Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We have a winner

Here it is Wednesday and I still am listening to my own advice to stay off my knee-I have been swimming as promised and today was actually a really productive swim. I am starting to feel like I am doing something right. I am just going to keep swimming away and enjoying this time in the water.

Thank you to everyone who entered my SPIbelt giveaway!
I really love mine and I am finding more and more uses for it everyday.

Now for the winner!!

There were 70 entries and all the entries were put into to find out who the lucky guy or gal is~

The winner??

Number 49
(sorry it's kind of blurry)

Here is the winning comment:

SPIbelt started off as a small home business with the owner making them by herself, by hand.

Congratulations to

Run, Courtney, Run

Email me at jsmall14 (at) maine (dot) rr (dot) com and I will get you hooked up with your new SPIbelt!


Unknown said...

congrats! fun win!


Dang.... did I miss out on a contest???

Jason said...

congats courtney on the win.

MMM can't wait for the email later today to compare our swim stories. I'm about to post mine to TP so you can see how it went.

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo!! Awesome!! :) E-mailing you now.....

Darlene said...

Congrats Courtney!! Darn, I wanted it!!!

Anonymous said...

Everytime I see you post about your swimming I keep rooting you on with "Just keep swimming!"