Monday, June 2, 2014

Why Rev3?

Why REV3 Triathlon?

Why am I so passionate about Rev3Tri and that BIG BLUE R? It all started several years ago, long before I was ever a member of the Rev3 Triathlon Team.
I remember when I started triathlon in 2010, I heard about this NEW race company that put on a heck of an event in Connecticut, Rev3 Quassy, from several triathlete friends and then I was reading about The Revolution on different blogs. The talk about the first class race venues, how well the athletes were treated and the vibe of the races got me thinking and my first thoughts were “Wow. I can’t wait to do a Rev3Tri race!” As I started to learn more about Rev3 Triathlon and specifically, the Quassy race, I discovered their team of athletes (then Team Trakkers). I was so intrigued by the entire thing-the Rev3 mission, the team, the races, and the challenge of the courses. Most of the people in my circle were all flocking to M-Dot races, but I was already bleeding blue. I could not wait to tackle Quassy and find more about The Revolution.060709 Rev3 DH2 2770   Flickr   Photo Sharing  600x373 Why REV3 Triathlon?
My curiosity about this race company turned into a crush the more I learned. As a Mom with a small child and husband (who was not a fan of hanging out at the race waiting for me) it was so refreshing to see that the races were centered on ACTIVITIES beyond just the athlete racing. While Rev3 Triathlon is really athlete focused, they have done a tremendous job at making this an inclusive event for the entire family.
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I succinctly remember seeing the Rev3 transition set up the first time and I was thrilled to have a rack that supported my bike and allowed me my own designated space for my items (this was NOT the case at other races where we were packed in like sardines…) and the entire vibe & energy was just like nothing i had experienced with other races. There was someone from every triathlon demographic-veterans, gram snobs, superfast elites, newbies and the weekend warriors. There were people of every size, shape and color but everyone was upbeat and there to race AND have a blast.
REV3 Triathlon was on a mission to return to triathlon’s roots of fun and family.
Charlie Jr : when I started participating in triathlon it was about just doing the race, then it became about doing it a little faster, then it became about doing it even faster and before you knew it I was out riding my bike while my kids were playing soccer games and I think that was kind of the moment where we realized that the sport of triathlon doesn’t have to be that way, it can be about family, friends, just enjoying yourself… back to the roots, that was kind of the idea behind Revolution3 and the revolution.
My first Rev3 experience as at the Connecticut Quassy Half-REV Triathlon, it delivered all I had hoped and then some. Not only was the course challenging as promised, but it was so well supported and the Rev3 Staff went out of their way to make every athlete feel welcome and important. I remember Charlie, the Founder and owner of Rev3, personally introducing himself to me. That simple gesture had such a positive impact for me.
Charlie is the real deal-you will often see him all over the race site just talking to people and making sure everything is as it should be…but he also has fun out there too!
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My family has been able to come with me to the races the last few seasons and have fun – go on rides, participate in the Kid’s Adventure race, play in the water park and go out for a paddle-boat ride while I am racing. Now that my husband has joined in, it’s double fun! Finally, I am able to have my family with me during a race and not have everyone miserable by the time I am crossing the finish line.
Another addition to the Rev3 Family is the Glow Run on Friday nights, movie night and this year they will debut the REVVIE at Knoxville, this weekend (the Revvie is May 17th and the Age Group Championship, Olympic and Half distance triathlons are on May 18th). Literally, a finish line for EVERYONE in the family!
140516rev3 glow knoxville0886   Flickr   Photo Sharing  600x402 Why REV3 Triathlon?
And the Rev3 Finish line is one HUGE differentiating factor vs. other race companies-
CPFinishwithLola2 401x600 Why REV3 Triathlon?
#1-having my daughter cross the finish line with me for such monumental moments in my triathlon endeavors is so very important to me! Having been 120lbs heavier just a few years ago, my daughter was the inspiration to get healthy. Crossing the finish line of my first FullRev at Cedar Point in 2013 was one of the sweetest moments in my life. Having here there with me to celebrate meant the world to me and it was one of the sweetest moments of my life.
Image003aA 261x300 Why REV3 Triathlon?
#2-have you ever been witness to the finish line at a Rev3 race? The energy is palpable, the excitement is electric and I don’t care HOW TIRED you are after your own race this is the place to be. The final finisher is always an amazing experience. Forget winning, someday I want the party that comes with being the FINAL FINISHER at a Rev3Tri event. SPECTACULAR!
Being at the finish line of Cedar Point FullRev in 2012 forever endeared me to Rev3. It was like a finish line party like I had never seen!

I have been lucky enough to be a part of Team Rev3 Tri for the last 3 years and every year I am more and more excited and honored to be a part of such an amazing organization. My family has been embraced by the Rev3 Family and triathlon is now something we can all do together. We plan our races and trips together as a family and being able to share this with them makes each experience so wonderful. We are sharing fitness together as a family and having fun while doing it TOGETHER!
Team Rev3 Triathlon 600x371 Why REV3 Triathlon?
Once again showing that Rev3 is about the athletes, it was recently announced that there is going to be an AGE GROUP prize purse for the races!

Age Group – Prize Purse

Starting with Quassy 2014 and all the races in the series, we will begin offering $4,800 cash purse for age groupers.  It will be divided evenly among men and women and include two divisions, Under 40 and 40 and above.
bling » Telecoms com Why REV3 Triathlon?
Looks like I have some additional motivation to move even faster this year!
So why Rev3 Triathlon? It’s easy-challenging courses where each athlete is treated like a rock star (and how about those prize purses for the age grouper!!?? Hello!) and offering a top-notch race experience along with a Championship Series! A race vibe that is high energy, fun, family focused events that are simply awesome. Everyone wins with this combination.


Carolina John said...

Wow, an age group cash purse? sweet! I'm so glad you have been enjoying the team so much.

Megan said...

I've been so tempted by the Rev3 races. Maybe when I get more confidence in myself as a triathlete! They look great!