Tuesday, July 22, 2014


The lovely Jen at Running with the Girls nominated me for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award! I think Jen is such an inspiration and I thank her so much for thinking of ME for this award. If you don't already read her blog, please check it out!

Here are the rules for how The Very Inspiring Blogger works:  
- Link the person you nominated you (done!) 
- Share 7 facts about yourself

#1 I love the water--all water! Pools, the ocean, lakes, ponds, rivers. You name it. I love to swim, surf, boat, waterski or just float around. I do however have a love/hate relationship with the lap pool. Some days I love it, some days I dread it...put me in open water and I will swim forever. 
Peaks To Portland 2.4 mile swim

#2 I was not much of an athlete after junior high school. Before high school I love figure skating, gymnastic and riding horses and did so competitively. I also played basketball, field hockey and ran track. Then I was too busy being social to care about sports. Fast forward to age 35 when I discovered I had an athlete with competitive drive hiding inside. I am happy she surfaced.
Flying High at the Surf City Half Marathon in CA 

#3 I am allergic to bees, wasps & stinging insects. I did not experience a severe reaction until I was about 20 when I stepped on a yellow jacket and ended up in the hospital. I once got stung while living in Boston, I sat on the bench waiting for a bus and sat on a bee. My doctor was only on the next block so I ran to his office for an epi shot...in heels...and a suit! 

#4 Losing over 100lbs changed my life and my career. I am so passionate about helping others!

I am now a dualy certified ACE/AFAA Personal Trainer, USAT (triathlon) Coach, Weight Loss & Nutrition Coach. I am always looking to expand my education and I am currently expanding my cycling credentials to include USA Cycling and SPINNING (R). I love helping others feel amazing in their own body and making exercise FUN!

#5 My healthy lifestyle has influenced my daughter!! Here she is running a mile for the first time non-stop. She started with a goal of a 1/2 mile and then kept going. I love this kid higher than the sky!!

#6 I remember when I heard about Rev3 and their team (then called Trakkers). I was SO enthrolled by the idea of an amateur triathlon team, I added it to my "list of goals" (nothing TOO big or TOO small as far as I am concerned). When I got picked for the team in 2011, I was SOOO excited, I cried. I am still excited every year when I get to reapply and so far I have been blessed to return each year. I love our team, I love Rev3's mission and the races are amazing. I consider them my second family!! Rumor has it that applications for the next season may be coming out soon...also, with several races still on the schedule for the year if you have not registered yet, what are you waiting for?? A discount?? (message me, maybe I can hook you up!)

#7 I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER. I can and will eat it directly out of the jar with just a spoon. This also applied to Justin's Maple Almond Butter, and Wild Friends Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter. I could live on this alone...

I nominate the following blogs for their own Very Inspiring Blog Award!!

A former teammate of mine, Tara, who is crazy fast, crazy smart and crazy cool. I love her style and I wish I could run as fast as she does. She is an RD and is always working hard to help others get healthy and fit!! She loves fruit. 

My current teammate, Pam, at Run Today Tri Tomorrow. I love this gorgeous gal and she is currently doing something really special on her blog right now. Raising money for an amazing cause AND giving away a free entry to Cedar Point 140.6!! Please check it out and support her!

Katie at Run This Amazing Day! I got to know Katie through the blog world and then we shared a coach (Sonja) and go to know eachother a bit better. I don't have time like I used to for reading all my blog friends, but I love to catch up on Katie's adventures and her growth as an athlete the last few years is amazing...definitely inspiring!

Finally, Scott. Oh...Scott. My friend and my on again/off again athlete. Scott is hilarious and his twisted sense of humor made us fast friends. We have an understanding-I write schedules for him. He does not do them. WE laugh about it and life goes on. While some days he lacks focus in motivation for himself, Scott is great with getting others UP and doing good things. He is loyal, smart and funny. His blog cracks me up all the time.

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Running With The Girls said...

YOU are amazing!!! You've transformed yourself and are making a huge impact on so many others!!!!! I'll see you at REV3 hopefully!!!! Working the Skechers tent at the expo on Saturday! :) And I LOVE pb.