fabulous BB run

So today I decided to kick off the weekend with a focus on my new pet project: my abs

I was feeling a bit lost and out of focus this week (if you recall THIS post) and wondering what my next big challenge should be/will be. Call it devine intervention, karma, kismit, fate, chance...whatever. But while reading up on my blogroll I stumbled upon a little picture of a thunderbolt with the words The HardCORE Club and decided to click on it (oh no!) and it brought me HERE (ahhh-Jamoosh! I know that name from reading Emz blog-If I can't convince you--I'll at least confuse you). Good stumble Jen! Jamoosh has a great core workout for runners so I read over everything and decided to add this to my current regime. Well, while reading through his blog I stumbled across THIS PICTURE of a cute gal with some AMAZING ABS> I kid you not. They are awesome-awe inspiring, really. Then I noticed that this picture was actually of Emz!
I continue on with my reading~random clicks from one blog to the next-this and that. I find myself back to Emz blog and now I come across a second picture of those abs*.

*I'm not a stalker, really!

I'm thinking this is kind of funny though huh?? I was glad to read that I was not the only one crushing on her abs either. So see-it's becoming all about abs!! either that or I don't have enough diversity on my blogroll. this could very well be the case. I really only care about my family and fitness. nothing else is of ANY interest to me. ha ha

So this gives me one new goal to work on! *~*~*happy dance*~*~

Will I have the abs to actually RUN in just a little sports bra?

I giving myself until the warm weather rolls around again to find out! Let the fun begin!

Got up at my usual 4am today to get in an Insanity workout but Lola decided that the moment I was dressed and ready to head into the (home) gym that it was time for HER to wake up.
Plan A was postponed for a bit for breakfast for BOTH of us~

I started the day today with a nice healthy (ab friendly) breakfast. 6 oz vanilla Greek yogurt mixed with 1/2 cup cottage cheese, a sprinkle of cinnamon a dash of stevia and a scoop of flax seed meal.

Then it was time to get moving!

I had copied the Beginning Core workout from Jamoosh's site earlier and that was first on the list.
Good ab workout. I see myself doing this 2x though. But I gotta check out the intermediate workout still. I liked the shoulder taps. That is new to me and I like new.

Then it was onto the shoulder combo's I had written up for the WIOSM challenge-max amt of reps to the song RING OF FIRE by Johnny Cash. I only got in 31 reps (anterior raise to a lateral raise to a posterior raise) with 5lb db's in 2:44 ...and it burns burns burns.

Then it was onto Insanity-Cardio Recovery. As the title suggests, it is a recovery workout-deep muscle work with holds, pulses and lots of stretching.

Later today it's off the the (real) gym for some circuit training, HIIT and whatever else strikes my fancy. I am really in love with the old school StairMaster there (or StairBeast as I affectionately call her). You know-the rotating set of stairs, real stairs-not one of those late 80's stair steppers. Ick.

Gina Carano

So are we placing any bets on the whole "running in a sports bra" goal by warm weather. And yeah, I could RUN in a sports bra NOW but it would not be pretty-not disgusting-but not pretty. And I want pretty. Gina Carano pretty. Mike "the Situation" pretty. or EMZ pretty!!


Unknown said...

her abs are drool worthy! I am sending positive ab building thoughts your way! I would LOVE to run in a sports bra and not jiggle :)

Melissa Cunningham said...

ooooooh! your becoming a machine since youve felt "lost" LOL!!!
GREAT goal for warmer weather.....ihave the same one---
have a good friday and hit the gym hard--no PANSY stuff!!!
(which i literally lol'd at your comment on my post...thank you!!!)

KovasP said...

To be totally like Emily it must be a day-glo green bra and it has to have a race bib pinned to it. Looking forward to your success come warm weather!

Emz said...


Freaking hilarious.

You go get that damn sports bra ready girl! You will be rockin' it.

I'm all in [betting]!!

BTW - you are too kind. WAY too kind.

Lindsey said...

I got my hoo ha ride glide today! Thank you so much!!

Tom said...

I've never seen a long distance runner with such amazing abs as Emz. That is crazy. I voted on your poll for the pushups, but after reading the post I think you should go for the 6 pack.

Unknown said...

Melissa~yeah, I'm anti-pansy!! Suck it up cupcake!!

Kovas-while lime green is my THIRD favorite color, I am opting for the HOT PINK sports bra and yes~I will pin the bib on EMZ STYLE :P

Emz-a picture speaks a thousand words-so no kindness necessary, just the truth :)

Lindsey~wishing you happy, happy rides! Enjoy-don't forget to use the coupon code when you need more (I promise you will LOVE it!)

Tom-yes, she is my (new) hero. THanks! Im going for both. Hows that??

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

When i think of abs, the picture of EMZ comes to mind, yep! Hey, thanks for the tip on the tri glide. Coincidently, i just purchased a bottle over the weekend...great minds think alike i see. I'll put it to the test come Saturday morning.

Lindsey said...

My abs will NEVER look like EMZ's, but now that I'm not training for anything I'm going to start the core work. Thanks for the links!