Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Runday

...and here we are folks. It's Sunday, October 4th, 2015 and I have not blogged or written anything in a solid 5 months. It's not that I haven't had anything to say, because as usual I have TONS to say. But I have not had the time or energy to sit down and put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) the last couple of months.

The past 12 months have been filled with some very personal challenges as well as triumphs. Learning and letting go. Embracing a new life and ready to write the next chapter. I am now in a very different place and if you follow along, I will breakdown some of the adventures and changes that have occurred over the last year.

But for now, lets start with today.


 Today was the first planned "long run day" in quite a while. With all of my personal life changes this year, training this season took a back seat. I admit, mentally and physically the break has done wonders for me...and I got try some new things.  Like mountain biking (love at first roll...)

Last week I registered for the Sugarloaf Marathon on a whim. As per my usual method of doing things, it was a "SIGN" from the universe to do this race. I have spent lots of time in the beautiful area that is "Sugarloaf" this past year and I have fallen madly, deeply in love with the energy and tranquility that this little place offers. It was only natural that I continue to embrace all of what I love in a place I love and add a "stand alone" marathon to my schedule.

from the 2015 race

So...since I see the mile markers on the road all the time and I love to be there, why not make it official and register!! Now, I am back. In more ways than one. And I am excited. Happy. Renewed. Passionate.

Today's Run:
8.2 rolling miles
believe it or not, this is my longest run on the books in a while. I am back to using my Training Peaks account (which has been blank for a year!) If you're not using Training Peaks, you should be SIGN UP HERE. It was slow moving for me today but I am not really concerned at this point. Just rebuilding my base and getting my body used to the miles again. It'll come back!

I put my playlist on "SHUFFLE" today and that resulted in quite the interesting mix of music. Nine Inch Nails to Talking Heads to Duran Duran...tune of the day was Ramble On, Led Zepplin

 What I was thinking today:

1) people in my community really have issues with littering. I was appalled at how horrible it is, so much blatant disregard for our town, our earth. Empty cans of beer and soda, a ridiculous amount of tiny liquor bottles and tons of fast food trash, along with empty cigarette containers.

what I have concluded from the trash on the side of the road-

fireball empties in a pile on the side of the road

i am guessing the camo made you think we'd miss this one

the people in town are driving around drunk, smoking butts and eating fast food...and THROWING IT ALL OUT THE WINDOW. Makes me afraid to be on the roads at all...Really, why all those empty booze bottles all over the roads. Keep your drunk behind at home please, not out driving.

2) and speaking of litter. You know those little "puppy poop" bags they have for picking up your dog doo? yeah, that's a great thing...IF YOU THROW THE BAG AWAY! I would much rather see your pets pile of biodegradable poop on the side of the road than see it sitting in a plastic bag on the side of the road...

WHATTT????!!! I don't get it

3) I love fall running. I started COLD with 3 layers on and by the time I was 30 mins into my run, I was stripping the layers off.

punk rock for the win

Shout out to one of my longtime favorite swim/bike/run/rock gear companies PUNK ROCK RACING.
Check out this amazing trio of tee's from his collection. EPICLY AWESOME.
Had to wear the RUN version today!



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