Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Get Running!!

OHMAHGOSH! It's the MIDDLE of JULY already? Where has time gone?

I spent the last 3 weeks with my butt kicked thank you to a nasty case of bronchitis coupled with a sinus infection. This is what happens when I don't have Coach Sharpie telling me what to do on a daily basis. I don't do well with "take it easy" and in June, 2 other instructors were on vacation so I covered their classes, in addition to my own. Easy-peasy--no big deal. Lola got a little, which I then got. Felt fine, just a bothersome cough and then coupled with teaching 20+ classes a week for 2 weeks, doing my own workouts PLUS less sleep than normal all added up to me running myself into the ground. I know better so it's really my own fault (but let's blame Sharpie ha ha). As a Coach myself, I would be SO upset if any of my own athletes pulled this kind of stunt but...sometimes I think I am superhuman. I am not. Thus spent an entire week in bed on a cocktail of meds (I hate taking anything) including antibiotics, inhalers and other things to get me back into fighting shape.

It's been 4 week and while I am much better, I am still coughing and certainly not back to normal.
Makes me appreciate NORMAL so much more.

I did get out for a beautiful bike ride this weekend. The only bike time I have had since June has been teaching spin or my cycling classes and words cannot describe how much I missed the open road. My lung capacity is not great right now but my legs felt GOOOOOD. Riding is definitely my happy place.

Before I got sick, I was having fun with some virtual runs through Jost Running! I coach a variety of triathletes, runners and weight loss clients and Jost Running gives me a great way to implement some fun training for a good cause! Plus, who does not LOVE a training day that comes with a MEDAL??

I have been doing a race every month since May--

Maine Coast Marathon Training Day, ran into Sara around mile 24/25

July is the BEAT THE HEAT Series and I love that this month, it benefits GIRLS ON THE RUN!!

 So for July races, I am committed to running ALL of them. 5k, 10k, 13.1 and 26.2 miles!!
The beauty of this is you can do the distance anywhere at anytime--you can even split it up. Not ready to tackle a half marathon but you can do a 10k? Why not split it up?

I have committed to running every distance in July for many reasons, GOTR being a big one. After a very long process, I am happy to announce that Southern Maine will have a GIRLS ON THE RUN program from my local YMCA and I will be one of the coaches!!

So visit, pick your race and let me know which one YOU will be joining!!


Running With The Girls said...

I LOVE it!!!! Such a fantastic benefactor for Jost. I love Girls on the Run. :) You rock and I hope you are feeling better soon.
I nominated you for a very inspiring blogger....

Anonymous said...

I cannot WAIT for my daughter to have you as a coach in the Girls on the Run program!