Thursday, June 16, 2011

Let's Talk about Pee

Well all pee--some of us more than others and some of us while racing and training.
A couple weeks ago I did a review and giveaway on the blog with Triathon Rocks-who are the makers of this amazing tee shirt!!

I wear it with pride

This weekend, I peed in my wetsuit pre-race more times than I care to admit (at least I was well hydrated right?) and we had some pretty interesting conversations among my team mates as we all stood there in the water or on the shore of the lake talking about PEE. I actually peed on the run portion of the race a little bit-oh well! I was already soaked from the swim and the rain!!

One of the ways to earn an entry into the contest was to share your best pee story. I also said that there would be a bonus prize for the best pee story. I know I have mine -- but which is yours??

Here are some of the entries-

1-I got sprayed pretty good by someone at a race a few years ago. We were going fast and I could feel myself getting sprayed all over and tried to figure out if the girl in front of me was doing something with her water bottle or WHAT! Shortly after, I realized I was being peed on and I immediately backed off to give her some room. Nothing like being covered in SOMEONE ELSE'S PEE!
My own? I'm fine with :D

2-At 70.3 IMCA I am riding with a guy and we are going about 24 mph on the first half of the ride. This guy flies by us and we laugh b/c he will burn out. All the sudden the guy pulls to the left and I ask if he is ok and he says yes but there is a porto up there. I then tell him to forget that and just pee while riding and he gives me this look of 'WTF?' Well he stopped and I kept right on going and about 5 minutes later the GOLDEN WARRIOR flexed his muscles and let 'er fly.

3-This week I was to go on a run off the bike. I rode the trainer and then stood outside my house waiting for my watch to find the satellite. Right then I felt like I had to pee but was not willing to go back inside the house and risk losing the satellite again. While standing there I just started peeing on myself. Then bam satellite found and off on the run I go.

4-Best Pee story - It's actually a pee and poop story. I was running my usual morning run with my crew when I knew I couldn't go any further. To avoid a skirtastrophe, I literally hung from a tree, think monkey with hands and feet around a branch and did my business. Total success, both me and the skirt were able to finish the run.

5-Ugh, best pee story? Well, I may or may not have pee'd during the run portion of one of my tri's....LOL! Sh! I didn't even put that on my own blog.

6-I have peed on the bike many, many times. When I did an IM I swore I would take the time to get off and peed. I did, once. After that, it was just so much faster to keep going and peeing!

7-My pee story is on the run, not the bike. BUT during my HIM last year I peed myself multiple times on the run, I was proud of it! But also I timed it with this one station that had BIG water glasses - think keg cups. So I could rinse. I was smiling and waving to people and peeing. It was awesome.

8-My best pee story.
I've never had to pee on the swim before, but at Cedar point I had to go and thought "what the hell, maybe I'll see if I can let it go before I get into T1 and the portopotties...." And it worked?! Who knew? It was actually easier going while swimming than biking.
It was the first time I peed in my wetsuit when I wasn't standing waiting for the gun to go off and trying to stay warm.

9-Pee story: I have to admit, I don't pee on my bike, or even while I'm running. My pee / poo story is actually about my daughter. I was IM training and kiddos were out for the summer so I had to fit training in whenever I could. I took the kids to their school playground and ran circles around the school yard while they played. Daughter (age 9 at the time) came to me and said she had to GO (you know with kids that means #2) I only had a mile to go and it was a 1/2 mile walk home, so I made her GO in the woods outside her school. Three words: saving for therapy.

10-I just got pulled over for doing 43 in a 30 (not the funny part) but as the officer approached me
he says: 'so it says you pee on your bike. and do you?'
I respond: 'yes I do'
he says: 'well to each his own I guess'
I say: 'it saves me time on my competition and I will do anything within the rules to my advantage'
he says: 'do you clean your bike?'
I say: 'yes, I do'
We then discuss triathlon and the such and it was a funny conversation.
He ends with 'keep cleaning that bike ok?'
Still gave me a ticket. So it draws attention but won't get you out of traffic violations.


Thank you everyone for your great pee stories. I laugh to myself some days while I am out on a long training run or bike and the mind is just going. We endurance athletes can be pretty gross sometimes huh? Snot rockets, peeing on yourself, puking...all for the love of the sport.

Tell me which PEE STORY deserves to be #1!!
(yes, pun totally intented)


Unknown said...

To pee or not to pee…

I do not have pee stories - though its been a discussion more than once in my own blog as well.

I still cannot bring myself to piddle while I run but maybe someday. I've yet to try to tri so not sure if I leaped to the next level in endurance sports if I would leap off the potty line.

I have grappled the decision and lost quite a bit of time on my last half because of a porto-line.

Tri4Success said...

I said it before and I'll say it again, #3 deserves it for the pure shamelessness. Peeing while biking, running, or swimming? Sure. Peeing while waiting for a satellite signal standing just outside your house? Wow.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I have to go with #4 if you use visualization for picking

~K~ said...

so gross...i'm gonna hafta go with #1!

Jason said...

First off the tags of the post are hilarious. That's awesome.

I am wearing my I PEE on the bike shirt right now while I am at the hospital waiting on Karen to get out of surgery.

I love the keg cup story. The fact that they are thinking of washing it off is amazing to me. I'm just going and not worrying about washing it off at all.

misszippy said...

Number one is just so darn gross! I'd have to give it to her!

CautiouslyAudacious said...

Great shirt! I figured I'm to slow for it to make a difference so I still pull over to pee. But now during the swim in a wetsuit that might be another story.... How about a tie between stories!

Unknown said...

Those stories are hysterical! There could be a whole book about peeing couldn't there? Hum...

Anonymous said...

Number four is hilarious! I think I'd die laughing if I came across someone hanging from a tree on the trail.