Friday, June 15, 2012

Fun Stuff Friday: Body Wrench Strength Pt II

A full week has passed since getting my body wrenched by the Body Wrench and I am having a lot of fun with this versatile toy. Now that I have had some time with it in the recovery mode, I am really pleased with how this really gets into areas that a foam roller or stick cannot! It takes a little patience and some practice to get things rolling (yes, pun totally intended) but I am very pleased with it so far!

The Body Wrench package that I was sent came with two wrenches, an instructional DVD (definitely watch this first, otherwise you will probably be as confused as I was initially...) and a carrying case.

photo property of Body Wrench

Now it's time to test out the strength uses for it-
My first big test was a brilliant idea!!

I brought it to my boot camp class! I love having my BootCamper's utilize body weight exercises (can we say burpees and push ups!?) and adding in different variations of these are always a plus. So we put the body wrench to work with push ups and planks.

two of my victims students getting wrenched


Push ups with a side arm extension using the Body Wrench


Planks with a Body Wrench rotation

The feedback from the class was great and I loved the pain faces I witness with the push ups. Rolling out to one side not only challenges your upper body strength but really engages the core and obliques!
Of course, any variation with stability with a plank is just going to make it 5x more effective and fun.

I know I'm diggin' the BW and will continue to find more fun ways to use this versatile tool.
Using BOTH of the BW's together to do push ups helps with hand position and can take come pressure off of the wrist vs. traditional push ups. Now let's see me build enough strength do some of the more advanced push ups!

Check out this video with some great ways to use the BW>

If you are so inclined, go like them on Facebook or give them a follow on Twitter. If you think this a tool that would fit into your fitness regime, you may find a nice little discount there...just sayin'

I received a Body Wrench for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


Anonymous said...

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Running With The Girls said...

Great review! I love that you are still using your BodyWrench and sharing the love at the gym. :) I am still in love with mine and now I think I'll be taking it with me to the gym tomorrow for my shift. I can do some plank workouts!

Jody - Fit at 54 said...

I LOVE The Body Wrench! Doing a post next week!

Andrea said...

Looks like a fun and hard workout. I love pushups and burpees are my favorite.

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

It does look interesting!