Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall and Falling

It is PEAK FOLIAGE time in Maine and's so darn pretty outside. I have been just thrilled to be outside the last couple of weeks. I do love summer but fall is just so pretty!

A river in Kennebunk ME

My favorite playground, near Sugarloaf USA

I was out of town for a wedding this past weekend and had the chance to ride with 2 amazing fella's - the FM Brothers I'll call 'em - up in the Maine mountains. It was a balmy 35* and pouring rain so obviously we had to get out and do some mountain biking on the trails of Carrabassett Valley. Now, these two guys have been riding a long time. FM1 was a former semi-pro crit cyclist and long time mtn biker and FM2 (and my personal MTB coach and favorite adventure dude) has been riding those trails for years and was a mtb bike coach.

My babies, my QR and my EVA

on Eva on a dry day this summer
A girl and her bike, always ready for ADVENTURES

FM1 brought his Specialized Fat Bike to ride and FM2 stuck with his favorite hard tail. I had my beautiful Raleigh Eva from Kennebunkport Bicycle Co of course.

Me with the FM boys, the route we rote and my hot tea
We got bundled up and rode right out of the house to the trails. I was a bit nervous riding with these two veterans in slippery conditions to be honest, but...I was able to hang on we had a blast. We were SOAKED and very cold...and we opted to take the road back to save some time but as soon as we hit the road, the headwind was super cold AND it was some slow going for sure, increasing the hypothermia factor greatly. While FM1 took off flying down the road, FM2 and I snuck off and hitched a ride home with a friend down the road. IT was THAT wet and cold.

Before long, I was stripping off the cold, wet layers and warming up with a cup of tea in front of a roaring fire! Ahhh....

Even in the freezing rain, I had a blast out there riding. I am SO loving mountain biking and I cannot believe I waited so long to hit the trails. I was so afraid of injury while training for so many big triathlon I can see how it will just make me a much better athlete overall. Plus, it really is my happy place.

This week I got out for some running miles in the sunshine...and trails! I will let the pics speak for themselves.

I managed to keep my falls to 3 and the last one, I jammed my arm into a tree root pretty well (bruised) and managed to put a tear into my favorite light weight running tights. I was still smiling though...I stopped at 4 miles to enjoy a little break on this bridge and stretch, plank and just look around.

Blessed. Every day.


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