Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Fun #Triathlete Problems

Happy Friday-
Let's have a little fun today.

This one is especially for the ladies (and gents who can stomach it). I read this yesterday are Mary: Iron Matron shared it. It is a very funny point of view on a very delicate problem about this gals nether regions and Ironman training...enjoy!

The Mediocre Athlete- Crotchfest 2012: "This Sport is Stupid and Gross" Edition
From the author (gotta love a post that comes with a warning)
Warning: This post is disgusting. You probably shouldn’t read it. I wrote it because while this whole ordeal was gross and embarrassing and contained more information than you would ever want to know about my nether region, it’s still kind of funny and interesting. And there’s some science involved, so you could learn something. Something gross, but hey, it’s better than nothing, right?

I failed to mention big news from my Quassy race too.
As if the entire world does not know by now, but I have a beautiful new Quintana Roo cd0.1 which I just love, adore, love, and adore. I have yet to pee on this beauty (yes, I actually would stop during training sessions and pee on the side of the road = time suck) but on race day my beautiful girl got christened!!
I cannot think of a better place to splash her...Mile 43 of the bike course surrounded by serene fields.
Yes, I really remember what mile it was and yes, I felt it necessary to share this with y'all :)
No, I did not get pictures :(
image stolen from SwimBikeRunLive (thanks Jamie)

NO, I did not look like this whilst peeing, it was more of a slow dribble down my legs, mostly my right leg. My brand new Pearl iZUMi Tri Fly shoes had quite the funky smell post race. 


And this picture from Quassy is especially for fellow blogger and pony, Katie at Run This Amazing Day.
(who is getting ready for IMC'dA!!)

Now I can say that my blog has a gratuitous ass shot (or two).
To quote the Asstasstic Katie,
"you're welcome"

Powerbar Approved!

Happy Friday!


Unknown said...

hahaha! Only you Jen (OK and maybe J Baha) would feel the need to share the moment your Quintan Roo was christened… ;-) Love it.

Kristen Lawrence said...

LOL, love it. A friend of mine says if you are not piling or peeing than you are not racing hard enough ;)

Carolina John said...

Well done! And great ass shots!

Greg Soutiea said...

Where's the science?

Elaine K said...

Hilarious :)

Pamela McGowan said...

Glad you're loving the bike and sounds like you had a great time at Quassy. Wish I was there.Being injured this season is not how I envisioned my journey with the team but hey I am loving my bike too and the run will be back eventually! Have a fabulous weekend!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

I've tinkled a little on the walk home after a run. Damn my pea-sized bladder!

Jamie said...

Mile 43 is a pretty nice pee spot. Good choice.

Doreen said...

You crack me up!!!!!!!!!
I haven't christened Rosie yet.
Love it!

Jason said...

Try to pee to the left away from all the drivers side components......haha!

It is true though.